Report: Vernon Davis “should be available” for Week 17


With Mario Manningham joining Kyle Williams on the sideline for the rest of the 49ers’ season, the team’s going to need contributions from all their other receiving targets.

Matt Maiocco of reports that tight end Vernon Davis “should be available” for the season finale against the Cardinals after suffering a concussion that knocked him out of last week’s loss to the Seahawks. If he is in the lineup, it would be a good opportunity for the team to get him more involved in the passing game than he has been in recent weeks.

Davis has just five receptions in the last five games and, according to Elias Sports Bureau, he’s only been targeted nine times over that span. That’s a sharp drop that has coincided with Colin Kaepernick taking over at quarterback, something Davis recently attributed to the need to create chemistry with the new quarterback.

Of course, Davis isn’t the only player in position to do more. Randy Moss will become the No. 2 wide receiver behind Michael Crabtree, a move that comes as his increased playing time has resulted in 10 catches over the last four weeks. The numbers for Moss and Davis will have to go up for the 49ers’ passing game to keep producing into the postseason.

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  1. Vernon is praying that he doesn’t meet up again with Seattle in the postseason.

    I promise you he will have alligator arms all day, IF he even has the nerve to step on the field.

  2. Pete Carroll will not be as nice with Obnoxious Harbaugh the next time they meet.

    The Seahawks will not be as nice to the 49ers receivers next time they meet.

    Russell Wilson will not take it as easy on the overrated 49er defense next time they meet.

    Bring on the playoffs. I know Harbaugh is praying that he doesn’t have to face the birds again.

  3. Pete the cheat fans are in full force after thier first win

    Pete the cheat? So original. We’ve won 10 in the season you idiot. We have the best defense in the NFL and a rookie QB who’s only going to get better. If you think you’re going anywhere with Kaepernick in the playoffs think again.

  4. Maybe Davis will learn he doesn’t need to jump for every ball thrown his way, or CK needs to learn to bullet it. Everytime he throws it looks so wobbly, and ugly.

  5. Lol the sad thing is that seattles win over SF was a top 10 win for their franchise. How sad is that? Must suck to like a team with no rings.

    Get a good win and you put your big boy pants on. Harbaugh owns Pete and every dog has their day. Just win 1 Super Bowl then talk sea chicken fans! 😀

  6. 49ers fan here…that looked like the picture perfect hit you’d want your defender to lay on a guy. While I hate seeing Davis possibly injured, that was the perferct defensive play. Davis was staight up layed out. Should the 49ers be unfortunate enough to meet the ‘Hawks in the playoffs, at least it’ll be in SF and there will be no 12th man. That stadium and those fans are a nightmare for opposing teams.

  7. seahawkhater says:
    Dec 25, 2012 4:06 PM
    Hopefully we play the pigeons in the playoffs…this time you’re coming to our house, and this time your dome won’t save you

    isnt their stadium outdoors?

  8. Harbaugh probable means Davis is looking and feeling fine so it should not be a problem to pass the baseline test tomorrow.

    Im very curious to see the Seahawks play on the road in the playoffs. So much to like about this team yet I dont think they had a convincing road win all year (on dont see rolling the poor Bills in Toronto as a convincing road win).

  9. The hit on Davis was penalized. It should not have been. It was a perfectly legal hit to the chest and the guy lead with his shoulder. They threw the flag because it was especially violent and in Roger Goodell’s new era of lawyer induced kinder gentler NFL, violent hits are now frowned upon. Telling football players to not be violent is like trying to teach Hyenas to not eat meat.

  10. seahawkhater says:
    Dec 25, 2012 4:06 PM
    Hopefully we play the pigeons in the playoffs…this time you’re coming to our house, and this time your dome won’t save you

    You clearly don’t watch games. Unless you think it rains inside?

    The score in Candlestick wasn’t insurmountable. If we do play again it should be a better game.

  11. Seahawk fans, your team played a great game and kicked the Niners’ butts. Now act like you’ve done this before. What, oh that’s right, you haven’t .

  12. Seahawks fans acting like they won the Super Bowl and like they’ve ever won anything ever. But hey let a win streak and an inflated win make you feel like world champs. 5 Super Bowls.

  13. As a Niners fan I’m glad we have an emerging rivalry with the Seahawks. As obnoxious, annoying, immature and outright pathetic as their fans can be….so are we and I love it! We may have 5 rings but ours were won in a time that even our kids don’t remember (for those over 35!). What they’ll remember are THESE times. Where perhaps we grew to hate the Cowboys now it seems a rivalry has moved up state and remained on the west coast. I love it! I HOPE we do meet the Seahawks again in the playoffs because in the playoffs it’s a whole new season where anything can happen. Ask the Saints. Ask the Packers. Ask the Patriots. NOTHING is given in the playoffs. For this week I say “Cheers” to Seattle and “job well done” however nothing is forgotten. As it should be in any emerging rivalry. Merry Christmas everyone!

  14. First, let us leave fantasy. It was a vicious calculated hit and both the Hawks and fans rejoiced at its savagery. Second, having once been a Pete Carroll fan until he raped USC to make his bones, I fully believe Pete has no consideration for honor or professionalism. Third, the Hawks kicked us like children — let us make no mistake about that. Let us also make no mistake that this will make Harbaugh quasi-maniacal: he will win AT LEAST the next two games. Kap will have targets aplenty, his untried rookies are outstanding. While this new rivalry will give us years of excitement, let us be perfectly clear: advantage will definitely be San Francisco.

  15. Why can’t we all just acknowledge a but-whipping when there is one. Does it mean it will happen like that every time? No. Is it a permanent indictment on the Niners. No.

    But let’s also stop inferring that for some reason Pete Carroll is any less classy than Jim Harbaugh. Who mockingly honked at the other teams bus and saluted after a win? who slapped Jim Schwartz like a 9 year old class bully?

    Who always speaks highly of the other, in pre and post game press conferences, and raves about the respect he has for the other team and coach? Pete Carroll. There shouldn’t be any sustainable argument that Pete Carroll isn’t classy and Harbaugh is.

    How can 49er fans honestly come on here and call another teams coach classless?

  16. If Harbaugh has anything to do with it he’ll send Davis back out there early with headaches and wobbly legs.

    Honey Harbaugh don’t care, he hurts who he wants (including his own players).

  17. Cams hit on davis shouldn’t have been called nor should the hit on baldwin against the niners. this is becoming a rivalry and its great. makes it fun we all get on here and hate each other. goodel is the real jerk. let these guys play man. getting sick of flag football….for those of us that played foot ball (i did,and was terrible) how in the hell can you hit a guy anymore? its dumb ,dumb, dumb , back in the day (just 10 years ago) your job was to seperate the ball from whom ever had it. now you kind of can as long as you hit em softly? take out the big hits and it will be touch football. roger needs to go,and soon. tags thinks he’s a bum cause he IS.

  18. In real time the hit on VD looked like a headshot. His head snapped back viciously. The refs called it a headshot. They cannot review it. When you slow it down it is a textbook decleater. He should not be fined.

    As for Seahaw fans bragging….. Let em. It was a huge win for em.

  19. cams hit on Davis was clean as was Goldsons on Hernandez the week before in Nee England ! The new ” defenseless receiver ” rule being enforced in the NFL is a joke ! Let em play football!!
    And congrats Seattle fans on your win. I know you all don’t have much to be excited about in your less than impressive history!!
    Hope we see you at Candlestick in the playoffs!

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