Arian Foster cleared by doctors, returns to practice

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After leaving Sunday’s game with an irregular heartbeat, Texans running back Arian Foster insisted he was fine.

That’s proven to be the case, as Foster was cleared to return to practice today, according to Tania Ganguli of the Houston Chronicle.

Texans coach Gary Kubiak said Foster participated in all his scheduled practice reps. Foster saw a cardiologist Monday who confirmed there was no problem.

The Texans need Foster back on the field in their attempt to hang onto the top seed in the AFc playoffs, but more importantly, Foster needs to make sure he’s well.

7 responses to “Arian Foster cleared by doctors, returns to practice

  1. They’re lucky they play in a weak division. The Packers, Pats and Vikings outscored them 107-44. One and done.

  2. Yes because the Patriots and Broncos have not beat up on weaker division does this season…

  3. Half of the teams you mentioned also beat up on the Texans (42-14) and the other one took them to the wire.

  4. The Broncos took the Texans to the wire? Crown them champs!! What actually happened that game was the Texans jumped out to a huge lead and sort of squeaked their way back into it.

    Anyway, you’re completely missing my point. You knock the Texans for being in a crappy division but give the Broncos(Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers) and Patriots(Jets,Dolphins,Bills) passes. At least the AFC South has another playoff team.

  5. Is it the dominant team in a divisions fault that the other teams are not run as well as they are? All teams are under the same rules as far as salary cap, etc. The weaker teams should look at their front office and scouting systems. The Patriots, Broncos, Texans, Packers etc all are under the same rules as every other team in the NFL.

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