Brian Hoyer will start for Cardinals

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The 49ers are playing to secure the NFC West and, possibly, a first round bye in the playoffs against the Cardinals this weekend and they’ll be doing it against a quarterback making the first start of his NFL career.

Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910 reports that Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said Wednesday that Brian Hoyer will be under center in Week 17. Hoyer will become the fourth different starting quarterback for the Cardinals this season, a pretty easy shorthand for why their season has gone down the drain after a 4-0 start. We’ve lost count of how many times Whisenhunt has flip-flopped between John Skelton and Ryan Lindley since Kevin Kolb got hurt, but the fact that he’s basically been picking names out of a hat the entire time only underlines that earlier point about the trajectory of the Cardinals season.

Hoyer was 11-of-19 for 105 yards and an interception against the Bears last weekend, the first time he played for the team since getting claimed off of waivers earlier this month. Hoyer had been with the Steelers while they waited for Ben Roethlisberger to get healthy, his first work since getting dropped by the Patriots after three years of carrying clipboards for them. He played in 13 games for them over those three years.

Hoyer could wind up in the mix for a backup role with the Cardinals next year, but the team needs to find itself a starter after last year’s revolving door left them with a last place finish.

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  1. Hoyer will easily see on film what adjustments the Pats made in the second half two weeks ago based on his experience in that system. If the Cards can emulate some of that, this game might be more interesting than people think it will be. It would serve Harbaugh the 49er’s right to fall to a wildcard. Seattle has played well, and the 49er’s have only played 1 half of good football in the last month, and it was against a non-division, non-conference opponent, which are the least important games on your schedule.

  2. Man the CARDS could stop the craziness with the wasting of talent talent they have on that field because of NO QUARTERBACK , by actually going and get a probowler who MIGHT be on the market.

    Stop the insanity !! if mike vick could have the eagles with the TOP 4 offense in the past 2 season with a one dimensional temperamental wr in desean jackson , Could you imagine what he could do with the best arguable WR in this league, Plus the other kid they draft to play on the other side isn’t too shabby. They bring in mike vick with his legs and BIG ARM and the other teams in that division will and should take notice.

  3. I think we have a better chance of seeing an actual Mayan Apocalypse than we do of seeing Rod Graves ever be held accountable for his job performance.

  4. Wow… so the Cardinals have now had 6 different starters at QB since Warner retired (Skelton, Kolb, Lindley, Max Hall, Derek Anderson, Richard Bartel but he played some in the 2010 finale).

    They need a QB bad!

  5. Why wasn’t Whisenhunt fired after the 58-0 loss at Seattle?
    Arizona needs his coaching skills to get a higher draft pick !

  6. It’s not a kick in the teeth for Seattle. The 49ers would beat the Cards if they had Joe Montana starting.

    They weren’t winning this division no matter what.

  7. If this team had even below average QB play they could win 8+ games with that defense and special teams. At the moment it’s almost embarassing to the NFL. I’m sure I read a stat that they haven’t thrown a passing TD for 6 weeks (TD’s to the other team don’t count unfortunately)

  8. Dam..Coach Wiz picks up all of Tomlins castaways! Even the ones who never playd..From what’s been said, Hoyer has a very high QB I.Q maybe Tomlin should have kept him knowing Ben will always miss a game or 2 every year.

  9. .

    Hoyer did not have much of an opportunity due to backing up Brady. However, when he played during the exhibition season he did not look out of place. Give him a chance Card’s fans!

    I doubt he will spoil your season.


  10. I can’t believe some of you actually think Arizona can beat San Francisco at home… How delusional. Give it up Seahawk fans.

  11. I like Hoyer better then the back and forth of Lindley and Skelton all year. Hoyer may be at worst a decent back up to with any luck ALEX SMITH. maybe they bring in Vick. Levi Brown will be back next year and Potter and Massie got plenty experience this year. I still think they draft an O line tackle first round then a running back to replace Wells.

  12. I don’t think the Cardinals have much chance of beating the Niners. But I hope Hoyer does well. He was never given a chance to play fro the Pats but he had a great teacher in Brady and the coaching staff. I’d like to see how that turns out. But it takes the whole team to win, not just the QB.

  13. Good luck to Hoyer…I always thought he had a good chance at being a competent QB in the league. He’s an accurate passer and can make the throws. I was surprised he was cut by the Pats.

    During the preseason and even into the first couple games of the season, the Pats offensive line was a mess. Guys were hurt, unfamiliar with the position, and Waters was out throwing his little hissy fit. Hoyer didn’t look good…although Brady looked like horseapples too the few snaps he did play in the preseason.

    I think if somehow the Cards woeful offensive line can block for half a second more, Hoyer will get the ball out and to the guy in stride…not skipping it off the turf like all the other jamokes on that QB roster….who by the way have been hurt multiple times because of said woeful line.

  14. Looks like the Wizz gave up on his team, and his job.
    I did not think they had a chance to win this game but wow, why not just quit your job.
    It must really suck to be a Cardnals fan.
    As a Seahawk fan I have been throught alot of bad years. But I have never seen a coach quit on us.
    This is sad.

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