Bruce Arians: I’m not just gonna run away to be a head coach

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With Chuck Pagano back to work with the Colts, Bruce Arians has returned to the offensive coordinator role he expected to fill this season.

His work while posting an 9-3 record over 12 games filling in for Pagano won’t be quickly forgotten, however. Arians is expected to draw votes for coach of the year, an award he told Zach Gelb of WHIP Radio that he would gladly keep for himself if he winds up being named the winner. Gelb also asked Arians if he was interested in pursuing any head coaching opportunities that might arise this offseason as long as they fit certain criteria.

“We’ll listen to see if it’s right for me and my family. I’m not just gonna run away to be a head coach, I’m not gonna do that,” Arians said. “I want to make sure they have a chance to win and see what the situation is, what city it is in. But definitely would listen, yes.”

It’s all hypothetical at the moment since we don’t know which teams will be looking and which teams will be looking at Arians, but his experience working with quarterbacks like Andrew Luck, Ben Roethlisberger and Peyton Manning gives some hint of what kind of situation he’d like to be in as a head coach. It’s pretty much the same situation as any head coach would like to find himself in, albeit one that rarely comes available thanks to the high correlation of strong quarterback play and stable coaching situations.

18 responses to “Bruce Arians: I’m not just gonna run away to be a head coach

  1. I’d take him in KC in a heartbeat. The guy knows exactly how to handle rookie QBs, and there’s a strong chance the Chiefs will have one next year.

    I don’t know if it’s very likely, but I’m just saying that I’d support the decision.

  2. KC is a pit where you die a slow death over a three to five year period. Arians has been involved with some excellent organizations & players. He’d be slumming in KC.

  3. Him leaving would be the best thing to happen to Andrew Luck.

    They could then bring in a coach with WCO ties and Luck could start progressing rather than regressing.

  4. i think he would be a nice fit for the chargers. he should be able to turn the franchise around a little faster rather than rebuilding with a franchise like KC

  5. As a Steeler fan i wanted him gone. Why they hired Haley is beyond logic.

    But Arians absolutely deserves COY. The only other choice is Carroll and everyone in the NFL hates him.

  6. He would be perfect for the Jets. Unfortunately, the Jets are too dumb to realize they need to replace Rex Ryan. Arians is the type of offensive mind they need to get this team headed in the right direction. He did a great job developing Luck this year & if the Jets are stuck with Sanchez, Arians might be the only available Head Coach that can get the most out of Marky.

  7. With no decent QB’s in the desert out in Arizona the Cards would be fools not bring him in.

  8. fjc says:Dec 26, 2012 3:40 PM

    Him leaving would be the best thing to happen to Andrew Luck.

    They could then bring in a coach with WCO ties and Luck could start progressing rather than regressing.

    Please tell me you’re joking

  9. good for bruce. he’s a great coach and awesome dude so the fans he still has in the burgh still pull for him you know since he retired what a joke and now has a 2-14 team with a rookie Q.B on the verge of playoffs while squeel for reel plays with themselves all off season.

  10. You people that don’t follow the Colts closely fail to realize that Arians’, while a great leader of men (as proven this season), isn’t perfect. He gets “too cute” sometimes for his own good with his bubble screens and other play calls. He also runs an offense that requires a great o-line to let the WR routes to develop. He loves the deep ball, and it has nearly gotten Luck killed at times this season. His offense does work with a good offensive line, as evidenced by the Steelers SB win in 2008 and appearance in 2010. When the line isn’t good (Colts’ is terrible), the QB takes a beating.

  11. Arians to Philly is a perfect fit for several reasons.

    He’s an offensive coach, and since the Ray Rhodes thing didn’t work, he has professed a preference for the head coaching being from the offensive side of the ball.

    Arians knows the area and the media having coached at Temple.

    Arians also knows how to handle rookie QB’s, and Philly will likely go with Foles for the not too distant future.

  12. As a Colts fan, I greatly admire what he has done. He deserves coach of the year. I don’t like his work as an offensive coordinator. I think Luck has done well in spite of the play calling. Luck has taken a beating game after game. Arians is stubborn – refuses to work in a screen game. You can count the screens on one hand – but when called, they have gone for big gains.

  13. He was once the OC for the Browns as well and it didn’t turn out too well. I was actually surprised when the Steelers took him. I hope he doesn’t come back to Cleveland!

  14. Arians will be the head coach of the Philadedelphia eagles in 2013 nick foles is a perfect combination of peytons intelligence and bens composure and size. lurie and roseman have no clue what they are doing as their idiotic decisons have ruined andy reids legacy. they are morons who only care about money and will see that after this year and give arians the keys to the kingdom…his defensive coordinator will be ron rivera and his offensive coordinator will be norm chow. the eagles will let rivera have total control over the defense while arians and chow present a perfect balance for an underachieving offense. look for manti teo to be the first pick by the arians regime and larry fitzgerald to join the eagles via trade for jeremy maclin and two second round picks

  15. Bruce Arians is a fabulous offensive coordinator … as long as he’s with a team that has a top-ranked defense that doesn’t allow the other guys to score more than 20 points.
    Ben Roethlisberger is a reflection of his former OC.

  16. kappy32 says: Dec 26, 2012 4:17 PM

    “He would be perfect for the Jets.”

    The Jets don’t deserve him. He should go to a team with a decent front office and owner. I think Philly would be a good place for him. Maybe Jacksonville.

    As an aside, I am still trying to figure out why Pagano is stepping back in. As much as I am thrilled with the success he’s had fighting cancer, I’m a big believer in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. Why on earth you would pull a head coach who just got his team into the playoffs like this is beyond me. Personally, I think Pagano should have just sat this season out and come back next year. Bruce Arians is my Coach of the Year in a landslide…

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