Colt McCoy misses practice, Browns are scraping for QBs


We noted earlier that the Browns had picked up quarterback Josh Johnson today.

He’s not far from having to play Sunday.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, both Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy were held out of practice Wednesday with shoulder problems.

Browns coach Pat Shurmur said Weeden’s shoulder wasn’t as serious as previously thought, and they haven’t ruled him out yet.

But losing McCoy, who was injured late in last week’s loss to the Broncos, would leave them with a depth chart of Thaddeus Lewis and Johnson. Lewis took all the first team reps at practice Wednesday.

If he plays, it would make it just as Brown-ish as you’d expect from a meaningless December game.

15 responses to “Colt McCoy misses practice, Browns are scraping for QBs

  1. They had 2 first rounders this year. Should’ve traded up for RG3, and they never should’ve traded with the falcons last year who took Julio Jones. What could’ve been…

  2. Redlsx – except if CLE hadn’t made the trade with ATL last year, it wouldn’t have had the 2nd first round pick this year. And, CLE did try to trade with STL for the 2nd pick in this year’s draft and came up short.

  3. The blame for this is on Pat Shurmur for taking 3 timeouts during Denver’s last drive in which they were killing the clock. We got the ball back with zero chance to win, and T-Rich and McCoy both had to leave the game injured.

  4. don’t worry. considering my guys are out of the playoff hunt, it should still be a close game if they use a WR as their QB. sadly, I highly doubt the steelers will show up mentally for a meaningless game.

  5. And to those speaking of RG3 and Julio Jones, you should stick to things you know about, like Pla-Doh.

    Just to be clear, as another commenter pointed out….

    if CLE hadn’t made the trade with ATL last year, it wouldn’t have had the 2nd first round pick this year

    (never EVER let facts get in the way if idiotic opinion…EVER)

  6. Just as ‘Brownish”? All the Browns haters on this site is amazing. As bad as the Browns have been since 99’ they’re still not as bad or embarrassing as your college, Appalachian State, Darin.

  7. i dont get why there are browns haters. there should be art modell haters. the browns havent been the same since they moved from cleveland in the mid 90s. id watch out for them. theyre up and coming. firing shurmur would be a big step backwards. just sayin

  8. How about having the Steelers play the 49ers, and have the Browns play the Cardinals?

    With Josh Johnson going head-to-head against Bryan Hoyer, it could be the first 0-0 tie in an NFL game since 1943 – and the first game ever to go into overtime tied 0-0.

  9. Most the time I like to defend my team’s choices, but it is pretty tempting to think of what it would be if we had drafted Julio Jones. We then would not have Phil Taylor (which is we still drafted Billy Winn and John Hughes, I’d be ok with). We also would not have gotten Greg Little (with Julio Jones instead, who cares) and Owen Marecic (who is a joke anyways). Trading for RG3 however would be a much tougher trade to get a feel for. The kid looks phenominal but so did Cam Newton his first year. I remember people sayin we never should have passed up Sanchez and look at him now. To get RG3 we would have had to give up so many first round picks and that could have been devastating to a young team desperate for talent at several positions. Especially since apparently no one wants to sign in Cleveland.

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