Henry Melton expects “dirty” play from Lions


The first meeting between the Bears and Lions this season featured a hit by defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh on Bears quarterback Jay Cutler that Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall thought was a cheap shot.

The league and Cutler disagreed with Marshall, but one of his Bears teammates is using past experiences with the Lions to be on guard for Detroit play that crosses the line this weekend. Defensive tackle Henry Melton expects to see a fair share of dirty play from their division rivals in the regular season finale.

“They’re dirty. They’ve always been a dirty team since I’ve been here. I don’t like them. We’ve just got to hold our composure and play the game we know,” Melton said, via ESPNChicago.com. “They just try to do all this extra stuff: talking, little cheap shots. If you look at the tape, they’ve always thrown cheap shots. We had a brawl I think last year. So it is what it is. I’m ready.”

There were nearly $100,000 in fines between the teams because of incidents in last year’s games so there’s definitely some bad blood built up between the NFC North sides. Melton, who missed last week’s game with a clavicle injury, also had some choice words for one of the guys he figures to match up with on Sunday. Melton said Lions center Dominic Raiola is “old, and he just talks.”

With a playoff spot possible if they win, the Bears already have all the motivation they need for this one. We’ll see if the Lions find any from Melton’s comments.

19 responses to “Henry Melton expects “dirty” play from Lions

  1. Agreed..the Lions are dirty and it starts with the coach & Suh and Chicago needs to out play them first
    then out dirt them. A different offensive linemen or tight end or full back needs to CHOP BLOCK SUH
    on every play right from the start of the game. Take him out before he take out Cutler

  2. All the Lions and Lions “fans” do is talk smack and go into loser mode….it’s amazing… They have one season of 10 and 6 make the playoffs go one and done and the next thing is this these guys think they are the new elite in the NFL…is it one season out of the last 10 or 20 that this semi pro team has been above .500? Their coach is a loud mouth who can’t back things up and the rest of the squads follows suit!

  3. just have a feeling the Lions will put together a good game and score many points. The lions love to pkay spoiler….

  4. I am really excited to see this game, should be fun. Need my Bears to come out and play on all cylinders. I’m hoping Peanut can manage another huge game against Megatron, that’ll be a huge key to this game. Especially if the Lions are hoping to push him past 2K.

  5. There’s no way anyone except Bear’s fans want to see the Bears in the playoffs. Good teams only, please. Win, Lions.

  6. “Melton said Lions center Dominic Raiola is “old, and he just talks.””

    What’s wrong with that? Both are so obviously true its hilarious that anyone would disagree.

  7. I’d love to see Megatron break Eric Dickerson’s rushing record with receiving yards.

    Outside of that, I’d like to see them lose. Out of love for my team. Schwartz and co. did a fine job of steering an 0-16 team in the right direction, but it’s painfully obvious that he lacks any discipline or control of his team. The raw talent on the Lion’s roster is pretty crazy, but between penalties, bad mechanics from Stafford, their own players undermining the team, and ESPECIALLY their knack for giving up home run plays on defense, something has to change.

    12-3. That could be the Lion’s current record if they had won the EIGHT one possession games that they lost. Games that they could’ve won if it weren’t for a) a flaccid offense in the first three quarters b) sloppy, incomplete attempts at 4th quarter comebacks c) penalties and home runs given up on defense and d) quitters (Titus Young, the special teams unit, etc.).

  8. As a Bears fan, I agree with Melton’s assessment of the Lions…That said, when your team has fallen from 7-1 to 9-6, and may not make the playoffs even WITH a win, maybe you should just keep your trap shut.

  9. A loss and a total shake up at Halas hall would be fine with me, even as a life long Bears fan. But at least we aren’t the lions fans. And for that I am grateful.

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