In a shocking development, Dallas unprepared for ice


With cold weather in the forecast for Sunday’s win-and-in game at Washington, you’d think the Cowboys might want to prepare outdoors.

But after being caught off guard by a snow and ice storm, the Cowboys were forced to prepare inside Cowboys Stadium, according to Todd Archer of

“It’s just not functional,” coach Jason Garrett said of their Valley Ranch practice facility. “It’s a sheet of ice.”

The Cowboys have historically struggled in cold weather, with a 4-11 record the last 20 years when the temperature at kickoff was 40 degrees or colder. The last such win was in Washington in 2009.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to go play the Redskins,” Garrett said. “The players hear me say this a lot: Regardless where you play or who you’re playing against, you have to be your best. We’ll try to do that. We’ll try to do our best in our preparation.

“We’re going to practice in our stadium today and hopefully be able to practice on our field tomorrow.”

Garrett said their preference would have been to work outdoors, but they didn’t have the necessary equipment to clear the fields after the surprise cold snap.

Gee, where have we heard that before?

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  1. So you’re advocating the Cowboys, the cities of Dallas, Arlington, Ft Worth, etc wasting money on things they will need once every 5 years? Not sure this is newsworthy unless you just hate Dallas.

  2. With all his money, and his team shoehorned into a division with New York, Philly, and Washington, Jerry couldn’t anticipate ever having to play in conditions involving cold and possibly frozen water?

    From experience, I can tell you that this is typical for the South. “We don’t get this often, so we’ll pretend it don’t never happen”.

  3. I think the “shock” is that a team that would spend multiple millions on a stadium and practice facility can’t read a weather report and prepare so that you don’t make your practice facility useless.

    IMHO, that is a bit surprising at least…

  4. After that fiasco during the Super Bowl a couple years ago you’d think ole Jerry Jones would have invested in some ice removal/prevention equipment and a new indoor/outdoor practice facility. But NO! Jerry is too busy just ‘talking’ about winning a Super Bowl. Which is why i hope Jerry Jones owns and manages the cowboys forever. Because as long as he does they will NEVER win anything. Jimmy Johnson won two of those SBs and Switzer won one on Jimmy Johnson’s laurels. If the Cowboys were a good team they would have blown the Saints right off their field Sunday! The Saints have a losing record, no coach, and the worst defense in the entire NFL and had nothing left to play for except pride and still beat the Cowboys right in their own backyard! Ha Ha. Too funny. Geaux Saints!

  5. @veryindifferent

    The SB fiasco was less than two years ago, so not sure where you’re coming up with 5 years.

    The cities of Dallas, Arlington and Ft Worth may not consider being able to deal with snow and ice important but it would be a very small expense for Jerry Jones to be able to clear a football practice field.

    And it’s well known that Jerry likes to spend money on his team.

  6. Nice reporting here. Can we follow this up with how the two organizations in New York prepared poorly for Hurricane Sandy?

  7. Hey Cowboys, it’s called the Weather Channel (or your local news teams weather), watch it once in a while!!

  8. So depending on who you listen to, Dallas either gets ice once every 750 days or once every 5 years (1,760 days). Either way, it’s a possibility. Would it kill them to at least have a contigency plan in case it happens? How is having a plan wasting money?

  9. its amazing how many people hate on the greatest team of all time. romo is amazing, he will come out and beat the skins and RG3. this whole team has been playing great. ive wanted dez cut wk 1, thought he was another T.O. but he has stepped up and so has the defense. they will play a great game and march into the playoffs and finally shut all the haters up.

  10. Not having equipment on hand to enable the team to practice, or play, in snow is a severe oversight.
    I’d guess Jerry spends more on restaurants every year than some snow removal equipment would cost.

  11. Don’t worry the Cowboys will be prepared. Romo is having the best december in his career. Romo will outplay RG3, simply because Romo has been now has the Cowboys in position to winning the NFC East. I don’t think RG3 will be 100% from the last time on Thanksgiving Day. Romo, Bryant, Austin, Witten & Murrary will each score a td, which means that the cowboys defense an pull back their ears on RG3. I predict Cowboys 31 Deadskins 10. GO Cowboys Super Bowl Bound Baby!!! Tony Romo will show the national audience on Sunday Nite, that he is truly an elite quarterback instead of the perception of choking in Big Games.

  12. I learned how to drive on the roads of the Indiana Dunes where lake effect snow was heavy. Lots of hills and curves. The ice storms in Dallas are different. There is no traction or stopping on this surface. I know all you guys in the northeast think you can navigate this but so did the people in the ditch. Snow is not the same as sheets of ice.

  13. I don’t think Gantt was referring to the city of Dallas but the Cowboy organization. Put down the egg nog people.

    I think the idea is the Cowboys could have placed a tarp over the grass. You know, how every other football and baseball teams does.

    It’s not rocket science people.

  14. I live east of Dallas, and we’ve known about this storm for a few days, and it’s expected to be here through the weekend. I don’t really understand not having the equipment (or plans to obtain use of the equipment) to address this because towns and cities in the area have the equipment to handle it.

  15. tibbs7 says:
    Dec 26, 2012 1:57 PM

    what are you talking about, buddy? we’re having an ice store right now in phila. ice storms, freezing rain, etc. are all regular occurrences in the northeast; I grew up in upstate NY, I know them all too well.

  16. You can bet that id Belichick was H/C in Dallas he’d have made them practice outdoors.

    They’ll be playing in bad weather in DC this weekend. THis was a huge opportunity missed…

  17. Jpb12 statement is really on point. You are going to playing outside in dc. Oh well…hail to the redskins.

  18. “They’ll be playing in bad weather in DC this weekend. THis was a huge opportunity missed…”

    The forecast for Sunday in D.C is mostly sunny – 39 high/28 low with some gusts – hardly a storm.

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