McElroy is injured, which puts all three quarterbacks in play for Sunday

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Jets coach Rex Ryan went nearly four years without playing a meaningless game.

The new streak will last only one week.

The 6-9 Jets close out their 2012 season with a trip to Buffalo.  And there’s a chance that quarterback Greg McElroy’s streak as the starter also will last at only one week, too.

Via multiple reports, Ryan said Wednesday that McElroy has an abdominal issue.  (Given that he was sacked 11 times on Sunday, it’s surprising he still has an abdomen at all.)

While McElroy is expected to practice, his availability for Sunday suddenly is in question.  And it could mean that Mark Sanchez and/or Tim Tebow will play.

As long as, you know, Tebow is OK with playing.

Maybe this week he’ll tell the coach right before kickoff that he’s willing to do whatever the team needs him to do.

55 responses to “McElroy is injured, which puts all three quarterbacks in play for Sunday

  1. Seriously-who really cares. They are losers regardless of who plays QB. Let Kerley play, might be more entertaining. Or let Sanchez play in a couple of feet of snow, get him used to the CFL which, if he is lucky, is his next stop

  2. It’s interesting to see guys like Florio and Hoge literally foaming at the mouth to take shots at Tebow’s character. They’ve been waiting years for an opportunity like this….

    Funny how a guy can do so many good and right things for so long, then “reportedly” does one controversial thing and these guys say this is his “true character exposed”.

    Gimme a break….

  3. Is it known with certainty that Tebow asked out of playing? It is possible but could also be a Jets attempt to burnish (or tarnish) reputation…

  4. “Given that he was sacked 11 times on Sunday, it’s surprising he still has an abdomen at all”

    Pretty funny. What’s not funny is the attention this crappy team is getting despite not doing anything to earn it. As said above, who cares.

    @mecheng04 – totally agree with you. I’m not a tebow fan at all but it seems like even he is finally getting frustrated with how he’s being (not) used in NY. The guy says one thing about it and all the self-righteous media types explode. Just dumb…

  5. If another player bulled the crap Tebow did last week, the media would be going crazy about it. But since it was Tebow, barely anything was said.

    Tebow is a little baby and I will enjoy rooting for his demise even more now.

  6. It would be fun to watch Tebow for one game. But what if he wins? The fans and writers will have every right to second guess Ryan and the management all year. I can’t see the Jets owner permitting that to happen.

  7. For some of these people that are saying Tebow is a phony, Id sure love to see YOUR faces when your boss tells you “Ive passed you over for a promotion and given it to the person below you” and watch you go ballistic.

  8. As a Jets fan I hope they start Teblow and he has the game of his life so some stupid team like us last year is dumb enough to give up a late round pick for this waste of a roster spot player!

  9. imagine how much better the football season would be if the media had stopped talking about the irrelevant jets weeks ago when they were eliminated from the playoffs, or weeks before that when it was obvious they weren’t worth anyone’s time.

    The Jets and Bountygate have done the impossible – out-annoyed NFL fans even more than FavreWatch.

  10. Oh the irony if Tebow plays on Sunday and stinks up the joint.


    Or the irony if Tebow plays and ends up tearing it up….

  11. Wow, I remember the game Tebow started against the Bills last year.. under 50% passing, 2 4th qrt pick 6’s.. 4 total picks. Even if the Bills offense/STs didn’t score, it was still a tie game. Clearly not Tebows fault though with that golden arm and perfect decision making football mind of his.

  12. At this point who really cares. The Jets are in a complete shambles. The best they can hope for is to have a higher draft pick, without trying to lose on purpose. This organization reads like tabloid trash.

  13. Funny how this site can be much more negative about Tebow than any of the commentators can be about its opinions …….Last time I looked it was the Jets who a) said they wanted Tebow, b) gave up draft picks to get him, and c) then refused to use him…..

  14. But it was ok last year when the #2 QB was passed up so Tebow could play. He was the #3 on Broncos depth chart and played ahead of Quinn.

  15. tr5079 says:
    Dec 26, 2012 2:34 PM
    But it was ok last year when the #2 QB was passed up so Tebow could play. He was the #3 on Broncos depth chart and played ahead of Quinn.

    Hey tr5079- after watching Quinn play for the Chiefs this year do you really think he is any better than Tebow?

  16. If Tebow starts the Bills will beat them by 3 touchdowns. Do it!!!! Let his followers see yet again how awful he is. Wait. Nevermind. They did that in Denver and his fans said he was awesome anyway.

  17. The coach will probably not play Tebow, it’s a no win situation for him. If Tebow does bad, it’s expected and he’s still out of a job, if Tebow does good, then everyone says “Why didn’t you play him sooner! You’re fired!” lol. So, I doubt we’ll see Tebow come game time.

  18. I guess it depends on what Our Lord and Savior Tebow wants. Maybe they’ll end up having to play Kerley at QB.

    I’m sure that since Tebow refused to play Sunday, he donated his paycheck to charity, right?

  19. Funny how a guy can do so many good and right things for so long, then “reportedly” does one controversial thing and these guys say this is his “true character exposed”.


    Couldn’t agree more with this comment. While Tebow may not be an elite (or even good) NFL QB, but all he is serviceable (despite what Hoge says) and is a winner. All somebody has to do is look at the 2008 Gators and realize they should not be questioning his work ethic or motivation. Blame falls sqaurely on the Jets coaching staff.

  20. IF Tebow said what has been reported… I don’t have a problem with it, given that Ryan lied to him about his role. Given that the media has tried at every turn to smear him. Given that most fans seem to think a winning QB with a playoff victory is somehow the worst thing that ever happened to the sport.

    Loyalty and honesty works both ways.

  21. Oh, just start Tebow. Whether he does well or not, the haters will hate and the blind loyalists will praise him.

    If he does well, the haters will say, “So what? It was against the Bills in Week 17”, while the loyalists will see it as “proof” that Tebow is quality NFL QB.

    If he does poorly, the haters will see his performance as “proof” that he’s not an NFL-quality QB and the loyalists will say, “See? The Jets didn’t have their hearts in it.”

    The storylines are already written, whether he plays or not, whether he plays well if he plays, and whether the Jets win or not.

    Personally, I’d rather he plays, if only because we’ve seen plenty enough of Sanchez.

  22. At this point, they should cancel the game. I honestly thought McElroy was going to shine compared to those other two losers, but it looked like the Jets offensive line took the day off and Mac was damn near killed. My point is WHO CARES?

  23. John Fox is a genius. Nobody wants to use Tebow at all but Fox built an offense based on his talents and they ended up winning in the Playoffs. Tebow doesn’t suck… he’s just a different kind of player. I’d like to see somebody give him another chance like Fox did.

  24. pure Jets style letting their QB get sacked 11 times

    that’s one crazy team….
    a QB who never works,
    a QB (really a FB) who works only the the stuff he wants to,
    and a QB that they don’t protect so now he can’t work

  25. I used to be on the Tebow train…

    After hearing him take the news that he was getting passed over for McElroy in a childish way, I quickly lost all respect for him and leaped from the train.

    Now I am hoping somebody closes down the station for good, just to teach him a life lesson.

  26. Will we be lucky enough to get the same Tebow Time we got week 17 last year?

    You know, the game were Timmy “led” the Broncos to a 7-3 home loss to the KC Chiefs by going 6-22 for 60 yards with an interception? Where he kept the Broncos from ending with a winning record?

    I can’t wait!

  27. Lose lose for Tebow he should sit and move. If he plays good and they can’t find a good quarterback in offseason they might keep him. If he plays bad might make teams like Jacksonville less optimistic in making a play for him. He needs to sit it out and move to Florida where they like him.

  28. Anyone bringing up the point that McElroy’s team let him get destroyed for calling them “a toxic locker room” during the off season.

    Rex has really lost this team. Zero leadership or class left on this team.

  29. The question isn’t what the Jets are going to do once Tebow leaves. The question is what are Florio and Hoge going to do. They may have to actually report on REAL sports stories. Good luck with that.

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