NY paper suggests Bill Parcells as right man to fix Jets


When the Jets went 1-15 under Rich Kotite in 1996, they reached out to Bill Parcells to take over the team’s football operation and get them headed back in the right direction.

Parcells did that, taking the team to the AFC Championship Game two years later and setting the team on a path that’s saw the team post losing records just three times before this year. The Jets aren’t quite at the Kotite level of hopelessness, but change is in the air around the franchise again and Brian Costello of the New York Post thinks he knows just the man to get them headed back in the right direction.

It’s Parcells, as you’ve probably put together by yourself by now. Parcells didn’t respond to Costello’s text message looking for comment on the possibility that he could serve as a consultant who helps them find a new General Manager, so this is nothing more than the idea of a writer at this point in time. It’s one that makes a certain amount of sense, especially if a report from Jason LaCanfora of CBSSports.com is correct. He reports the Jets would like to keep current General Manager Mike Tannenbaum around in a cap management role while bringing in someone else to oversee the personnel decisions.

LaCanfora points out that few strong candidates would agree to those circumstances given Tannenbaum’s close relationship with Jets owner Woody Johnson and the lack of clear authority. What’s more, Tannenbaum’s cap management led to guaranteed salaries for players like Wayne Hunter, Mark Sanchez and Bart Scott that have hamstrung the Jets roster this season as well as the long-term deal with wide receiver Santonio Holmes that seems destined to become another albatross. If the Jets really want to change their fortunes, they can’t do it through half measures and can’t act like those with a hand in their poor record bear no accountability for their role.

The Jets need all the help they can get. Whether or not it is Parcells, they can’t rely only on the people that got them into the mess for help getting out of it.

24 responses to “NY paper suggests Bill Parcells as right man to fix Jets

  1. This is possibly the funniest comment yet. Bill Parcells specializes in fleecing desperate teams. He’s the Bernie Madoff of football. Yeah Jets … pay him millions. What a hoot it will be to see you get slickered like all the rest.

  2. Parcells screwed them up when he was with the Jets – he left the Jets as a capped-out team not capable of reaching a Superbowl. His team management skills are abysmal – his success with the Patriots was because of Drew Bledsoe, not because of his coaching; his success with the Jets came because of Vinny Testaverde, not him; Chad Pennington is why the Dolphins won a division title, not Parcells. Parcells is nothing but an opportunist and rider of success, and shouldn’t be allowed back with any team.

  3. We in Miami were so excited to have the Pigskin Messiah, Bill Parcells, come down here to bring us back to the promised land.

    However, he is so caught up in the ’80’s, that this football team is trying to correct itself.

    All he wanted was BIG offensive lineman, RUN the ball was top priority, little attention was spent on a QB since IN THE 80’s, all you needed was a game manager.

    Well we are entering 2013 now, and clearly the game has changed into a QB league, with Big & Fast WRs, very athletic & sure-handed TE’s, and as much as I hate the NY Jets (I really do), I’d actually feel sorry for them to add Parcells to the mix.

    Good luck Jet Fans. This is the last bit of sympathy you will get from me, being in the Holiday spirit and all.

  4. No he is not because of what happened in Miami and this is a guy on the record saying that he recommended Rex Ryan to the New York Jets.

    Why would you bring this guy back? He is not a good drafter anymore and has not won a Super Bowl since 1990. He is a Bill Belichick beneficiary and will do nothing without him.

    I hate to say this, but despite the debacle in Philadelphia the New York Jets are better off bringing in Andy Reid, Tom Heckert, and all of the “soon-to-be” former Cleveland and Carolina coaches And make them the members of the organization. All of the likely soon-to-be unemployed Cleveland and Carolina coaches would all be Reid’s assistants and Heckert can draft.

    They need help on offense and Andy Reid is a huge upgrade over Tony Sparano.

    The coaching staff could be
    Head coach: Andy Reid
    Passing game coordinator: Pat Shurmur
    Running game Coordinator: Brad Childress
    Defensive Coordinator: Ron Rivera
    Special teams coordinator: Marty morningweg
    Defensive Backs Coach: Sean McDermott
    Offensive Line Coach: Juan Castillo

    If you are Woody Johnson you have to talk to Reid’s agent Bob Lamonte, fire Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum, and the whole coaching staff, and after Complying with the Rooney Rule you could have a hell of a coaching staff and organization over the next several years. The odds of winning a Super Bowl will have increased.

  5. MonkeesFan is clearly an idiot. The Jets won because of Vinny Testaverde? Who signed Vinny? Parcells. Who has won super bowls without Vinny? Parcells. Parcells did turn aroudn the Jets in two years. At least claim that Curtis Martin won for Parcells in ’98 and the wild cat did for the Dolphins in ’08. The Jets could definitely use Parcells. He has turned every lsoer around into winners. When he leaves its up to the franchise to coninue that path.

  6. Bill Parcells is a HC not a GM or personnel guru. He can’t fix the Jets as there are too many problems and they have no QB. He can however fix the Lions. He is a disciplinarian and discipline is the one thing that the Lions lack. Give him the Lions roster (with the GM calling the shots on draft day) and step back and watch. The Lions would be a playoff favorite almost immediately. They already have a good QB and defensive line. He knows that team is close. If that opening comes up, he would take it. He wants a positive ending to his legacy and could get that in Detroit.

  7. omigod, not parcells again. What a big mouth, overrated, senile ol slug he is. He ruined the Jets before, remember? He screwed up the Miami Dolphons, remember? Cowboys, anyone? New York is such a dopey town, only there is parcells still a media hero. But, Bill, whatever you do, don’t sit down or you’ll crush all those little sports media heads STUCK UP YOUR…

  8. This should fit right in with the Jets program.
    Tuna bombed in Dallas and Miami!!!!!
    BUT I’m not sure he could make the problems in NY any worse.

  9. The notion that Parcells would come to the Jets to “turn the around” ignores the fact that Parcells left the Jets because Woody Johnson bought the team. If they couldn’t make it work then why would the be capable now?

    And, while Purcells did get them to the AFC championship game that was 15 years ago, .. Ryan’s got them there twice in the past four years. The issue is that the Jet offense is terrible. You can’t be effective at ground and pound if you don’t have a dominant running game. This offense isn’t holding up their end of the stick and it’s putting way to much pressure on the defense. Sanchez is never going to be the type of QB that can elevate a team and or carry them. At best he’s a game manager. But even game managers need tools. The running game sucks since they decided to go with Shon Green, the WR/TE he’s had at his disposal the last couple of years have been terrible and on offensive line that has been spotty at times all of which adds up to a poor offense.

    Clearly personnel is the issue. Whether that is primarily the responsibility/fault of the GM or Ryan needs to be looked reviewed. The current arrangement is not working. If it’s Tannenbaum then he needs to be replaced with a “football” man regardless as to his being retained as a cap manager. If it’s Ryan, then he should be stripped of those duties and focus on coaching. While he’s had a measure of success as a head coach the jury is still out as to weather he’s really a good head coach or just a great defensive coordinator that has over stepped his ability and skills. Whether Ryan/Tannenbaum stay or go bringing Parcells back IS NOT the answer. He’s the guy that made Tony Sparano a head coach, which is all you need to know about HIS current ability to evaluate personnel. There is a real concern that the game has passed him by. So if there is to be a major change for the Jets this off season lets forgo breaking out the “Way Back Machine” and look forward.

  10. As the New York Jets’ season comes to a miserable end many are wondering about the futures of general manager Mike Tannenbaum, head coach Rex Ryan, and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano. Not to mention defensive coordinator Mike Pettine who recently turned down a contract extension while being a potential head coach for suitors.

    The futures of Tannenbaum, Sparano, and Pettine seem to be in flux, but many believe that Ryan is safe for next year. Regardless of management and coaching changes or stays the Jets still need improvement if they want to get back to the playoffs.

    One suggestion comes from New York Post writer Brian Costello As he states that an old face from the Gang Green past would likely be the answer for many of the team’s problems.

    Fans meet your savior, “Big Tuna” himself Bill Parcells.

    Costello suggests that Parcells would help owner Woody Johnson find the next general manager without directly indicating the futures of Tannenbaum and Ryan.

    My answer to the Jets’s issue, Parcells is done. He is not a savior and does not seem to have the recent track record to bolster his credibility for a front office job anywhere. Look at what happened in Miami and this is a guy on the record saying that he recommended Rex Ryan to the New York Jets. The last time I checked Ryan is a root of a lot of the problems that are causing Jets fans to go crazy and the team to not win.

    Parcells is not a good drafter anymore. Check out Pat White, Chad Henne, Philip Merling, Clyde Gates, and Bobby Carpenter. He has not won a Super Bowl since 1990 and is a Bill Belichick beneficiary and will do nothing without him. Just go look at his playoff record in Dallas. Belichick won a Super Bowl before Parcells came to big D where the “Big Tuna” won no playoff games.

    The last thing that they need is an overrated “has been” that is showing decline with every subsequent job he takes. The team also does not need another guy who seems to have a similar number of bad ideas in as recent of a time as Ryan has. They are better off taking a guy who looks like a has been, but really needs a change of scenery.

    Despite the debacle in Philadelphia the Jets are better off bringing in a man who is likely to be fired at season’s end, Andy Reid. You know about the NFC championship games and the one Super Bowl appearance, but many are not realizing that an Eagles’ reunion could be a team’s winning lottery ticket.

    Let’s look at the presumably fired Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert, and many of the presumably “soon-to-be” former Cleveland and Carolina coaches. They all have one thing in common they worked and were successful under Reid. When many of these former Eagles assistants were with Reid that was when they won the majority of the NFC championships and went to the Super Bowl.

    Reid might be coming off his worst season, but there is something to look forward to as the three aforementioned teams unravel their front offices and coaching staffs.

    They need help on offense and a culture change and Reid and his staff are a huge upgrade over the incumbent as the current Gang Green locker room makes the saying “inmates running the asylum” look like a cliché. With Mark Sanchez’s cap number purging the Jets’ books he could be helped out greatly if Reid is convinced by Sanchez’s future talents and feel that he can get the most out of the struggling quarterback.

    Plus, there’s a potential defensive coordinator in Ron Rivera (former linebackers coach under Reid) as he has proven to be successful with a 4-3 defense in Chicago and a 3-4 defense in San Diego.

    If Johnson is really committed to having the Jets win the team’s coaching staff could feature the following:
    Head coach: Andy Reid
    Passing game Coordinator: Pat Shurmur
    Running game Coordinator: Brad Childress
    Defensive Coordinator: Ron Rivera
    Special teams Coordinator: Marty Morningweg
    Defensive Backs Coach: Sean McDermott/Dick Jauron
    Offensive Line Coach: Juan Castillo

    Plus, with Tom Heckert as a proven draft pick virtuoso evidenced by the Eagles’ 2010 and 2011 picks sullying their roster and Cleveland Browns picks like Jabaal Sheard, Phil Taylor, Joe Haden, Trent Richardson, and Josh Gordon looking promising the replacement of Tannenbaum as the general manager is not worth questioning.

    If you are Woody Johnson you have to talk to Reid’s agent Bob Lamonte, fire Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum, and the whole coaching staff. Once you have complied with the Rooney Rule you will have one hell of a coaching staff and organization over the next several years. The odds of winning a Super Bowl will have increased because one appearance in 14 years is better than none regardless of how often Sexy Rexy keeps predicting the Jets will go to one.

  11. .

    The Jets traded Bill Belichick to the Patriots for a 1st round pick in 2000. He’s older now. Maybe offer NE a fifth rounder, or a fourth if they take Santonio.


  12. Yea, it’s worked out so great for the Dolphins, or even for the Jets for that matter since Parcells is the person who put Tannenbaum in place to begin with.

    Maybe if their owner finally got a clue and learned something about football, you wouldn’t be having this same problem every 2 or 3 years Jet fans. Hiring somebody else to worry about football decisions while you behave like a rich fan just cutting checks with no clue of the product or who or what to hold accountable when things go wrong is a recipe for disaster.

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