Peterson misses practice with abdomen injury

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As the Vikings prepare for an unlikely playoff play-in game, they were missing one of their most important players from practice.

Actually, they were missing three of them.

Running back Adrian Peterson missed practice due to an abdomen injury, a week after missing some time due to a problem that was listed both as abdomen and groin.

Also out were defensive end Jared Allen (shoulder/illness), along with cornerback Antoine Winfield, who has a fractured hand and a knee injury.

Peterson undoubtedly will play; Frazier already shared that information with Peter King on Sunday, after the Vikings knocked off the Texans.  The real question is whether the Vikings are more motivated by trying to help Peterson get the yards needed to overcome Eric Dickerson’s single-season record, or whether the goal is getting to the playoffs.

“I think the biggest consideration has to be winning this game, finding a way to get a win,” Frazier said.  “If the record comes along with the win, that would be great, but not at the expense of winning the game.  We have to approach this with whatever it takes to get a win, and Adrian wants it that way too.  He would love to have the record but he’s the ultimate team guy.  He wants to get the win.  I hope he gets the record, but even more so I want us to win this game.”

Frazier is right.  Even though Peterson is chasing one of the records that some thought would never be seriously challenged, the Vikings are still chasing the Lombardi Trophy that they never were able to win during the 1970s.  Though the chances of the Vikings running the table fall somewhere between “slim” and “no way in hell,” the chances become worse than no way in hell if the Vikings don’t have a seat at the postseason table.

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  1. The media makes it sound like Peterson is out to just break records or make 2000 yards. He wants to win first and foremost. He has said this every season, since his rookie one. Watch the shows on NFLN, where he constantly says “all that matters is the win” or “as long as we come out with a win” etc.. Besides, I am pretty sure that AP and the Vikings could accomplish both reaching 2000 and a win. It’s not like you can have one or the other.. geez.

  2. Peterson could run for 300 and The Adrians will still lose this game.

    Actually, I expect the Packers to hold him under 100; and, Ponder to maybe 12 completions for 115.

    But Walsh may hit a 79-yard FG.

    45-17 Packers.

  3. Peterson breaks the record and the Vikings knock off the Packers 31-13. Vikings also beat the Falcons in round one, setting up a chance to knock the Packers out of the playoffs. Vikings roll to the NFC championship game at Candlestick, setting up the best game of the year.

  4. Vikes should have won the first matchup but Ponder blew it with two turnovers in Packer territory on horrible throws. Hopefully, AP can get it rolling one more time against the Pack, this time on turf where he is faster!

  5. I think the Packers will be surprised at the high level of physical play from the Vikings on Sunday- something they have not seen for the past couple years.

    I would not be surprised to see the Packers take an ‘old-school’ pounding on Sunday afternoon, and be dominated in a convincing win for the Vikings.

    They will still be licking their wounds the next week too, and stand-by at Lambeau as the Vikings knock-them out of the playoffs.

  6. Gravy says:
    Dec 26, 2012 7:35 PM

    But Walsh may hit a 79-yard FG.

    It’s always enjoyable when the comments include good natured ribbing and/or humor….much better than the “brilliant” (not) comments like “Packers suck” or “Vikings suck”.

  7. Team advantage breakdown by postion:

    QB: Packers
    RB: Vikings
    WR: Packers
    TE: Push
    OL: Vikings

    DL: Vikings
    LB: Push
    DB: Packers

    K: Vikings
    P: Packers
    KR/PR: Packers

    HC: Packers
    Homefield: Vikings

    ‘All Day’ runs for 145 yards and 2 scores, but Ponder will fudge up the Vikings chances as he puts the ball in the hands of the Packers greedy secondary one too many times – which isn’t a good thing if you’re facing Aaron Rodgers.
    Packers win 20-17, locking up the #2 playoff seed.

  8. Wow you Vikings fan are delusional.

    This one might be close into the 2nd quarter but expect the Pack to hit the gas pedal after pounding the ball and beat the Vikings at their own game.

    Peterson might get 100+ but won’t sniff 200.

  9. Its not an either or situation because AP will neither break the rushing record nor win the game. See what I did there?

  10. I love Adrian Peterson and the Vikings have an incredible run game but some of you are delusional if you think the Vikings are gonna blow out the Packers.

    The Packers have only gotten beat by double digits twice in the last three years and both games were against the Giants.

    I think Vikings fans are also forgetting that CJ Wilson and Clay Matthews (the Packers best run stopping DE and best defensive player in general) were both out the first time around when Peterson ran for 200 and both of them are gonna be back on Sunday. That’s two of the Packers three best run defenders.

  11. As a WI native now relocated to the Twin Cities it’s beautiful to watch the schizophrenic delusion that is ‘the Vikings fan’. One win against the Texans and all of a sudden they’re all buying tickets to N’Orleans. A month ago they were calling for Frazier’s head on a platter. And now they’re big timing the Packers? Remember what the Packers did to the Texans down in Houston two months ago? Slow your roll…slow your roll. The D will be looking to shut down AP which means Ponder will have to not wet the bed for a second week in a row and lightning doesn’t typically strike the same place twice.

  12. Vikes couldn’t win when Peterson ran for 210 against the Pack. Ponder will cost his team the game yet again. Peterson will hit 2000 on the year but inability to throw will kill the Vikings. It will be a good, tough game but my guess:

    Packers- 31
    Vikings- 20

  13. Hey, the fact that the Vikes are in a playoff position during a rebuilding year is pretty great, given the pre-season-expectations/prognostications. Maybe we lose, but maybe we win and wipe the smugness from the face of the Packer trolls for at least a week.

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