PFT Live: Bears talk with John Mullin, Coaching Hot Seat


With reindeer flying and mistletoe hanging overhead, it’s been far too busy the last couple of days for PFT Live to be part of your lives but Christmas is in the past and Week 17 is rapidly approaching.

That means it is time to turn our attention back to football and that’s just what will happen on Wednesday. John Mullin of CSN Chicago will join Mike Florio to talk about the Bears ahead of this week’s game with the Lions. We know they need to win it and have the Vikings lose in order to make the playoffs, but we’ll also hear from Mullin about what might happen with the team in the event they don’t advance to the postseason. Will that be it for coach Lovie Smith?

That question segues nicely into Florio’s weekly look at the Coaching Hot Seat. Smith’s one of many coaches who could have reason to be nervous about starting 2013 on the unemployment line and Florio will let us know who else is in that boat with one game left to play in the regular season.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

3 responses to “PFT Live: Bears talk with John Mullin, Coaching Hot Seat

  1. My inner gut tells me nothing is going to change in Chi-city for the next season. Tice and Bates are probably going to find a middle ground and call plays moving forward. This gives decent stability for another year at OC. Emery is going to shore up OT, OL positions through draft and free agency and give the current crop of coaching staff another year. There is no coach on the market who would be willing to put up with the Bears management as well as have a promising plan for the Bears to win the ring. If the offense tanks out again next season, its going to be Tice and Lovie gone for sure with Bates probably becoming OC and maybe Toub for HC. Transition for the organization as well as the players with Bates, Toub, Marinelli is going to be smooth after Tice and Lovie are shown the door.

  2. There is no way Lovie gets fired. With a year left on his contract they will let him lame duck a season…he will stay just long enough to lose out on Cowher or Gruden

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