Scott Mitchell calls Lomas Brown “reprehensible”

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Former Lions quarterback Scott Mitchell says he was stunned to learn last week that his former teammate, Lomas Brown, has admitted to intentionally missing a block because he wanted Mitchell to get hurt.

Mitchell told Mike Florio on the Dan Patrick Show that Brown always acted like a friend to his face, and Mitchell was shocked to find out what Brown thought about him.

“It just really hurt,” Mitchell said. “It was extremely disappointing. I’m really shocked by it, to be honest. Here’s a guy I’ve had in my house, I had a big dinner for the offensive linemen every year, he came to my house and ate dinner, I gave my offensive linemen gifts every year. For him to do that is just reprehensible, beyond words. It’s really disappointing, it really is painful. When you mess with my family, mess with my livelihood, mess with my health, it’s unacceptable. It’s B.S. I just wouldn’t do it to a teammate. I wouldn’t do it. If Lomas has a problem with me, come talk to me. To try to get someone hurt, it’s just mind-boggling.”

Mitchell suffered a broken finger on his passing hand when Brown allowed Packers defensive end Sean Jones to get a free shot at him in a 1994 game. That injury ended Mitchell’s season, and Mitchell noted that it could have been a lot worse than a broken finger.

“People get seriously hurt in this game,” Mitchell said. “For someone to just lay down like that, it’s unacceptable.”

Mitchell said former teammates, including ex-Lions star receiver Herman Moore, have reached out and told him that Brown was clearly in the wrong. And obviously, those teammates are right. What Brown did is appalling, and Mitchell has every reason to consider Brown reprehensible.

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  1. Scott Mitchell could sue Lomas Brown for negligence and probably get a big jury verdict. Lomas had a clear duty to protect Scott, he knowingly failed to do his duty, and Scott suffered injury as a result.

    Get yourself a lawyer, Scott — go after that big duff.

  2. I agree with Mitchell. Maybe Lomas should give Scott his game checks for the games Mitchell missed.

  3. Thats pretty crappy to do to a teammate, even if you don’t like him that much. I remember earlier this year some Bengals tackle was getting props for sticking up for his QB in a game against Oakland and getting tossed, but later said it wasn’t because they were friends but because his contract clearly states his job is to defend the QB. In this case, Lomas Brown should have put aside whatever differences he had with Scott and done what he was paid large amounts of money to do. Also, as far as the Lions signing guys with this type of ethic and attitude is just another small reason that adds up to the much larger reason of why this team has had like 1 decent season in the last like 30?

  4. No matter how you may feel about Scott Mitchell’s abilities as a QB at that time, Lomas Brown’s actions were reprehensible and despicable. He should have kept this to himself. Now his former teammates and fans will look at him in a different light–not a very flattering one.

  5. How are brown’s comments going to look when the nfl uses them against him in the concussion/health issues lawsuits? While a concussion was not the end result, it certainly could have been. If the players are not going to protect their own teammates, it seems difficult to imagine that they would let/want the nfl to pass the necessary rules to do so. This may happen every game on every team or this may be an isolated incident. But I bet the nfl will make it seem the former rather than the latter. Brown may have damaged player credibility in this case more than any bounty case could have. Just my opinion.

  6. I dont care what kind of player you were, if you gave it your best effort. I agree with you Mr. Mitchell. I read in the earlier post, that people said they were laughing at people’s “fake concern”….well its not that. I mean sure I wont lose sleep over it, but it goes against any kind of “team spirit” or any kind of, just plain morality, to not try, or to intentionally give up!

  7. Mitchell went a little Godfather II, here. Didn’t he?
    “I invited Lomas Brown into ‘MY HOME! Where my wife sleeps… and my children play with their toys.'”

  8. Granted Mitchell’s play was reprehensible as well, he has every right to feel this way. I don’t think Lomas Brown should be able to partake in any concussion lawsuits, and I’d go even further to say that admission would help the league in their fight quite a bit. True or otherwise, why on earth do you come out and say what Lomas Brown said? Some people just aren’t very sharp.

  9. Mitchell is pissed and he should be. Lomas Brown should save any more stories about his “glory days” of being a mediocre lineman and a human scumbag.

  10. Mitchell may not have been a very good QB, but he is 100% correct in calling Lomas Brown reprehensible. I can’t believe Brown would ever admit to doing something so low-life.

  11. I thought Lomas Brown was a Hall of Fame caliber player over his career but with this new omission he should be immediately removed from next years ballot. NO ONE should be allowed in with this type of play.

  12. Mitchell’s use of the word reprehensible is bang on. Brown did in fact mess with his livelihood and his health.

    He should sue him just like Brown is suing the league in the concussion suit.

  13. LOL at teammates reaching out to Mitchell to tell him that Brown was clearly in the wrong.
    Uhh….ya think?

    This is unbelievable really. After all these years what could be Brown’s motivation to bring this to light now?
    What good could talking about something like this possibly do for him or his NFL legacy?
    Shouldn’t he be…I dunno…ashamed or something?

    I never really had an opinion of any type about Lomas Brown but I sure as heck do now.

  14. I’m not a fan of bogus-lawsuits but Mitchell suing Brown would be deserved…. Even though I’m sure Brown isn’t the only player to have done that in a game but to proudly brag about it should come back to bite him.

  15. Scott Mitchell was lucky when Detroit wanted him. He wasn’t that good when he was in Miami. I remember when Detroit picked him up. I never laughed so hard in my life. Lomas saw what we saw when he was in Miami. No wonder the Lions always sucked and WASTED Barry Sanders’ career. They made STUPID moves like this.

  16. Brown found out quicker than most that Mitchell sucked and was the true coward. I have no problem with it, Mitchell would turtle all the time with little rush. Brown knows with the talent the Lions had: Barry, Herman Moore, Speilman and others that the team was only short a average QB to become Super Bowl Champions, I remember that year the Lions botched the the choice of free agent QB’s Mitchell or Warren Moon!

  17. first of all, lomas brown is an idiot. he cant even put together a string of coherent sentences and shouldnt be on the air.

    secondly, he wasn’t even that good. BS20 made him look much better than any of those lineman actually were, which is why barry was the most tackled RB behind the line of scrimmage.

    thirdly, lomas deserves an NFL ban for what he admitted, similarly to what pete rose got in baseball. this guy cannot be associated with the NFL and it’s despicable to have him associated with the other players who put on the shield.

  18. This seems to be the basis of ESPN these days- hiring both sports reporters and former players to do commentary, and it’s only a matter of time before they make a controversial remark that results in suspension and/or mass media hysteria.

    I remember the days when they used to be reputable. Now they’re just a running joke. I think PFT needs to add a “days without an ESPN anaylst looking like a dumba$$” counter next to the “days without an arrest” counter.

  19. Mitchell’s right. Lomas Brown invalidated his entire career with that revelation. Detroit will always be Detroit and the Lions will always be the Lions.

  20. “Reprehensible” is the right word. I can’t believe Lomas admitted it. Like getting drunk and having sex with your sister. It is something you take to your grave. So Lomas is not only reprehensible but an idiot, also.

  21. Another perfect ESPN analyst…goes against everything one wants to believe it is all about in the ultimate team game. Question tho…how often does something like this happen?

  22. There are two types of ex-players who are out there trying to make a living talking about football: those who try to give intelligent commentary on what’s going on in football today and relate it to their experience, and those who really have nothing intelligent to say and instead are trying to cash in on their fame by going on every radio and TV show that will pay them and telling outrageous stories and trying to be as controversial as possible so that people will keep listening to them.

    It was inevitable that one of these clowns was eventually going to say something too stupid to back away from, and I am not surprised it was Brown who did it. The good news for Brown is that he will cash plenty of checks in the next couple of weeks going on every radio and local TV station in American giving his half baked apology/explanation/excuse.

    I would like to say that the bad news is that people will eventually ignore him, but that doesn’t seem likely in a media environment that seems to celebrate controversy over substance.

  23. “Scott Mitchell could sue Lomas Brown for negligence and probably get a big jury verdict. Lomas had a clear duty to protect Scott, he knowingly failed to do his duty, and Scott suffered injury as a result.”

    You must be a law school 1L. Stick to discussing Palsgraf and finding the definition for “statute of limitations” in Black’s before trying to act like one of the big boys.

  24. ESPN has Lomas on as an analyst but I dont see how anyone could respect a thing he says after being so nonchalant about his actions or lack thereof. But now that I think of it, ESPN is filled with “analysts” that I dont respect.

  25. Lomas is irrelevant, when you name players from the 90’s lions teams you think of Mitchell, Moore and Barry Sanders. Not Lomas Brown.

    you had 10 good years in Detroit blocking for one of the greatest backs of all time. You could have put anyone on Barrys line he would have done just fine.

    enjoy the SB ring you got sitting on the bench in Tampa after being cut by 3 teams in 3 years.

  26. Outside of the obvious possibility of suing Brown what does the NFLPA have to say about this ?

    Whatever benefits Brown has from the NFLPA they should consider cutting him off from.

    And consider the punishment Goodell handed out for bounties and intentionally trying to injure other players. While Brown is beyond the league’s ability to punish him for his actions, the NFLPA may still have some ability to sanction him from benefits.

  27. Even if there is no statute of limitations issue involved, IMO Mitchell should not sue Brown. He should simply let Brown’s statements stand for themselves, and send a video of those statements to any potential employer of Brown.

    Hurt Brown the way that can hurt him the most–in the checkbook.

  28. Good luck suing him when Lomas has the defense of “assumption of the risk.” A real dirtbag thing to do on Brown’s part, but Mitchell knew of the risk he was taking in playing qb in the NFL, (especially behind a 1990’s Detroit O-line) and he accepted that risk.

    Secondly, I don’t see there being a legal duty owed by an offensive lineman. If the law provided that offensive linemen owed a LEGAL duty to their qbs, nobody would agree to play the position b/c they would get sued every game simply by breaching a legal duty to protect their qb. I understand the argument that he purposely allowed him to get hit, but imposing a legal duty on someone really doesn’t take into account the intent aspect, it merely deals with whether there is a duty. They may have a moral obligation, but the law does not recognize moral obligations.

    This is a case that I let walk out the door.

  29. Wow! He had this guy over to house for dinner and got gifts for him every year? Hmmmm, if Lomas Browns a normal human being he is probably feeling awful now..But he clearly chose to come out and talk and laugh about what he did to get his QB hurt..What an Idiot

  30. Really ignorant to leave your QB out to dry like that. Also, Lomas is pretty dumb to admit it. He makes his living now judging other athletes on that un-watchable show. I wonder if he has ever commented about bad team players before? Takes one to know one.

  31. The problem with the “assumption of risk” argument that brown might make in court is that the nfl would flip that over into the concussion lawsuit. NFL would have a hay-day using that I imagine

  32. I’m sure Brown isn’t the first to have done this, but he’s the stupidest for saying it. Personally, I don’t see how Brown felt so comfortable to come out and admit this. But the bottom line is that Brown didn’t do his job on purpose and I would think that every QB analyst with ESPN are not having too much to do with Brown anymore.

  33. Point is you would never do that to a teammate & if that was done to a co worker at your place of business, they would have been fired. Used to like & respect Lomas Brown, but now I feel absolutely lied to. I grew up watching the Lions & he was part of the many that I watched! Disgusted Lion Fan!

  34. Not a lawyer, but I would imagine it would be a little hard to win a lawsuit based upon a story a guy told on the radio. All he would have to do is say “just kidding”, and how would you ever be able to prove he wasn’t?

  35. @newkirk850- you said you saw mitchell play when he was in miami and he wasn’t that good. what mitchell were you watching? he did so well with marino’s offense that it was roumered at the time that dan the man was gonna be the one traded.mitchell went to a team that wasn’t as good and he alone wasn’t enough to make them better thats why mitchell wasn’t that good in detriot but he was great filling in for an injured marino nobody in thier right mind could deny that.& btw it don’t matter how good or bad he was for any team mate to lay down like that is dispicable to say the least

  36. jimmysee says:
    Dec 26, 2012 10:39 AM
    Scott Mitchell could sue Lomas Brown for negligence and probably get a big jury verdict. Lomas had a clear duty to protect Scott, he knowingly failed to do his duty, and Scott suffered injury as a result.

    Get yourself a lawyer, Scott — go after that big duff.

    Lol gotta love Internet lawyers. What other legal advice do you have?

  37. From Brown’s statenment:

    So I looked at Kevin Glover, our All-Pro center and I said, ‘Glove, that is it.’ I said, ‘I’m getting him out the game.’

    I wonder what Glover thought of that? Someone should ask him…

  38. I guess the union (NFLPA) should protect Lomas and this only confirms the fact that he does indeed have head trauma. Only someone so completely brain-dead could utter such comments.

    Typical Lions mentality.

  39. Not going to be a lawsuit. I’m sure he’s not the only guy to have done this, just the only guy stupid enough to admit to it.

  40. gettingpwned says:

    Too bad that ref didn’t hit lomas harder with the flag and in both eyes.


    That was Orlando Brown…

  41. A post above notes the rumors at the time of 1993 that Dan Marino would be traded given how well Scott Mitchell was playing. Therein lays the beginning of Miami’s present struggles – they held onto Marino at least four years too long.

  42. “Too bad that ref didn’t hit lomas harder with the flag and in both eyes.”
    That was a different Brown, if I recall.

  43. Lomas Brown has a history of putting his foot in his mouth. He is the same guy who guaranteed a Lions victory over the Eagles in the ’95 playoffs. The Eagles ended winning the game 58-37.

  44. Lomas Brown has a history of putting his foot in his mouth. He is the same guy who guaranteed a Lions victory over the Eagles in the ’95 playoffs. The Eagles ended winning the game 58-37. It’s no surprise that he is now employed by ESPN. You don’t have to know what you are talking about at ESPN, just as long as you voice your opinion loudly.

  45. bearssuck says:
    Dec 26, 2012 10:50 AM
    I wonder if the Bears O-Line does the same thing to Quitler? Wouldn’t be surprised.

    bearssuck….” Quitler ” huh….I’d like to see you play 1 series behind Cutler’s O-line. I’m sure your tune would change ! One hit by any defensive player on you and I am certain you’re running home to mommy !

  46. Lomas Brown is a joke, it doesn’t matter what you think of the guy’s play, you don’t basically risk the man’s career just because he isn’t meeting your lofty expectations. What if Brown misses a block on a run? On the next handoff should the back just think to himself, “Lomas is terrible, I need him out of here…” and just throw himself down at the back of Brown’s knees to injury him?

    Some stuff you just don’t do. If offensive linemen were allowed to not block for poor quarterbacks, Kevin Kolb, John Skelton and Ryan Lindley would all be dead.

  47. Judging by all of these comments, most opinions of Lomas Brown have turned from positive to negative. I find it ironic that had Lomas never mentioned this, he w0uld still be thought of as a great guy. Maybe Lomas really got beaten on that play and never really intended Mitchell to get hurt. Only Lomas knows. But I’m sure that he’s sorry that he brought this up whether it’s true or not.

    And I think many fans are naive to think this is an isolated incident. I believe this happens more often than most fans believe. Watch some game film in slow motion and you’ll see missed tackles and missed blocks, some of which give the appearance of being intentional.

  48. Scotty should thank the Browns D that day when he came in for relief for Marino and looked like Marino. Played himself into a huge contract and was terrible. I am jealous he made so much cash though.

  49. For any network to give Brown a job now,after this stunning admission, is self admit something like this is baffling as some things are better left unsaid.what a dummy.

  50. “You must be a law school 1L. Stick to discussing Palsgraf and finding the definition for “statute of limitations” in Black’s before trying to act like one of the big boys.”

    Not so fast, counselor. It might be subject to the discovery rule, in that it was not discovered that it was a willful act of negligence that precipitated the injury until just recently. It was an inherently undiscoverable fact until Brown publicly admitted it.

  51. Wow. The only other things Lomas Brown could have admitted that would have worse is that he was on the grassy knoll in Dallas or selling secrets to the Russians. If there is a similar level of treason and being a traitor in sports I think he has hit the mark. I remember reading about Ichiro’s baseball coach slapping him in the face for throwing down his bat and dishonoring the baseball field. I would like to see Brown’s former teammates line up and slap him in the face for his lack of honor for his role as a player to protect the QB like it was his mom in Blindside and for dishonoring the game.

  52. When did the ESPN pundit ranks get stocked with so many bottom feeders? That network is starting to emit a noticeable stench.

  53. As Sir Charles so eloquently said, athletes are not role models. Not sure if ESPN can do anything about it, but I would at least suspend him for being a low-life scumbag.

  54. Mitchell went a little Godfather II, here. Didn’t he?
    “I invited Lomas Brown into ‘MY HOME! Where my wife sleeps… and my children play with their toys.’”


    “Lomas, you’re my brother and I love you. But don’t ever take sides against the family again. Ever.”

  55. filthymcnasty1 says:Dec 26, 2012 10:48 AM

    Anyone else think that Jay Cutler is reading this and having one of those “aha!” moments?
    ummm…Lomas Brown is in the Hall of Fame. When he misses blocks it’s because he is trying to get his qb hurt.

    When J’Marcus Webb misses a block it’s because he’s a 7th round pick from West Texas State Hospitality and Culinary Institute.

  56. A football team is like a combat outfit. No matter what, you protect the guys on your team, no matter what your personal feelings, and they protect you.

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