Sullivan, Campbell, Sherman among biggest Pro Bowl snubs


Every year when the Pro Bowl rosters come out, we see past-their-prime players with recognizable names chosen, while less famous players who have had much better seasons are snubbed. So at this point it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Still, it was rather surprising to see a couple of blatantly bad picks on this year’s Pro Bowl rosters.

The worst pick of all is Packers center Jeff Saturday, who has had such a bad season that he got benched last week, being chosen as one of the NFC’s two centers. Vikings center John Sullivan would have been a much, much better choice. Sullivan had a particularly strong season on an offensive line that went totally unrecognized by the Pro Bowl selectors despite helping Adrian Peterson threaten the NFL record for rushing yards in a season. Falcons center Todd McClure has had a good season and also would have been a much better choice than Saturday. Frankly, most of the starting centers in the NFC could justifiably complain that they were snubbed, when their play is compared to that of Saturday.

The three NFC defensive ends (Jason Pierre-Paul of the Giants, Julius Peppers of the Bears and Jared Allen of the Vikings) were also chosen at least as much for their reputations as for what they actually accomplished on the field this year. I would have taken Arizona’s Calais Campbell over any of them. Campbell doesn’t put up huge sack numbers (he has 5.5 this season), but he’s better against the run than any of them, and the 6-foot-8 Campbell is as good as any defensive lineman not named J.J. Watt at getting his hands up and making it difficult for quarterbacks to pass over him. It’s largely gone unnoticed because their offense is so inept, but the Cardinals’ defense is good. And Campbell is as important a part of that defense as anyone. He deserved to go to the Pro Bowl.

And as we’ve previously touched on, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman deserved to go. It’s possible that some voters didn’t choose Sherman because of his pending PED suspension, but based on his play on the field, Sherman belongs: He’s clearly had a better season than Arizona’s Patrick Peterson and Chicago’s Tim Jennings, both of whom made it.

There are good players at other positions who didn’t make it, including Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Redskins running back Alfred Morris and Buccaneers receiver Vincent Jackson, but in those cases it was more a matter of more players at those positions having Pro Bowl-caliber seasons than there were spots available on the Pro Bowl rosters. In the cases of Sullivan, Campbell and Sherman, they were clear Pro Bowl snubs.

101 responses to “Sullivan, Campbell, Sherman among biggest Pro Bowl snubs

  1. All it really is a popularity poll. The same FIFA gives Messi Ballon D’Or every year even though Iniesta deserves it.

  2. Biggest snub: Casey Hayward, CB, Green Bay

    Check out PFF.. He hasn’t allowed a touchdown, hasnt been flagged this year, has 10 pass breakups to go along with 6 INT. Outside of CBs named Sherman, he’s been the best

    And he’s a rookie

  3. I don’t think you could take Tim Jennings out of the Pro Bowl. Obviously Richard Sherman is more physically talented than him but Jennings had what, 8 interceptions?

  4. I’m glad that Calais is finally receiving the praise that he deserves. He’s been a very good player for a while now, and while it would be nice if he were in the pro bowl, i’m glad that people are at least aware of his great play.

  5. DE Chris Clemons also a major snub.

    A lot of the voting is simple name recognition by casual fans, which explains Saturday’s nod. Also, there is a delay between performance and recognition by fans, which is why we see Clay Matthews again, or Gronkowski, both of whom have missed several games this season due to injuries.

    The Seahawks took a full half-season to work out their bugs, but are now clicking on all cylinders just in time to bulldoze through the playoffs. DangeRuss Wilson is a true phenom at QB, and WILL lead his team to become the next “dynasty” in the NFL. SB rings first; Pro Bowl nods aplenty to follow. Bank on it.

  6. dsjcn3 says:
    Dec 26, 2012 8:25 PM
    How is Dez not even mentioned?

    We won’t get an answer.

  7. felton helps, but ya don’t get 2,000 yds. all by yourself. where’s the love for the vikings’ o-line?

  8. “It’s POSSIBLE that some voters didn’t choose Sherman because of his pending PED suspension”

    I think you meant “EXCEEDINGLY OBVIOUS.”

  9. RG3 over Drew Brees?
    5000+ yards, 40+ TDs is less deserving than 3300+ yards, 20+ TDs, and each guy has led their team to the exact same number of wins.
    Pro Bowl is as bad as the MLB All-Star Game

  10. asuthyo says: Dec 26, 2012 8:23 PM

    I don’t think you could take Tim Jennings out of the Pro Bowl. Obviously Richard Sherman is more physically talented than him but Jennings had what, 8 interceptions?

    I don’t know man. Sherman currently has 7 Int’s, 3 FF’s, 2 TD’s, 1 sack and 23 PD’s.

    So while Tim Jennings is well deserving, I’d argue Sherm should get the nod. Peterson should undoubtedly be the odd man out.

    However…certainly tomorrow’s looming decision on Sherman will likely make this a moot point.

  11. suspension or not, seems a lot of people are jealous that there team didn’t steal Richard Sherman like the ‘hawks did in the 5th round and watch him turn into one of if not the best cornerbacks in the league.

  12. “And as we’ve previously touched on, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman deserved to go. It’s possible that some voters didn’t choose Sherman because of his pending PED suspension…”

    Shawne Merriman’s 2006 season ring any bells here?

  13. Jairus Byrd should be mentioned here, too. Ed Reed has made too many Pro Bowls on reputation alone. Byrd forced 5 more turnovers than Reed this year on a defense that was much, much worse.

  14. Eric Weddle is one of the best two or three safeties in the entire league, let alone the AFC. You can say he was on a bad Chargers team, but the worst team in the league, the Chiefs, got five, let’s repeat that, five, players into the pro bowl! Somehow a defense that ranks 17th in the league got three defensive players into the pro bowl. The pro bowl needs to be done away with.

  15. Sherman may be good but the dude cheated. Can’t vote for a cheater. NFL substance abuse policy is a joke because of the union. Be like the rest of the society in this country accept your mistakes and whatever you are covering up! Mathews is good but he missed too many games to be there so Briggs should be in for him.
    Saturday’s pick was a joke but that’s what you get up in Wisconsin.
    49ers have good linebackers but Justin smith makes them look much better.
    Coming from a Bears fan here. Tim Jennings did have a good year but was thrown to a lot this season because Tillman is on the other side so that is why he had 8 int’s even though he missed some games too
    However I don’t think you can pass that up.

  16. Matt Kalil should be an all-pro. Only two penalties called on ALL season and has been phenomenal as a rookie.

  17. How Ray Rice was picked over CJ Spiller is beyond me…………Spiller had 71 less carries than Rice and still had more yards. Pro Bowl selection is a joke.

  18. Wesley Woodyard, Demaryius Thomas, Chris Harris, & Zane Beadles. Welker and Wayne have more catches than DT but Thomas doubles their TD production and has more big plays.

  19. Dolphins SS Reshad Jones deserved a selection over Landry. As did Mike Pouncey who is better than his brother at Center. And Brandon Fields is the best punter in the league.

    Pro Bowl voters are a joke.

  20. Pro bowl is a joke. All this does is inflate some contracts, as players are quick to sit out and the tenth alternate at position A, is crying for a raise because he made the pro owl.

    May be easier next year to name who doesn’t play in the pro bowl. What a waste.

  21. Brandon Fields has been arguably the best punter in football the past 3 years, but hasn’t gotten any recognition. Most people reading this probably don’t even know who he is.

  22. I agree that dez bryant gas had a great year and I wish the redskins had him but it is his constant mistakes in the first half of the season is why he doesn’t deserve to be named to the pro bowl.

    he has cost his team a couple of games that would have won the division.
    drew brees is the almost the same but he only has big numbers bc the saints have no rushing attack!!! RG3 has the nfl’s #1 rushing attack and hence doesn’t throw 60 times a game and doesn’t have huge numbers!!! RG3 is way more deserving than brees this year for the pro bowl. no player has had his style copied as much ie harbaugh and Carroll have adjusted their offenses to be like what RG3 runs!!!

  23. Sherman is nothing but a cheat, PP may be nothing but a fancy punt returner who gets burned by Crabtree on national tv, but at least he doesnt cheat

  24. Granted I’m a bit of a Skins homer but I’m surprised C Will Montgomery didn’t get in. Along with Williams, has turned Washingtons Achilles heel into a strength. K Kai Forbath likely out due to not being on the roster for the first 4 weeks but the guy has not missed at 17 for 17. You’ve mentioned Morris and I can’t argue with the 3 starters ahead of him but I will argue that Doug Martin is NOT the first alternate…should be Alfred.

    Homer-ness aside, I hate to say it but I really think Dez is the biggest snub of all here.

  25. redskins center will Montgomery deserved to be starting center!!! Morris deserved to be named!! RG3 is clearly the best rookie qb and numbers don’t lie rookie of the year isn’t even close!!!! Wilson could almost be co roty if he would have played consistent thruout the season like RG3!!!! luck is 4th look at his numbers way too many turnovers!!!

  26. there isnt a single person on the giants who deserves to make it minus snee..

    boggles my mind how cruz makes it this year when hes anywhere from 8-15 in stat lines but last year he ws 2nd in the entire nfc and got snubbed..

    eli doesnt deserve to be an alternate again not a single person from NY deserves the trip

  27. Speaking as a Falcons fan who can’t wait for ol’ mud duck to retire, putting McClure on would have been just as big a joke as Saturday.

    Darryl Washington and Drew Brees got screwed by the competition in their conference. They walk in on the AFC side. PS Bowman > Willis this year

    Weddle not making it was the biggest snub by miles. Most of the other bad calls are for reserve spots (other than Sherman and that’s obvious), but Weddle was the best safety in the AFC and the 2nd best in the league this year.

  28. Landry and Cromartie don’t look as good without Mohammed Wilkerson this kid needs to start getting some credit he’s an absolute animal

  29. Cardinal Inside Linebacker Daryl Washington is the best linebacker in the NFL. Period! Check out his film unfortuately he plays for the Cardinals and the game film will make you sick. But this guy is a stud. Check out the game this Sunday with the 49er’s. Willis and Bowman against Washington. This guy’s range is freaky.

  30. Calais Campbell for Pro Bowl? Perhaps….but I’m not buying your argument. Since when has a DE been invited to the Pro Bowl for being good against the run?

    Also if he was so good then why were the Cardinals as a team so bad against the run?

  31. They should split up the OLB voting part.

    Have a category for 3-4 OLBs like Matthews/Smith/Ware
    And a 4-3 OLB list for Briggs/Greenway.

    By the way, take Greenway out for 4 games – Vikes defense probably doesn’t miss much of a beat … Take Matthews out for 4 games – Runningbacks average close to 6 yards per carry – QBs get all the time in the pocket …. Dude is a bigger impact player.

  32. Demayrius Thomas is another snub. Has the most 20 yard plus catches in nfl and has won games for. Wes welker was basically benched early in the season and Andre Johnson is the most over hyped player in the league

  33. Sullivan has been ok, but not Pro Bowl worthy.

    Matt Kalil has been much better, and as a rookie too.

    Chad Greenway leads the league in tackles and is a consistent playmaker, but he doesn’t go?

    Both are oversights IMHO.

    Calais Campbell is NOT better than Jared Allen (either at stopping the run or rushing the passer)

    Sherman is a cheater and in no way deserves to go based on that fact alone.

  34. C’mon we know why Sherman didn’t get voted, positive PED test, nuff said!!! He stats are deserving but move on people! Victor Cruz shouldn’t be there, instead it should be Vincent Jackson with Dez Bryant as the alternate. Clay Mathews shouldn’t be there & Gronk shouldn’t be there, they missed almost half the season with injuries. As a fan it hurts me to say this but…the Pro Bowl voting is just as bad as the HOF.

  35. the BENCHED center of an offensive line that has allowed the 4th most sacks in the league, and is in the bottom 10 in rushing, made the pro bowl.


  36. shootscuz says:Dec 26, 2012 8:51 PMWelker does not deserve his spot over Demarius Thomas! But I would say Sherman being left out is the worst of all. 

    Don’t worry, he will get there as Welkers replacement after the Pats eliminate the Broncos

  37. Todd McClure even being mentioned in the same sentence as “pro bowl” is laughable and this is coming from a big Falcons fan. I’m pretty sure I can bull rush him over at 190 lbs.

    Love me some Julio but Roddy should have made it over him.

    Once again the pro bowl proves to be nothing more than a popularity contest

  38. the chiefs getting 5 players is the biggest joke of all..the team with the worst record i nthe league has no buisness having 5 players in the probowl….

  39. I thought there was a new rule that anyone under a PED suspension or suspicion (like Sherman, since he has appealed) could not be in the Pro Bowl. Correct me if I’m wrong, though.

  40. I hate to say this as a Viking fan, but John Sullivan? He may be a solid run blocker, but he gets pushed around far too often on passing plays to be considered a top-notch center.

  41. Most of the voters have no idea who to vote for on the offensive line. Most votes are by name recognition only, which is the reason for Jeff Saturday making the roster. I realized during maurkice pouncey’s rookie year that he would be a perennial pro bowler just because of the one season he had. Look who made the pro bowl again this year.

  42. Me thinks, perhaps, that they are not picking some players because it’s quite possible those players won’t be available for the Pro Bowl? Maybe give the next-best guy a starting shot?

  43. umm Luke Keuchly?

    Dude leads the NFL in tackles and has 2 ints.

    And has anybody outside of the Carolina’s ever heard of Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy? Those guys are the best DE duo in the league.

  44. Will Montgomery has had a tremendous season at center for Washington.

    Jeff Saturday? What a joke.

  45. After reading how Tim Jennings should be bounced off this pro bowl list I could not sign in fast enough to defend him. But after reading most of the comments left on this Article there was no need. Peanut and Jennings forced more turn overs then some team defenses did all year. Give it up for the guys who played well Anne stop crying about a cheater. After beating the 49ers he said on national tv “they can’t suspend me they broke the rules on their end”. Not I did not do it or I’m sorry, just they broke the rules so there for I should not be punished. He is a PUNK and that is why I won’t even right his name in my post!!!

  46. Aside from Drew Brees..How the hell did Mark Sanchez get left out of the pro bowl?!?! Someone fill me in plz?

  47. Tim Jennings not only has 8 INTs he also is responsible for 2 more that I can think of off the top of my head. Some of his INTs have just been spectacular and I think that’s what sticks in peoples minds… when you go and look at him snatching balls out of the air that were perfectly placed for a TD with that massive 40 inch vertical.

    Tim Jenning is impressive and that’s with missing two games. He’d have a better then 50/50 chance of having 1 more pick if not two had he played in those two games.

  48. The fact that Saturday made the pro bowl when he isn’t even good enough to start on his own team tells you all y0u need to know about pro bowl balloting. Much like the pro bowl game itself, it’s a joke and the NFL should stop embarrassing themselves.

  49. The entire Pro Bowl process should be changed. When the ‘fans’ are allowed to pick you get some ridiculous choices, like Jeff Saturday. Saturday admitted he was playing worse than Evan Dietrich-Smith, who had to fight for a roster spot this year. The game is a complete farce. Why would any player risk a multi-million dollar career to play in a meaningless game?
    If you want to make this legit, no game, have a dinner in Hawaii for players and families.
    Have the selection process by the players, coaches and GM’s. They know what is going on. Johnny Q. Pimpleface sitting in Podunk, Kansas probably doesn’t know much about the Buffalo Bills, right?
    The NFL has lost it’s mind on this one and it’s time to end the sham before it gets worse.

  50. Arian Foster had 143 yards more than CJ Spiller on 152 more carries. The only reason Spiller isn’t in the Pro Bowl is because he plays for the Bills, who the rest of the country has forgotten about. Spiller had a historically great season, and along with AP, they are BY FAR the two best RBs in the NFL. I Feel bad for Spiller, I would demand a trade if I were him. Same goes for Jairus Byrd, who is the best safety in the AFC, but can’t even get a mention in an article about snubs. Sucks to be a Bill.

  51. How CJ Spiller doesnt make the pro bowl is laughable. It’s too predicated on wins. I’m a Bills fan but there are maybe 2 DT that are better than Kyle Williams. He dominates almost every game. Pro Bowl is a joke, but it would be nice if some of the Bills got recognized for their talent. it’s not their fault they have Chan “loser” Gailey as the HC.

  52. Biggest defensive snub is Luke Kuechly he’s only leading the league in tackles as a rookie.. If anyone has watched this kid play it dont take long to see he’s the real deal..

  53. As a Vikings fan I don’t think Allen deserved to get in while I do believe Greenway and Sullivan got screwed on a popularity contest and maybe Kalil.. Okung is a monster hard to say if Kalil is any better.

  54. Lavonte David is an even bigger snub than Kuechly. Top 10 in tackles despite playing at WLB rather than MLB, and is also 3rd in the NFL in tackles for loss. He’s one of those opportunistic players that gets them at key times, and is the biggest factor in the Bucs going from dead last in rushing defense to #1 in the NFL in just one season. The Bucs’ defense as a whole is still sub par due to the secondary and a lack of pass rush, but that shouldn’t detract from the incredible season he’s having. You could actually make a decent argument for him as a starter; to not even be named an alternate is a crime.

  55. in what world is Cambell better against the run then JPP. I understand JPP may have had a down year compared to last year but at least make a valid argument for Christ’s sake.

  56. Kalil & Sullivan can run block well but pass rushers pour over Ponder like water. Greenway is a great tackler but 8 or 9 yds deep too many times. Rudolph, if he didn’t disappear for a couple of games should have made it.

  57. Sherman is a liar and deserves nothing. The media may have to play nice but facts are facts. A little dribble of piss running down a cup shouldn’t excuse his guilt!

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