Tebow denies that he asked out of Wildcat package

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The soap opera continues, more than a week after the fat lady finished singing.

Quarterback-of-all-trades Tim Tebow has addressed with the media the report that he asked to be omitted from the team’s Wildcat package after being informed that he wouldn’t be the starting quarterback in Week 16.

“I never said, ‘Hey, I don’t want to do anything.  I won’t do anything,‘” Tebow said Wednesday, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “That wasn’t the talk at all.  He knows that.  And everybody on this team knows that I would never not to do something if I was asked.  That’s what’s disappointing.  People saying, ‘Oh, you quit.  Or you didn’t do this.’  That was not it at all.  It was just me asking to get an opportunity to play the position I love, which is quarterback.  It wasn’t me asking out of anything.”

Tebow acknowledges that coach Rex Ryan may have misinterpreted the message, and Tebow says he wishes he would have been “more clear” when meeting with Ryan.

“I was definitely disappointed and frustrated and I let him know that,” Tebow said.  “Just asked for an opportunity to play quarterback.  [On Friday, I told him that] I would do anything for this team like I have all year from punt to hands team to catching passes . . . whatever I could do. He appreciated that. He understood. We got a great relationship still.”

And that’s where the logic falls apart.  Tebow wouldn’t have had to tell Ryan that Tebow would do whatever the team needed on Friday.  Ryan would have already known it.

Tebow said he was bothered by the notion that he’s not a good teammate, which was perpetuated by whoever from the Jets organization told multiple reporters that Tebow asked to be left out of the Wildcat package.

“You work your whole life to build a reputation,“ Tebow said.

That line, of course, will do nothing to convince those who think that Tebow is concerned more about his image than anything else.  Indeed, it will make the skeptics even more suspicious that there’s a disconnect between Tebow and his “reputation.”

For that reason, it would make more sense for Tebow to admit that, yes, he’s human.  And, yes, he sometimes has bad days.  And, yes, he was frustrated last week.  And, yes, he made it known that if he’s not the starter he doesn’t want to be the gimmick, either.

Saying that would go a much longer way toward helping his “reputation” than the clumsy manner in which he has handled the current situation.

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52 responses to “Tebow denies that he asked out of Wildcat package

  1. For that reason, it would make more sense for Tebow to admit that, yes, he’s human. And, yes, he sometimes has bad days. And, yes, he was frustrated last week. And, yes, he made it known that if he’s not the starter he doesn’t want to be the gimmick, either.

    Saying that would go a much longer way toward helping his “reputation” than the clumsy manner in which he has handled the current situation.


    Didn’t he say just that, though?

  2. This guy will never say the right thing in the eyes of most people. Just get off his back already and stop scrutinizing everything surrounding him. He is a non-story! Move on!

  3. Aren’t there murderers, rapist, drug abusers, drunk drivers, and women beaters in the league?? I am not sure why the Christian guy that makes every effort to do the right thing and be a role model gets attacked and vilified by the media for being less than perfect.

  4. either Tebow threw a hissy and didn’t want to play if he didn’t get his way


    Ryan misunderstood and the whole world thinks Tebow did that…. meaning Tebow let Ryan think that for a week

    either way, Tebow sent the message he isn’t going to play ball and didn’t correct it for a week…

    he deserves a release for that

  5. Instead of making the change that might salvage his career by switching to H Back / TE under someone who knows the way, Tebow is careening towards a second disastrous career move in a row.

    Hello CFL, 2014.

  6. Man, Tebow gets bashed no matter what he does. If indeed, he never actually said he didn’t want to play, why shouldn’t he say that publicly? To bash him for not admitting it is just dumb.

    Ill believe what Tebow says over what most others will say any day. I think this guy strives most than most to be honest

  7. According to the above posters… give the guy a free pass because he’s a Christian and presumably trying to do the right thing? Excuse me, but no player in the league would get a free pass for asking not to play simply because a) his team sucks, or b) the team is not using him like he thinks it ought to. Not a single player in the league would be able to shake the primadona label if he came up with such a thing, no matter if Christian or “rapist”.

    And yes, they all later claim they were misunderstood. Which is easy to do when the press allegedly did so, harder when it’s your own coach. First time ever I see someone play the “my coach misunderstood me when I told him I didn’t want to play for him no more” card.

  8. “I am not sure why the Christian guy that makes every effort to do the right thing and be a role model gets attacked and vilified by the media for being less than perfect.”

    Because Tebow is a phony. He tries to come across as this humble Christian and his behavior on the field shows the complete opposite. His antics aren’t godly; they’re just an empty attempt to bring attention to himself. He doesn’t seem to understand the idea of a team; he prefers to be a character–a personality. Most true football fans are tired of the dancing and showboating and chest puffing and “Tebowing” that has infected the NFL. I can’t imagine someone like Chuck Bednarik or Jack Ham or Larry Csonka (just to name a few) “Tebowing” or dancing around like a goof. These guys played their position extremely well and understood the concept of team.

  9. @kingpel

    Couldn’t have said it better myself…..didn’t the worldwide leader say they were gonna stop all Teblow all the time???
    Weird I keep seeing it every day

  10. Look, just go to Canada where you can 1) play and 2) create any new image you want.

    I am tired of hearing so much about such a marginal, third-string NFL player. Skip Bayless, for one, goes nuts about him every single day on ESPN’s “Same Take.”

  11. Tebow may actually get in this week, but as usual, they will call horrible plays not suited for any QB let alone him.

    I hope they don’t use him this week. I know he wants to play, but seeing what McElroy just went through, WHY would you want to play for this inept offense, these inept coaches, and risk your body for this franchise any longer, when you know you’re on your way out?

    For any QB starting this week, its a recipe for disaster. NO QB would look great in this offense, with this line, with these coaches, with these offensive schemes. The Jets offense has become all out horrible and there needs to be changes starting with offensive coaches.

  12. Why would anyone be surprised that a crap organization like the Jets would throw one of the dumbest FA signings in history, under the bus by having their media minions create a story that Tebow quit on the team.

    The laughing stock of the league is now in full spin mode. Protect the HC, protect the OC, protect the GM, and most of all protect the idiot owner.

    So while the public is in full attack mode on Tebow, the scrutiny is off of that joke of an organization.

  13. Tebow is not a god, not a saint, and certainly not a phony. Why is there such absolutes about the guy? People who hate the very religious jump to the conclusion that he must be a phony. People who love the very religious think he is a saint. Personally, I think he is somewhere in between. Something like most of us. He gets frustrated when he is screwed and may say the wrong thing. He cares what other people think of him. He apparently is trying his best to be good (not a phony).

  14. I wish everyone would really look up Tebows parents and try to understand his upbringing as a son of missionary parents

    Tim has been taught his whole life to sacrifice for others. He has worked at orphanages etc in other countries most of us have never sacrificed like that in our whole life

    He is very real we just don’t understand it because we may not know other people like his family

    Please don’t call him a phony most of us could not withstand the level of examination he does.

  15. Let Tebow play! What was the point of bringing him to the Jets? No more tickets sold and hell… They lost their goofy fireman because he liked the swarty Sanchez. Even if he gets destroyed. Let him play a full game.

  16. They can’t let him play now. If he succeeds- Ryan looks like an enormous fool for not playing him more. If he fails, they’ve lost any chance of trading him to another team.

  17. Tebow needs to ignore the talk, keep quiet, get out of NY after this week and then wait to see where he will land. If he wants to start, he needs to get better by working his butt off at being the best he can be BRFORE any training camps start. If he lands on another team, he has to play so well in the preseason that no coach could bench him. Look at Russell Wilson Tim – that’s what you need to do to make it. Good luck!

  18. patfanken says:Dec 26, 2012 6:23 PM

    Why would anyone be surprised that a crap organization like the Jets would throw one of the dumbest FA signings in history, under the bus by having their media minions create a story that Tebow quit on the team.

    Didn’t they trade for him?

  19. Tim. You chose NY over Jacksonville because you’d be in the spotlight. Now, that it hasn’t worked out, the implication is that you don’t like the spotlight. Be careful what you wish for.

  20. A lesson: When you’re in the spotlight, every word that leaves your mouth is magnified and dissected for days. There is no private conversation in the midst of that circus.

    He should know that by now.

  21. I don’t understand what his beliefs or what he was taught have to do with his ability to play quarterback in the NFL. As far as the spotlight goes, he brought that upon himself…remember his Super Bowl commercial?

  22. And to all the people who say the humble Tebow doesn’t seek the spotlight, here’s the Jets 3rd string qb calling yet another press conference to talk about himself.

    Maybe he’ll go into greater detail in the next book he writes. About himself. I can’t wait!

  23. Tim’s essentially a kardashian. It’s all image building and getting praised for doing absolutely nothing. Yeah he had some good times in denver and as a bronco fan, I’ll admit I enjoyed it. But this dude, by no fault of his own, is a locker room cancer. His legion of followers who can’t look at him for what he really is cause him to believe he can have continued success as a qb, when he is clearly a football player, not a qb. I feel bad for the guy, but if he really is all about helping teams to win, then he needs to prove it, and play at whatever position will make the team, not tim, successful.

  24. Tebow or Rex don’t own anyone an explanation . Other than, how can they be moody about anything with the money they make. Jets need a real coach and QB.

  25. Who would really trust Rex Ryan? Would ya buy a used car from him?
    Come on, Tebow may be a bunch of things, but not a full-blown liar!
    Fire “the Fat Coach, give Tebow his release!
    Dam stupid things get written in New York.
    Billy in N. E. about the same credibility, “no taping”.
    This kid got the Bronco’s at QB to beat this sorry joke of a team, remember?

  26. Thousands of QBs have wanted their coach to give them a chance to play, only to be denied that opportunity because they were not good enough. Such is life, Tim.

    Making this situation even worse is that if he is given the chance this weekend and he fails, which he most certainly will, his supporters will say that it’s Ryan’s fault, Sparano’s fault, the O line’s fault, the WR’s fault, etc. It will never be Tim’s fault in their eyes. Last year they said Tebow was great and elevated the play of those around him, when in fact he did precisely the opposite. He made Ryan Clady, Zane Beadles, Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and others look like mediocre players but, as we can plainly see, they are outstanding players when they have a competent QB to play with.

  27. I’d believe Tebow way before believing Rex Ryan or yet another lame sports reporter quoting anonymous sources. Go Gators.

  28. “And that’s where the logic falls apart. Tebow wouldn’t have had to tell Ryan that Tebow would do whatever the team needed on Friday. Ryan would have already known it.”

    And, if your logic actually made any sense, then no coach would ever tell his players “go out there and play hard for 60 minutes” because they’d already know that’s what they should do.

  29. ESPN treated the Dallas cowboy DUI death as a tale of forgiveness and Cam newton bumping the ref does not get mentioned, but this tebow argument with his coach is a 24 hr atrocity.

  30. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by this anymore, but I’m still a bit amazed at how many people are just dying to take shots at this dude.

    The guy by all accounts is an incredibly decent human being, donates his time and his money to people that need it.. Doesn’t get into trouble off the field.. Won a game in the playoffs last year.

    Keeps his mouth shut all season while riding the bench on the most dysfunctional hell hole of a team in all of sports..

    And now after some nebulous report that kinda sorta maybe says he didn’t want to play in the Wildcat after sitting on the bench all season despite the starting QB stinking up stadium after stadium and not being pulled because Rex Ryan is worried that Sanchez may take a demotion a little too emotionally due to being on his period..

    And because of this, Tebow is a fraud and a bum.

    To this I say to you, Florio, your fellow writers at PFT and anybody that’s had the faux-stones to rip Tebow: Shut the hell up and look in the mirror. By all accounts, Tebow is just a flat out better human being than most of us, including myself. I sure as heck know I wouldn’t donate my time and money the way he does to others if I was an NFL qb. I sure as hell wouldn’t be staying out of trouble (and other women’s beds) if I was in his shoes. The difference between me and you Florio (and all you others) is that at least I can admit it: Tebow’s a genuinely decent human being and a lot of you can’t stand it.

  31. Did anyone watch the games in Denver last year? Didn’t this guy make enough play to win enough games to make the playoffs. Yeah it wasn’t pretty but he made his teammates better and won games. He’s not Peyton Manning but who the hell is. I guarantee he’s better than Dirty Sanchez. I don’t see why some of these sorry ass quarterbackless teams don’t give Tebow a chance to work his magic again. If you are going to give Brady Quinn a chance why can’t you give Tebow a chance. Come on people. The Jets suck. Only direction to go is up!

  32. Two things:

    First, the way the Jets have handled Tim Tebow has been a disgrace, especially in light of the overwhelmingly disappointing performance of Mark Sanchez this year. Sanchez played himself out of the starting job several weeks ago.

    The Jets signed Tebow and had him listed as the backup QB all season long. Given Tebow’s success last year in Denver, and Sanchez’s just plain awful performances this year, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Tebow deserved a shot to see what he could do for the Jets as a legitimate QB for the last several games of the season.

    The fact that the Jets failed to do this demands an explanation on their part. Why did they sign Tebow if they had no intention of playing him at QB if the need arose? Love him or hate him, Tebow was 7-4 last year as a starter, and engineered a victory over the Steelers in the playoffs by THROWING the ball for over 300 yards.

    Secondly, I fail to see how Tebow’s image is damaged. Tebow was upset by the Jets snubbing him, and he had every right to be. All this other stuff about him opting out of the wildcat is hearsay; Rex Ryan and Tim Tebow have both denied this. So why keep insisting that it happened? Honestly, either the author of this piece enjoys channeling Merril Hoge, or just has a personal vendetta against Tebow.

  33. Ok, he’s a bad teammate & now a bad liar. What’s next? Is he going to have sex before marriage? Very un-Christian-like by him.

  34. @fwippel
    Well said…its absolutely ridiculous the Jets never gave him a fair shot and even more so how the media is trying to blow this out of proportion. I don’t think any less of Tebow as a man or player. I’m actually glad he respectfully stood up for himself, in a sense, in order to try to help his team and to play the position he loves.

  35. My theory: Tebow went to see Ryan, upset that he wasn’t given the opportunity to start. He voiced his frustration about being in the wildcat — and therefore seen as a gimmick rather than a true QB, which he wants to prove he can be.

    I doubt, given the kid’s character, that he would have said he wouldn’t run the wildcat.

    Much more likely, he said he didn’t want to run the wildcat because he wanted to be the starting QB.

    Later, someone asked Ryan about it, and Ryan probably said he’s upset about being in the wildcat and doesn’t want to play it anymore.

    That person, or even Ryan, could have easily misconstrued the fact that Tebow has no desire to play the wildcat as Tebow refuses to play it. It’s not that far of a stretch.

    Just a theory, though. He could have also said, “F U, Coach. I’m not running your BS wildcat.”

  36. Seems pretty clear he’s frustrated Florio. I believe he stated just that. And perhaps I missed the quote where he claims he’s not human

  37. the jets paid him millions, they don’t have to explain anything to him. He is paid to do what they tell him. They obviously didn’t feel he was good enough to be their starting QB. If they thought they could win with him he would have been starting. Denver wouldn’t have let him go in the first place if elway thought he could play. I am sorry but i don’t understand why some of you people keep acting like being a good christian or a good person has anything at all to do with being an NFL QB. I am not a Rex Ryan fan at all but i am absolutely positive that he and especially elway know more about what it takes to be an NFL QB than any of you who keep telling us what a great QB Tebow is. It doesn’t matter if he was the pope (btw, for some of you who don’t seem to realize it, he is NOT the pope) he still would not be a good NFL QB. Maybe Elway was wrong and all of telling how great he is are right. Hmm . . . no, i am going to have to go with elway on this one.

  38. stop using the playoff game against the steelers as your evidence that tebow is great. It was one game. Matt flynn had a pretty good game for the packers last year too, does that mean he is a great QB too? Why aren’t you telling us he got screwed this year too? Tebow did have a good game against the steelers last year, that is true. It doesn’t make him a great QB. The sun shines on every dog’s a** some day.

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