Adam Snyder would like to see Alex Smith in Arizona

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The Cardinals are starting their fourth quarterback of the season against the 49ers this Sunday, a pretty clear sign that they are going to be in the market for a player who can give them less quantity and more quality at the position come the offseason.

One player who could be on their radar screen is a guy who will be carrying a clipboard on the other sideline in Week 17. Alex Smith lost his job with the Niners and he’s widely expected to be on the move to a team that needs a starter once the season comes to an end.

Cardinals guard Adam Snyder used to play with Smith in San Francisco and would be down with a reunion in the desert. Snyder said that if he was asked, he’d tell the Cardinals that Smith has “unbelievable character” and is a leader whose benching didn’t much sense.

“I just think that Alex worked for seven years to get to the position he was in,” Snyder said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “He was 19-5 (in the past two seasons) and had the best QB rating in the league and was doing his job to win games, you know? I don’t know. It was surprising to me. But, hey, they get paid to make those decisions, and that’s the decision they went with.”

While the 49ers probably wouldn’t want to trade Smith within the division, trading him is going to be difficult. The full $8.5 million Smith is owed for 2013 becomes guaranteed on April 1, something that could make teams hesitant to give up much of value when they know the 49ers will likely be releasing him before that happens to avoid being on the hook for that much to a backup quarterback.

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  1. Alex Smith… true. Why invest in the most important position on the team when you could just get a little bit better at it some of the time?

  2. Sorry, but I think it’s your #1 and #2 picks to the Eagles for Vick. Once a chump always a chump.

  3. From a Niners fan, I believe it was a bad move to make the switch at QB. This team is built for a guy who can manage games (not a knock on Smith). You need to let your defense dictate the tempo, then come out and move the chains and put 3 or 7 on the board each time. With Kaep you get a rocket arm, but with that rocket arm, you get inexperience, mishandled snaps and turnovers…something you don’t get with the safe QB in Smith. Sure, Kaep beat the Bears and Patriots, but Smith beat the Packers in Green Bay, and had the best rating in the league. I hope Smith excels in Arizona.

  4. You have to look at what the 49ers will be paying for the QB position. Kaepernick will earn about 1.3 million in 2013. With the way he likes to run, they will need a capable back up.

  5. Did you ever think you would see the day when teams were clamoring to get a chance at picking up Alex Smith?

  6. Just to add what poridge said, Since the benching of Alex, Vernon has vanished from planet earth. You can say what you want about missing Justin Smith from the game on sunday and how t related to the loss BUT dig deeper. The first 4 possessions went like this 3 plays, 6 plays, 11 plays, 3 plays. With the way seattle has been playing (tempo) the defense was gassed and Kaepernick couldn’t sustain drives.

  7. Alex Smith is a spread offense QB. Check his stats and QBR in spread formations. You put him in Arizona in that Whisenhunt offense that was built around Kurt Warner the Cardinals will be a major factor.

  8. I called this when the Manning to SF story came up. Smith/Fitz would be a dangerous combo and I fully expect him to sign with the Cards. With the Rams young squad coming together as well, the NFC West could indeed be the most dangerous division for the next 5 years.

  9. Oh you guys…..c’mon it’s Alex Smith. It’s fools gold. You are in that place as a fan where anyone but who you currently have looks amazing. I’ve been there. Here are some QB’s that AS struggled against to retain his starting position: Cody Picket, Ken Dorsey, Tim Rattay, J.T. O’Sulivan, Chris Weinke, Trent Dilfer, Troy Smith. An impressive list of certain HOFers to be sure. When Kaepernick finishes his career, I doubt anyone will care that Smith got benched.

  10. If the Niners can trade Alex to a non division rival they will. If they do not and release AS then I see the Cardinals attacking him. The system is built for the spred offense and Fitz and Floyde will kill defenses together. Signing AS gives the Cards the rest of the draft to draft either one of the two best Tackles in the draft or possibly even Manti Te’o and a fresh healthy running back next. FYI Smith and Fitz in spread offense. Manti next to D. Washington and a left Tackle first round pick. With new running back and division is gonna be murder.

  11. After the Turtle Mike Singletary publicly blamed Alex Smith for his awful tenure as a head coach….You think he would go to Minnesota? Highly doubtful.

  12. The Niners better make it to the SB or Harbaugh will be roasted. He has left himself wide open to second guessing.

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