Bears’ Major Wright says Matthew Stafford folds under pressure

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Bears safety Major Wright says the key to stopping the Lions’ offense on Sunday is simple: Pressure Matthew Stafford.

Wright thinks Stafford will break down if the Bears are bringing pressure against him, and that’s the way to stop the Lions’ passing game.

“You put a little pressure on him, you close the pocket on him, and he hesitates,” Wright said Wednesday. “He doesn’t make that perfect throw. . . . He can make any throw on that field, so you have to be aware of putting pressure on him because you put a little pressure on him he kind of folds.”

The Bears sacked Stafford three times and pressured him many more times in their win over the Lions earlier this season, and Wright said that’s what they have to continue to do.

“You don’t want to sit back and let him pick you apart because he’s a good quarterback, and if he has time he can complete any throw,” Wright said. “We definitely want to get in his face and kind of bother him.”

That’s what the Bears want to do in their must-win game against the Lions on Sunday.

38 responses to “Bears’ Major Wright says Matthew Stafford folds under pressure

  1. The team that started 7-1 and is about to miss out on the playoffs are saying someone folds under pressure.

    You know how many comebacks he has, right? Dude never quits.

    I mean, it’s easy to hate on the Lions, but if anyone folded under pressure this year, it’s your own team, Melton, lol.

    PS: You whine about how much the lions talk, while doing the same thing. Foolish and hypocritical. Most of the nation hopes the Lions smoke you fools, you are adding fuel to the fire.

  2. Bring it. We’ve got nothing left to play for except getting Calvin to 2000 yds and ending Chicago’s season. Both worthy of an all out effort.

  3. A Bears player talkin about how someone else “folds under pressure”?? Really??

    This is coming from someone on a team who started off 7-1, and now is 2-6 in their last 8 games and need “help” from other teams to get into the playoffs. Probably not a good idea to talk about other players or teams “folding”.

  4. Every QB fold if you pressure them enough… Tom Brady is one of the worst… get a couple of good hits and stay in his face and his clock speeds up real fast it’s to his blessing he has those two really good TEs.

    Major Wright isn’t insulting the man he’s just pointing out a truth in dealing with every QB in the NFL. You pressure them so their timing speeds up in their head and then they can’t hit their spots on the field just right and it makes it hard for them to perform.

  5. Dont worry lions fans, the bears do the same thing to the packers and you see how well it works for them. And if you really wanna see a QB fold under pressure watch the film of cutler against the packers.

  6. Haha. Do you really want to get that lions offense riled up? …. Stupid decision. Lions have nothing to play for then you hand over bulletin board material

  7. Pretty accurate. Big Ben and Rodgers are the only qbs who can win with tons of pressure. Cutler is up there tho. The bears have had prob the worst pass blocking o line over the last 5 years. Obviously cutler has issues but they are certainly not that he folds when pressured. Do you guys watch football or do you just listen to Trent dilfer and herm Edwards?

  8. I agree that MR shouldnt have said it but have some perspective. MR is a Gator who saw Stafford 4 years in a row playing against Georgia. He’s seen Stafford twice a year for the last 3 or 4 years (however long theyve both been in the league) so he’s making an observation based on a LOT of experience playing this particular player.

  9. Please keep talking sh*t Bears. Continue to give the that wounded lion motivation to go in pull off the upset this weekend. It will be one less game the skins fans will have to worry about to get the automatic wild card berth this weekend. I will be the biggest Packers, and Lions fan this weekend.

  10. Lovie Smith should never allow his players to talk smack, they do this ever week. Why give your opponents blackboard material?

    Most QB’S do fold under pressure except RG3 and Russell Wilson.

  11. Same way Minor Wrong folded when he dropped the key interception that would have them sitting better in the playoff race. If he would have made that catch against Russell Wilson when they played Seattle it would have sealed the win.

  12. Stafford will fold all the way to 5000 passing yards for a second straight year while getting Calvin Johnson 2000 yards receiving in a season.”

    and yet the lions face yet another losing season.

  13. As a Giants fan, I’m liking the bad blood. GO LIONS ( sorry chi-town..gotta turn my back on you for this one)

  14. cutler doesnt fold under pressure from the defense, look at the numbers. 1st 8 games he was sacked 28 times and they were 7-1. last 8 games he was sacked 8 times and theyre 2-6.
    12tds the first 8 and 6tds the last 8. he folds under the pressure of being a consistent QB and then blames everyone else.

  15. The Bears ( players and coaches) walk around and talk like they’ve recently won a Super Bowl or something. Last I checked, they haven’t won anything since “Happy Days” was on TV.

    Hell,..the Bears can’t even win their own division. I think Right and his teammates must be watching too much of those old black & white Dick Butkus films from the glory days.

    Bears are not qualified to talk about ANYONE folding when you have a cornball like Jay Cutler as your QB. He’s mister fold himself!!

  16. What a shocking revelation: You bring pressure and hit the QB and he won’t be able to pass as well as he normally would…Pretty sure there are 31 other starting QBs in the league like that, not to mention his own QB, who goes right to the top of the list in the folding department

  17. Stafford has 6 INTs in the last three games against the Bears.

    The Lions as a team has 12 turnovers in three games against the Bears…

    Wright is Right.

  18. matt stafford is a legit franchise qb..he plays in a very tough division. do you really think calvin johnson wouldve broke the record with ricky stanzi throwing it? look at fitzgerald, no qb to throw to him so he doesnt put up the big flashy numbers. if my team didnt already have a legend in the making, romo, i would easlily love to have him aboard.

  19. People, quit thinking that things like this give players more motivation. Do you seriously think that football players really read what other players say to the media? They are motivated buy winning and money. That’s it.

  20. 2000 receiving yards and how many wins? Individual achievements are overrated. Great feat, but doesn’t mean much when you’re sitting at home next week

    But then again, my Bears were also highly overrated and will be sitting at home in two weeks at the latest, if not after sunday.

  21. realdealsteel

    Its too bad Butkus didn’t play now, any qb would be eating dirt with their broken front teeth, and the glory days?? Butkus played for teams that were horrible . Lions will do their usual and give up, Bears will win and Vikings will lose

  22. Look for the Bears to sneak into the Playoffs and come alive. I called it with the Giants last year when they were 8-7 going into the last week. They went on to win the Super Bowl and I happily cashed my Vegas ticket on them. Lightning strikes twice with the Bears. I know football.

  23. Right up there with… “Score more points and you’ll win” and my personal favorite… “a touchdown saving tackle”. Yawn. No news here except it’s Wright not Right (aimed at 1/3 the comments on here). Go Bears! But do it quietly please.

  24. Cutler doesn’t fold against Detroit. He’s won 8 of 9 and has a 100.9 passer rating against the Lions. Stafford may have 5K yards, but I’ll take Chicago’s record this year, as disappointing as it is.

  25. another Bears fan and ticket holder here, astonished ANY Chgo Bear would yap about “folding” especially this (7-1) year and about a great QB with so many come from behind wins in a young career.

    Ya know, “Major” shut up and catch that pick against those broads from Seattle and you’re waiting for a Soldier Field playoff game….

  26. Even if this is how he feels, how stupid does he need to be to publicly say it right before playing the guy, when a loss ends their season in what could only be described as an epic collapse?

    Keep in mind, while he is putting this motivation in his mind, Stafford has no real pressure this week. Many people in the Lions organization may even feel a loss would be the worst thing, since it will only lower their draft position (as an eagles fan, a position I also find myself in). If it wasn’t for the fact that they were playing a rival, even more would probably feel that way (again, ditto as an Eagles fan)

    Just seems like asking to have him light you up, then be the obvious whipping boy the entire off season for the earlier mentioned epic collapse

  27. realdealsteel says: Dec 27, 2012 10:05 AM

    “The Bears ( players and coaches) walk around and talk like they’ve recently won a Super Bowl or something. Last I checked, they haven’t won anything since “Happy Days” was on TV.”

    Last I checked, Happy Days ended its run in ’84, Bears won their SB after the ’85 season.

    “Hell,..the Bears can’t even win their own division…”

    Keeping things recent…Since 2005 the Bears are 75-52, have won the NFC North three times, made the NFC Championship game twice, and been to a Super Bowl…9-6 so far this year with a shot at the playoffs.

    Since ’05 the Lions are 37-90, with one winning season, and one playoff loss to show for it…4-11 so far this year with no shot at the playoffs.

    You were saying?

  28. Not sure about that – We brought no pressure against Stafford and he began fumbling and throwing interceptions ….

    Meanwhile – We blitzed him a ton last year – he put up 500 some yards….

    Kid is weird.

  29. @somekat…There will be no epic collapse unless Suh or one of his fellow goons puts a dirty hit on one of the Bears’ playmakers.

  30. Believe it or not but this year was good for Staffords development. Its not like he’s laid a egg all year but to last years standards he’s definitely not doing as good. He’s on the brink of becoming very special and will learn alot from this season. He’s only 1 year older than this years rookie qb class ( obviously not talking about grandpa weeden) not many people realize that.

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