Browns QB decision speaks to lack of security there

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The Browns are one day closer to a depth chart of Thaddeus Lewis and Josh Johnson at quarterback, after Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy were held out of another day of practice Thursday with shoulder injuries.

And that may get them one day closer to a new regime, such that they weren’t already.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Browns coach Pat Shurmur declined to answer which of his first two quarterbacks had the worse injury, but he didn’t rule either out for Sunday’s finale at Pittsburgh.

He also said they thought about bringing back Seneca Wallace for the final week, before opting for Johnson.

That’s another subtle sign that things are changing, and about to change even more. If they wanted a guy who was more familiar with Shurmur’s system and could get them through the week, they’d have just brought back Wallace, who was released this year in the preseason. Johnson isn’t going to be the quarterback of the future or anything, but he at least has some potential, when all the Browns really need is someone who can get the team in and out of the huddle one more time.

Shurmur said the signing of Johnson instead was a collaborative effort by new CEO Joe Banner and just-as-secure-as-Shurmur-is GM Tom Heckert.

Sure it was.

When asked about his own future, Shurmur adopted what, in print, appeared to be a dead-man-walking tone.

“I’ll think about my future after Pittsburgh,” Shurmur said. “I’m not worried about it. We have not won enough football games, and I know that’s the way this thing works.”

He also added: “we came into a less-than-ideal situation when we got here,” which is the exact thing people say right before they’re fired.

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  1. “we came into a less-than-ideal situation when we got here,”

    Like someone forced him into coaching the Browns. I hate when people (especially coaches) fail to take responsibility.

  2. Firing your coaching staff and general managers every few seasons is definitely the way to build a dynasty. Cleveland, keep up the good work.

  3. And that is why you don’t take the first HC job that is offered to you. Better to play to your strengths and wait for an opening that at least has some potential. Some destinations are simply brick walls, and Pat Shurmur just ran into it.

  4. Almost every new coach comes into a “less-than-ideal” situation or else they wouldn’t have looked for a new coach.

    I am sick of the constant rebuilding of the team every couple years but I think Haslam cares a lot more about this team than Lerner did and I’ll be happy to see some of his decisions come to fruition.

    Every year we only win 4-5 games and still we sell out every home game. The fans here are great and deserve a great team. I think we finally got a great owner. It’s known here not to bother buying any new Browns jerseys because the player most-likely won’t be a Brown the next year. Our best player is our kicker. He’s been here for 13 years and you can’t even find his jerseys anywhere.

  5. (sound of tumbleweeds and the long lonesome whistle of the train that’s coming to take Pat on to the next town …)

  6. As a Browns fan for most of my 35 years, I hate to see yet another reboot, but Shurmur was inept from the beginning. He had never been close enough to the game to know how to manage it, or had been around too many control freaks that never allowed for assistant coaches to grow into coaches. Everything he does seems, well, huh? From the way he uses, or doesn’t use his reserves, to the utter confusion he has with play selection. He was put into a less than ideal situation and he will be compensated by 1 year of $3 salary not to be head coach of the Browns.

  7. ballboy48 December 27, 2012, 1:41 PM EST

    Vick & Larry Fitzgerald will be in Cleveland next year. Mark my words!

    hahaha really? i think Fitz is smarter than that. how would going to the Browns be any different than playing for the Cards? use your head fool

  8. sewalters:
    You could not be more wrong.
    The Steelers haven’t been swept by the Browns since 1988. That should be a motivating factor for both orgainzations.
    Secondly: Should Roethlisberger throw five TD passes in a meaningless 35-0 win, that will be more than enough for the local media and casuals to continue to cling to the false hope that “all is well.”

  9. Shurmur has always seemed like a nice enough guy, but a Head Coach he is not!! I mean he is…but he’s terrible at it. But then again, to have success in Cleveland, its going to take several more drafts and a few more FA’s.

  10. Nothing wrong with Thad Lewis and there were plenty of Ram fans upset to see the Browns take him. Dude has real skills and was trained by the same guy that taught both Mannings. I hope he gets the nod and shows some people a thing or two.

  11. I’m all for continuity & avoiding constant rebuilds, remakes, & reboots, but ANYONE who doesn’t think Shurmur should be fired has no idea what they’re talking about. He is just clueless and awful.

    Only new era Browns I could make a case for keeping would be Butch or Mangini & that’s ONLY if they had to stay far far away from the draft war room.

    As for Heckert, I really want him to stay but it aint looking that way. Even if not canned I think he’ll leave once Banner severely limits his control.

  12. And that is why you don’t take the first HC job that is offered to you. Better to play to your strengths and wait for an opening that at least has some potential. Some destinations are simply brick walls, and Pat Shurmur just ran into it.


    1.) Pat Shurmur may not have been offered another head coaching gig based on how bad his offenses performed prior to the Browns 2.) the only reason he got a head coaching job was because he was related to the fat, useless, now canned Mike Holmgren’s old buddy 3.) Cleveland isn’t an easy gig to take over by any means, but anyone who spends 5 minutes watching this guy’s offense can tell you HE is the brick wall…not so much the team and definitely not the city – who shells out dollar after dollar to watch this chump enter our team into a punting competition every week. Don’t let the door hit you in the you-know-what Shurmur.

  13. Whats really sad is the issue this year in Cleveland finally wasnt that we just didnt have good players on the field. The Browns were in just about every game and were simply out coached in key situations.

    In my years as a Browns fan I have never seen a coach so in over his head (and thats saying a lot with the coaches we have had). Pat has taken the ability for his QBs to audible away, basically its his play and you run it no matter what the D shows. He seems to make 0 adjustments based on what the other team is doing and has the team go through the motions based on their weeks prep. Its so frustrating when at home you can see a play isnt going to work before the ball is snapped.

  14. @jtk1985

    I agree with you 100%… in fact, even I didn’t realize the importance of a QB reading the D, and changing the play accordingly, until I watched Peyton Manning do it this year many times. He is absolutely one of the best field generals I’ve seen in my many years of watching the NFL. But as far as Cleveland is concerned, they have a good core to build on with Weeden, Richardson and Gordon/Cribbs…. I see hope, and thats something they havent had in a long time. By the way, Im not even a Browns fan, but a Broncos fan. I have been trying to practice being as open minded and honest about other teams as possible, because I think it makes better discussions, rather than being like alot of people who just like to troll and post negative stuff all the time.

  15. Finally, finally, the sunshine just may be ready to break out in Cleveland. No, the Browns did not have a winning season. Far from it.
    However, they achieved something that will provide hope going forward. Cleveland was able to shed the de facto ownership of the team by Randy Lerner. Mr. Jimmy Haslam officially became the new owner in October. After Mr. Haslam goes through the transition and brings in his own personnel across the board, continuity appears to be the plan going forward. The lack of it has severely hurt the Browns. Of course, one can obviously argue that you don’t maintain continuity when the wrong people keep being brought into the organization. So, hopefully, with new ownership and continuity on the horizon, the Browns will finally pick themselves up and start moving in the right direction.
    Can you even imagine the size of the celebration that will occur if the Cleveland Browns do indeed make that first Super Bowl appearance? They’ll have to issue a tsunami warning on Lake Erie!
    Be ready to sound the warning. I think the Browns have just turned the most important corner. They are under new management.

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