Jason Babin: Eagles have “socialistic” system


When Jason Babin left the Eagles, he had nice things to say about coach Andy Reid.

A little time has passed, though, and now Babin, who landed with the Jaguars, is talking about life with the Eagles as if Reid’s mustache was styled to make him look like the second coming of Joseph Stalin. Babin was talking about his departure from the Eagles during a conference call with reporters from Tennessee and gave his thoughts about the way they handled him and former defensive line coach Jim Washburn during their stint with the Eagles.

“You saw how dirty they did [Washburn] with leaking out the false stories and the way they talked about him on the way out. It’s kind of a big socialistic system that they have. I didn’t really care,” Babin said, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “They have a different approach and a different style than I do. It’s upsetting because they knew what they were getting when they hired me. But I don’t know if they were going to try and change me.”

Many would argue that cutting a pass rushing specialist who wasn’t doing a good job rushing the passer in order to use your resources on players more likely to help you win is actually a capitalist approach to things, but it’s probably best not to delve too deeply into a player saying he didn’t know how he’d be treated on an Andy Reid Eagles team after previously playing for an Andy Reid Eagles team earlier in his career.

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  1. Just another case of someone throwing around the word ‘socialism’ without knowing what it means, it’s pretty clear Babin is an idiot, he’s over 30 and he still doesn’t understand how this league works….

  2. Give a guy a few million dollars and everyone he doesn’t agree with is a “Socialist”. He doesn’t need to understand the word. 90% of the people constantly using the word “Socialist” or its derivatives have no clue what it means.

  3. Just because you have the right to free speech doesn’t mean you have to use it.

    Maybe we should start charging for it lol.

    Now I see why Bill started the “patriot way”, he truly is a genius in that aspect.

    I like Babin, and I think he got the raw end of Lurie…but he does talk too much, no doubt.

  4. There’s a reason this guy is with his seventh team in eight seasons. He’s not as good as he thinks he is and at best was a one trick pony, albeit briefly, under Washburn. Should have gone onto the pro wrestling circuit when he had the chance.

  5. So there were libraries and fire departments? Listen Jason, we all know you have a picture of Ted Nugget in your locker and that’s fine. The bottom line is you
    went from extremely productive to nada, all while your guy was tearing through morale of the defense, including the DC. Going forward, worry less about socialism and more about professionalism.

  6. This guy is a clown. He was much better when he stayed focused on actually doing his job. Now he tries to make political statements, and he’s clearly out of his depth(as evidenced by his apparent confusion as to what “socialism” is). Good riddance, Babin. Your best days are behind you. Better start taking some classes if you want to have a career after football.

  7. Anyone who runs with the bulls is probably crazy but he does have a point. When they fired Juan Castillo they trashed him and made it seem like Andy Reid was such a good guy to even give him a shot (instead of the correct commentary of Andy Reid being an idiot for giving an OL coach a defensive coordinator job), when they fired Sean McDermott they trashed him, and when Sean McDermott’s Panthers came to town they fired his older brother Tim McDermott the day before. Coincidence? Maybe or maybe we should remember these incidences as well as the most recent one: The Eagles trying to shortchange Mike Patterson by putting him on the Non Football Illness list in a move that his agent called, “a cheap and classless move….not something that quality teams do.” Babin isn’t the only one having beef with the new regime in Philadelphia these days.

  8. – Socialism! Cries the man who signed a 28 million dollar contract. Yeahhhhhh.
    – @Alper that was a hilarious line about capitalism. Very insightful.

  9. I do not know what you guys are talking about; this is the textbook definition of ‘socialism’. I was a political science major and Andy Reid’s outfit was always cited as the ‘case study’. Babin is obviously highly educated and well versed in political theory. He surely did not confuse an economic system with a form of government. If most of your political education came from the picture box box, sound machine, or the internets than I would be sure to add Babin to your sources.

  10. Since no player has an inherent right to individual stats while employed on a private team franchise, this kind of syllogism would make WWII Vets cringe.

  11. I read his quotes three times, and I still don’t have any clue what Babin was trying to say. It doesn’t help that he’s inventing words that apparently have meanings different than their literal interpretation. Babin? More like Baboon.

  12. The Eagles’ problem is not that they get so many one-dimensional players, it’s that they get so many dumb one-dimensional players.

  13. I don’t get Babin’s socialism angle. I don’t give a crap about his political beliefs anyways.Most of his snaps he had his head down running blindly for the QB. How many times he failed to recognize a screen or run right by a RB with the ball. Mainly because of this Wide 9 system. The reports we’re hearing about Washburn was that he was a deriding coach that didn’t work well with the D coordinators the Eagles have used. It can’t be easy to be a D coord. that is forced to have a sieve for a defensive line. Andy removing this dysfunction at this juncture is pointless anyway. They are all gone after this train wreck is over. Andy created this mess. His atrocious assistant hirings have been the second biggest reason for the Eagles failure last 2 seasons. The biggest IMO is player acquisition drafting/free-agent signings. One of the biggest mistakes among them being Mr. Babin.

  14. babin is an idiot. he was a loser at every stop. it has to be a lot easier to get sacks when you ignore the run and all the other precepts of defensive football. but jason was all about the sack. one of their early games, he ignored the running back four times in a row to chase the quarterback without the ball. even a moderately stupid person learns faster than that.

  15. The only mess worse than Philly is the Jets, but it is close. All the people on here crushing Babin are probably the same ones who were buying his jersey and loving him up after his sacks last year. worst fan base in the country.

  16. The Eagles are a broken organization, that must rebuild. Blaming those added those let go or fired is the wrong way to go. They have made obvious mistakes, continue to do so, as these are on the shoulders of Andy Reid. But to blame Washburn and Babin, etc as well as offer inept apologetics for Red cutting them is silliness. Both have done quite well in the NFL. As to Babin getting less results, the team has had two coordinators and scheme problems directly related to coordination. This sort of thing impacts a player and frustrates coaches trying to make the knee jerk Reid’s plans become successful. Overall all that can be said is that this situation did not work out for anyone in the Eagles. Babin and Washburn will do well again in the NFL elsewhere. Pass rushers such as Babin are needed and so are coaches who can motivate the likes of Albert Haynesworth. Each will find a place in a scheme and situation that fits them.

  17. When he can learn to rush a passer, play the run, and play the pass as an all-around DE (see Trent Cole), then he can open his mouth.

    As for being a “socialist”, yes. Washburn was the socialist, not the Eagles, for he alienated the entire DL from the rest of the whole defense and dictated that whole side of the football team.

    Bring Washburn to Jacksonville and you’ll get the same result.

  18. Worst fan base in the country? Because we liked this guy when he was doing well and speaking highly of his team and lost respect for him when he was so bitter about being cut for underperforming? Nah… we just don’t keep our mouths shut and don’t mind putting BS players on blast. Sorry we don’t ride the bandwagon over here.

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