Kenny Britt still searching for answers to lingering knee issues

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After suffering an ACL tear last September, Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt has struggled to overcome lingering knee issues that have carried through the entire 2012 season.

Britt tore the ACL in his left knee in September 2011 and had surgery to repair his damaged ligament. Despite three total procedures on his knee, Britt continues to experience discomfort.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, Britt says he plans to see “every doctor known to man” to try and resolve his continued knee pain.

Britt intends on visiting Dr. James Andrews and other physicians, though he doesn’t believe he’ll need further surgery on his knee. In the meantime, Britt said he intends on resting for a few weeks once the off-season begins.

Britt has played in 13 games for the Titans this season and has caught 43 passes for 568 yards and four touchdowns.

8 responses to “Kenny Britt still searching for answers to lingering knee issues

  1. If I were the Titans I wouldn’t franchise him. If I’m one of the 31 other teams, I’m not touching him with a 10 foot pole. Character problems and a lingering knee issue? No thanks, I’m good.

  2. So once again lets all say it…….

    “Next year should be his breakout year.”

    Hell, knowing the Titans, they’ll probably give him a big new contract like they did with Griffin.

  3. He can act confused however when compared to Charles and AP he didn’t rehab hard enough because these guys haven’t missed a beat.

  4. @dancemoves… Could not have said it better myself! Britt is more trouble than he is worth. Adrian Peterson and Jamal Charles both came back quickly from the same type of knee surgery and are kicking butt and taking names on the field. There are several possible reasons for this: #1 Britt wasn’t dedicated to the rehab process (he got arrested at least once during this time). #2 he can’t handle the normal pain associated with playing after this kind of injury. #3 his knee takes longer to recover than other football players #4 the knee is fine and he is just using it as an excuse for his poor play . .

  5. While my opinions largely echo the posters above regarding A.P. and J.C… I have to wonder now…David Givens tore his knee to shreds a few years ago and while rehabbing in Tennessee under team supervision, he ended up never playing again.

    He ended up actually suing the team for improper medical care. I don’t believe he was successful in his lawsuit, but I am curious if some of the same medical staff is still in place.

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