Lomas Brown has some regrets about letting Scott Mitchell get hurt

Former Lions offensive tackle Lomas Brown, who boasted last week that he intentionally missed a block so teammate Scott Mitchell would get hurt, now says he regrets it. But Brown, who is now an ESPN commentator, didn’t quite come clean.

“That was 1994, and I was extremely frustrated with the situation that was going on. And, you know, I didn’t try to get the guy hurt, but that’s what ended up happening,” Brown said on ESPN First Take today.

Brown’s claim that “I didn’t try to get the guy hurt” doesn’t make any sense. He explicitly stated in a radio appearance last week that he purposely missed a block because he wanted Mitchell to suffer an injury, that he told a teammate that’s what he was doing, and that he was glad when Mitchell did, in fact, leave the game with an injury. Brown then boasted about the fact that backup quarterback Dave Krieg came in and played much better than Mitchell had, as if Brown deserved credit for forcing the Lions to make the switch.

Brown’s claim also doesn’t make sense because in the next breath he expressed regret for what he did.

“Do I regret it happened? Yeah, I regret it happened. Did I regret it happened then? No, I didn’t regret it then,” Brown said, later adding that he estimates he played 18,000 plays in his football career and, “It’s one play out of the 18,000 that I regret.”

So Brown does regret what he did, and is acknowledging that he did it, even after he said he wasn’t trying to get Mitchell hurt.

Mitchell said on Wednesday that he was stunned by Brown’s comments, noting that Brown had been a guest in his home and had always acted to his face like they were friends. Brown acknowledged being friendly with Mitchell.

“Yeah, Scott did have us over to the house and everything, and I felt that I was a good teammate to Scott,” Brown said. “I expected Scott to react that way. That’s the way he should have reacted. I don’t blame him for reacting that way. But Scott knows a lot of things that went on, too, in Detroit. So I don’t know what I can say now. I’ve already said it, it’s out there. And like I said I expected him to react in that way. I probably, if the shoe had been on the other foot, I probably would have reacted that way too. No, not probably. I would have reacted that way — probably a little worse than that. So I don’t blame Scott, and hopefully we’ll talk about it.”

Well, it’s good to know that Brown doesn’t blame Mitchell for Brown intentionally letting Mitchell get hurt.

Brown also said that he wishes he had expressed himself differently on his radio appearance last week and not come across like he was bragging about letting Mitchell get hurt.

“I should have been more tactful about how I said that,” Brown said. “It came off boastful. And I shouldn’t have said it that way. I said it, I can’t take it back, but I shouldn’t have said it the way I said it.”

After those comments, First Take host Cari Champion closed the segment by telling Brown, “Well done, big fella.” Brown’s ESPN co-workers might be willing to let him off easy, but the rest of us don’t have to. What Brown did to Mitchell was despicable, and Brown has permanently damaged his reputation.

78 responses to “Lomas Brown has some regrets about letting Scott Mitchell get hurt

  1. his reputation may be tarnished….but was that apology sincere? or was it just his boss or bosses saying…you have to say something to keep your job…idk bout you..but i can never tell if its sincere, I felt the same way with Jalen Rose awhile back

  2. He didn’t damage his reputation, he destroyed it. He never expected this type of blowback, now he has completely destroyed his second career, and he knows it! I always knew my Lions were dysfunctional, I just never knew quite how much!

  3. Too late now Lomas, you let the cat out of the bag last week. When identifying honesty between two statements I tend to believe the less manufactured more natural statement, in this case the first one. Good luck with that career.

  4. Correction – Lomas Brown has some regrets about his “comments” about letting Scott Mitchell get hurt.

    I’m sure he underestimate the backlash he is receiving.

  5. Public criticism and the fear of losing your cake job sure helps jerks turn to misunderstood saints in a heartbeat.

  6. He’s boasted about this several times before. For a couple years. It’s just the first time he’s been taken to task for it. Remorseful, ha ha ha ha.

  7. This guy’s attitude towards a fellow player (to say nothing of a teammate) is a prime example of the culture which the owners and Goodell are in the midst of changing.

    Good riddance.

  8. lomas must be a city boy. cause if he was from the country, he would know by now if you step in a pile in the barnyard, you can’t unstep in it and make it all go away. sorry dog, you got to own it.

  9. When I played football there were many players who didn’t like each other. I Remember some who didn’t like me. In one game a plyer from another team tried to start problems with me, instantly one of the teammates I didn’t get along with at all came and whacked the opposing player to stop whatever may have happened next. I still won’t say I’m that guys friend but that showed me what a team is all about. It doesn’t matter what the case you have your teammates back.

  10. These guys get caught up in the arguing on First Take and they just begin speaking without thinking.
    But in this case, regardless if Lomas wanted Mitchell to get hurt or hit hard, you still let a man through on purpose.
    I think the fact that you were frustrated at the time is irrelevant to the point of it being less “bad”. How you conduct yourself in times of panic and frustration is the difference between intelligence and stupidity, human from animal or criminal from being decent.

  11. If he was not – bragging – about it then why did he bring it up? Brown should never be let off the hook about this.
    One other issue that has not been discussed, whether Brown’s action is racist.
    Brown is black and Mitchell is white, if this were reversed the media would DESTROY Brown and declare him a racist and ESPN would fire him.
    But since Brown is black he can get away with it.

  12. I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt because I’ve made some dumb mistakes and learned from them, but this fellow seems so concerned with damage control, I’m not certain he learned anything. Just say “I really screwed up, and I’m sorry. I’m trying to be a better person now.” Don’t back peddle.

  13. Damage control mode initiated.

    He’s sorry people heard him admit it and ran with it, he’s not sorry he did it. If he was sorry that he did it, then he would have been too ashamed to tell it at all or phrase it in the manner which he did.

  14. You’re right, but is it alright if the “rest of us” aren’t quite so pissy about it as you appear to be?

    Again, Scott Mitchell played several games either drunk (full-on freaking intoxicated) or hungover. Everyone knows it. His play was reprehensible, but not worthy of a teammate failing to do his job.

    The only negative thing I can say about Barry Sanders’ career is he could have been a more hands-on, obvious leader. He is the greatest pure running back ever. If Barry had gone into the huddle just one time and grabbed Scott Mitchell by the facemask and told him to get his freaking head in the game during one of the many games where Scott was acting like a sissy in church, the Detroit Lions would have gone to a SuperBowl. Wayne Fontes could not have done it effectively and no one else on the team could have gotten through to him.

    Enough of this crying over something that happened 18 years ago.

  15. Really? He admitted he wanted him to get hurt and then he says he didn’t, why can’t people just be honest anymore instead of talking in circles? Drives me nuts. A lot of stuff happens in football that we don’t know about this, Brown isn’t the first, but own your actions, big fella.

  16. “I didn’t try to get the guy hurt, but that’s what ended up happening,” Brown said

    Ya, you didn’t try and the guy got hurt, loser.

    There’s absolutely no excuse for this at all, the man is scum, complete scum.

  17. I totally understand this.

    Haven’t we all had co-workers that weren’t carrying their weight?

    Haven’t we all slacked off at some point so that rather than try to cover up their failures we would have a chance to get rid of that failure?

    Haven’t we all told meth addled psychopaths that a co-worker had “tons of drugs and cash” hidden in their house that would be handed over if “you just beat on the guy enough”?

  18. Despicable, gutless. You know, this is pure BSPN. Keep them talking about you, whether it is about something good or not. This is simply sad. He never should have done it, but he damned sure should have never admitted it. What does it help to admit it? Nothing. It’s like admitting to a healthy kid/adult that you dropped them once when they were a baby. Why admit it?

  19. This is what happens when football players who lack common sense and who are anxious to move up in the commentators world are given microphones and TV gigs.

  20. We show our true colors in the heat of the moment. Brown showed what he was capable of that day. No excuse for a despicable act like that. Good teammate? Not only is he a scumbag, he is obviously delirious. ESPN really needs to revisit thier hiring protocol.

  21. He did it and then bragged about it years later. He doesn’t seem upset about what he did, only about how it is viewed. He still seems proud of it and now he has more public awareness of his job. Complete tool and his employer seems grateful as well. Both show zero class.

  22. He should be shunned by all NFL players-past and present-for his actions.

    While not equating the two events (so don’t bother trying) he should be treated like OJ Simpson is. Turn around when you see him. Walk on the other side of the street. Ignore him.

  23. First off, you should never admit you are trying to get a teammate injured. You can never justify it, or make excuses for it and have someone feel sympathetic towards your mind-set or situation at the time.

    Wonder how many guys are suing the NFL because their teammate intentionally missed a block.

    Lomas Brown is a POS.

  24. I don’t hear an ounce of remorse in that absolutely pathetic display of damage control… It’s the type of backtracking you’d expect after losing every friend and job opportunity you’ll ever have.

  25. Everyone here acts so outraged but I bet many of you hoped your favorite teams QB would get knocked out of the game when he played as consistently bad as Scott Mitchell did. Sure you’d prefer the coach to just bench him but when the coach obviously wont make that call injury is the next hope.

  26. ESPN the moral compass of sports. Hiring scum since 1979! They had a witch hunt to fire/destroy anyone associated with Penn State yet they support this horrible human being! Hippocrates!!!

  27. Sounds like he regrets admitting to it. Behind a microphone is not casual conversation, when will these guys learn?

    It’s kinda sad, I remember growing up I liked lomas brown as a player quite a bit. He was one of our few decent offensive lineman. Dissappointing.

  28. He would be a poor plantiff in the concussion lawsuit against the league…he threw himself under the bus admitting to a scum act against his own teammate..this guy needs counseling and therapy, ESPN obviously doesn’t do a good job screening their employees.

  29. So just for the record, ESPN now employs a person who basically called RG3 a Uncle Tom because he is marrying a white woman AND now they employ this piece of garbage?

  30. The only thing he regrets is the negative backlash he has received. When he said that he had purposely allowed his defender to hit Mitchell he was bragging about it!!! I would have to agree with tdrizzle, what a POS!! He fits in nicely with ESPN. What a joke they have become!!!

  31. “But Scott knows a lot of things too, that went on in Detroit”. Has this franchise always been in disarray? Out with it, I want all the dirt! Lol was mitchell throwing picks trying to get Wayne fontes fired? Or did brett perriman plant that coke in fontes’ car? As the world turns….

  32. I wouldn’t be sad to hear that Lomas Brown was shot down in front of his children. Ooops. I’m sorry. I wish that would have come out differently. My bad.

  33. Brown’s ESPN co-workers might be willing to let him off easy, but the rest of us don’t have to. What Brown did to Mitchell was despicable, and Brown has permanently damaged his reputation.

    The man admitted he was wrong. I think that says a lot about his character. I cannot judge his motives because I am not omniscient, but apparently Michael David Smith and some of the other commentors . What else can the man do beyond what he already has? If he would held fast to his actions, he would have been excoriated. If he apologizes, he is blasted. He can’t win with some self-righteous hypocrites. To those who show mercy, much mercy will be given to them. To those who give no mercy, no mercy will be given to them.

  34. It’s too late, Lomas. You damaged your own reputation – something ESPN can’t even bail you out on. More importantly, you have jeopardized your entire lawsuit against the NFL.

  35. Lomas should have never opened his mouth and said what he said. There will always be a co-worker/teammate at your job that you will dislike. But just leave it at that.

    No reason to get someone intentionally hurt when you are paid to protect them.

  36. Just in the last few months people from First Take have committed outrages 3 times and been given a pass. First there was Stephen A. Smith using the N-word then lying about it although everyone heard and saw it, Rob Parker gives a diatribe basically calling RG3 an Uncle Tom and stating clearly that black people shouldn’t date white people or be Republican and now Lomas Brown admits that he helped injure HIS OWN TEAM MATE because he thought he was doing a bad job at QB.

    ESPN hasn’t gotten rid of any of them. What kind of show is it where Skip Bayless is the most respectable panelist?

  37. You know ESPN loves every minute of this. Gets the focus on them. They have gone from reporting the newmakers to trying to become the newsmakers

  38. Truthfully…the Commish should weigh in here and ban him for life from the NFL. No coaching jobs. No access as a ‘ahem’ journalist. Talk about conduct detrimental to the league.

  39. I don’t understand how people are trying to make this a race thing. Yeah, he is black and Mitchell was white. And what? What kind of non-sense is it to suggest that it was racially motivated or that if the roles were reversed there would be some sort of public outcry? It is pretty sad to see the constant playing of the race card by folks that seem to miss the good old days of real racism.

    Is it a bad thing to lay down on the job? Yes, it is. These guys get paid a lot of money and should carry themselves with some professionalism. Is it a bad thing to desire an injury in someone else? Very much so, especially considering the preexisting relationship. Is it the first or only time that is has ever happened, I have my doubts.

    It was definitely a classless thing to do, and bragging out it is even lower. I don’t think it is a reason to crucify the guy, though. He intentionally missed a block. If he hadn’t, this is the Lions from the Barry Sanders Era and someone was missing a block soon anyway.

  40. Who?
    That guy who played football but was never a football player?

    You turned in your “football player card” already Lomas, there is no getting it back.

    Get him off the air because NOBODY cares what some honourless goof say to say on any subject

  41. This guy is a total disgrace, he acted like he was almost proud of it, playfully saying he was tired of losing, then the backlash, now he is using statistics?? 18,000 plays and one bad one? Is anyone else even near stupid enough to buy such an argument. It’s pathetic. He is not a man, but a simpleton idiot, which is why is he on that show. It’s show of simpletons for simpletons.

  42. Skip Bayless is a total joke. ESPN is like “sports talk for dummies”. The only good thing they produce are their short films. Some executives over there seriously need to be fired. It’s worse than TMZ these days or the very worst of MTV (saying that, I will admit I have not watched MTV in many years, just aware of some if its lame and idiotic programming).

  43. Damn…. The Lions organization is so messed up, their ineptitude is so ingrained it even surfaces after they retire.

  44. I’m tired of these famous people coming out and saying something and then having to come out and take it back or apologize for saying it. Look, either keep it to yourself and shut the hell up, or be a man about it and face the consequences that may follow for making the comment.

  45. The outrage by all of you is a little weak. There are a lot of things that you can do in football that you can’t do out of football. Missing a block on purpose is one such thing…it happens at all levels of football. It sucks when a guy gets hurt but in the case of Scott Mitchell…the guy was a sack…stereotypical meathead jackass football player…as Archie Bunker once asked…would it make you feel better if he was pushed out of a moving car? Football is cut-throat and if a guy misses a block on a sack of crap QB…he misses a block.

  46. The only reason he regrets this is because he said what he was thinking out loud. Open mouth, insert foot, and suffer from athletic stupidity. Too bad he can’t treat his brain as easily as he might treat a fungal infection.

  47. Scott the Water Buffalo Mitchell. There but for the Grace of God — and the Number One defense in the entire NFL throughout his career — goes Big Ben Roethlisberger.

  48. Unless ESPN is prepared to relinquish the dominant authority position they have built with sports fans, this poser needs to be fired. Now.

  49. Wow…No sincerity or remorse in Brown’s ‘apology,’ and if anything he has now shown himself to be stupid as well as despicable.

  50. Wow, besides Skip Bayless and Rob Parker how many other dummies does ESPN employ…and on the “First Take” show alone? Lomas Brown probably should have just kept his mouth shut.

  51. That was one of the worst non-apologies I have seen on TV. And the host says, “well done, big fella”? No one even challenges him? They could not find one of their 500 former player/analysts to “debate” him? What a joke!

  52. Those 9-7, 10-6 teams in the early to mid 90’s were the best Lions teams over the last 40 years. It’s just sad to learn how dysfunctional those teams really were. With Lomas, Spielman, Sanders, Moore, Porcher, Glover you would figure that there was quality leadership in place.

  53. What Brown did was wrong, but people are overreacting to it. I’m betting that it happens more than a lot of people think. I don’t think Brown was the first, and I doubt if he’ll be the last.

  54. Now is not the time to express regret. That should’ve been done during that radio interview, when he first made the comments.
    A simple, “ya know, I’ve been carrying something around with me the past 18 years that I want to get off my chest: I allowed Scott Mitchell to get hit so he would be hurt and knocked out of a game and, for that, I am regretful.”
    Instead Brown stammered and stuttered throughout his“regret mumblings” to Jay Crawford on Sports Center…
    The only “regrets” that Brown has is saying anything in the first place. ESPN truly needs to fire this guy immediately.

  55. It probably does happen more then we would think but he’s stupid for even saying it. So for stupidity alone, he deserves the flack he’s getting.

    The only reason he’s even voicing regret is that he’s taking a lot of flack from all angles. Can you imagine all the former QB’s (analyst) at ESPN that are giving him the cold shoulder now???

    He’s trying to get that hot light off of himself. He really doesn’t regret what he did. I’d be impressed if he stuck to his guns and didn’t apologize.

  56. It’s not just what Lomas Brown did, it was the fact that he sounded proud when he said it. He has broken every unwritten code, not just in football, but in all of sports. He felt that he was bigger than the game……and now to revel in it while at the same time aligning himself against his former employer in of all things a lawsuit aimed at the NFL’s lack of regard for head injuries.

    Unbelievable…..but worse still is his current employers disregard for the integrity of the game. ESPN should dismiss him NOW and suspend Ms Champion and all other talking heads for condoning such bush league tactics.

    The comissioner handed out severe punishments for the lack of regard for the integrity of the game in New Orleans and while the former commish sold him out; at least Mr Goddell stood for something that Mr Brown will never understand….honesty…..integrity….and a sense that the name on the front of the proverbial jersey is of far greater importance than the name on the back.

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