Mark Sanchez to start for the Jets this week

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Just when you thought he was out, the Sanchize pulls you back in.

Jets coach Rex Ryan announced Thursday that Mark Sanchez will start for the Jets in their season finale on Sunday against the Bills because Greg McElroy is sidelined by a concussion. Ryan prefaced his announcement by telling reporters that they wouldn’t believe what he was about to say, but we’re guessing that the media, like everyone else who has followed the Jets this season, would believe just about anything having to do with this team as long as it doesn’t include Tim Tebow starting at quarterback.

Ryan said McElroy was lifting on Thursday morning and began to have headaches that led him to go to the team trainers. He also admitted to having experienced other concussion symptoms since Sunday’s loss to the Chargers, a game that saw McElroy get sacked 11 times by the San Diego defense. Ryan went through the motions of explaining his decision.

“When I looked at it, you only have two practices left, one’s a walkthrough,” Ryan said, via the team’s website. “The fact that Mark had success earlier in the year against them, I thought this was the right decision.”

Ryan also said that Tebow was “not happy” about the decision to go back to Sanchez. There’s no mention of whether or not Ryan also prefaced his announcement to Tebow by preparing him to be astounded, but we’re guessing that Tebow wasn’t all that baffled by the team’s choice.

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  1. Given his holy bank account balance, Tebow should punch Ryan in the face and then ask for forgiveness.

  2. (I am not a Tebow fan – I actually think he is a horrible QB but a good football player and should move to Tight End)

    With that said – Ryan is a fool. He is only NOT starting Tebow now because he is afraid that Tebow will go out there and have a stellar game and it will make Ryan look like a bigger idiot that he already does.

  3. What a debacle. The coaching staff and ownership obviously made this decision weeks ago. To start Tebow after tanking the season was a lose lose scenario.

    If he won they would look like idiots for starting Sanchez instead of him.

    If he sucked he would lose any trade value he had.

    So they made a decision to not start him no matter what. Regardless if you hate the guy he has won a playoff game, unlike McElroy, and to sit him yet again is just a slap in his face. Any GM or Coach that had a hope or prayer of having their job next year would kick the tires on Tebow to see if he could actually play. To not even give him one start AFTER you had already benched Sanchez, and gave the third stringer a chance, is just the coaches looking out for their next job. This is an absolute joke, considering this coaching staff went out of their way to trade for this guy.

  4. This organization is in big Time CYA mode right now. A tall order when Rex Ryan is the head coach.

    The last thing they want to do is give Tebow a chance to show them how wrong they were for never giving him a chance. If Tebow gets a chance with a better organization next year he will be driven to succeed to make the Jets look foolish – which admittedly is not hard.

  5. Rex Ryan is an idiot. Sanchez got his chance and failed horribly. I don’t think Tebow can play but he at least deserves a chance. Rex would rather lose then see Tebow go out and possibly win. Glad I’m not a JETS fan

  6. I am not sure either Rex or Tebow will be employed next year in their current positions of head coach and QB(?). Their nfl futures may depend on adapt, improvise and overcome. In other words rex is a line coach or coordinator and Tebow who knows.

  7. I’m not following the logic here.

    Rex Ryan benched Sanchez in the Cardinals game due to consistently poor play, which most fans agreed with. He gave Sanchez another start after that (Titans), but after an awful performance, demoted Sanchez officially.

    Then Rex Ryan, based on what he’s seen in practices, felt like McElroy was better suited to run the Jets offense and named him the starter. When a head coach officially demotes a veteran QB for poor play in favor of a second-year QB who has never started a game, that’s a sign that he’s lost faith in his starter.

    After another game, Ryan then learns the second-year QB has suffered a concussion, leaving him 2 choices at QB. The first choice, the former starter, had played consistently poorly enough to get benched and then demoted. The second choice has played poorly in practice but hasn’t been given more than 1-2 series all year at QB. I’m not a Tebow fan in the slightest, but if a coach decides his veteran starter (Sanchez) isn’t good enough to be a starter AND is willing to let a completely unproven player (McElroy) get a start, doesn’t it make sense to give the third and final QB on the roster a shot?

    If he loses badly, everybody then accepts Rex was right to keep Tebow benched.
    If Tebow plays well, Rex will get criticized for not switching to Tebow earlier, BUT the team can either stick with Tebow long-term or trade him to the highest bidder (Jacksonville) during the offseason.

    Both are good long-term moves for the team.

  8. Yawn…one last week of this garbage and then it is over.

    Tebow made a lot of money this year for being “offended”. The downside is that he likely didn’t develop any more QB skills. I am sure that he would trade the $$ for playing time in a heart beat.

    They will release him ASAP and he will hopefully get a chance with some other team.

  9. WoW what a joke of a head coach. Tebow desereves a better HC, team, and organization in general. He may not be the best QB but his work ethic and overall mindset speaks volumes. So intead of a hungry Tebow wanting to come out and rip it up he goes with Mark “let me fix my hair” Sanchez? Joke…..

  10. Wow…at some point even the Tebow-haters need to realize he is being treated unfairly in New York. What a joke. He was the 2nd string QB all year. Sanchez was horrific, causeing 5o turnovers. The 3rd string QB is injured so they go back to…Sanchez?-the human turnover machine? Ridiculous.

  11. For the longest time I just watched the jets fall apart and haven’t cared one way or the other. But the way they are handling this tebow situation is as discusting as an ESPN analyst. I’m not a tebow fan either, but this is getting rediculas. The jets seem like they are trying to ruin tebows life. They trade for him just to make him sit the bench and come in to play tailback 3 plays a game. Why did they offer anything for someone they didn’t want to use. It almost seems like the jets made the trade with a bet of how much crap they could put a very nice kid through before he snaps and says anything that could seem “bad”.

    Anyone who says he’s whining needs to go to work tomorrow and say the worst employee gets his/her shift weather they mess up 50 times in 4 months or not.

    Tebow is a good kid who works hard and trys hard, won’t be the reason his friend and teammate is dead, won’t get a dwi, won’t get arrested, won’t say any of the wrong things and just wants to play not be a sideshow freak for a sad football(if you wanna call the jets that) team that doesn’t even care about football. Maybe tebow won’t ever be a starter but he can take pride in knowing him alone will be better and more stable then any qb the jets will ever get with Rex and co running the jets.

    Its to bad to. I wanted to see an all NY Superbowl in 2014 and wanted anyone to even be competitent in the afc east so ne doesn’t just coast into the playoffs like always.

  12. So Tebow acts like a child and poor teammate after not getting the start, c’mon Rex start the guy!!! At least Sanchez supported McElroy and held the clipboard like a man. This Tebow is an absolute embarrassment, the ultimate me first diva type. So glad he’s off the Jets next year. Damn say what you want about Rex but the man has forgotten more about football than anyone who is a fan of Tebow. That’s just science.

  13. It figures that Tebow has had almost no reps running their regular offense this year. Ryan would never have thought to do that, only let him practice the wildcat and a few set plays.
    What an organization. What happens to the circus when the tent burns down?

  14. I believe that Rex Ryan has the thought of; hey if I’m going to be fired I might as well go with the quarterback who put me in this situation! that’s just my opinion though…

  15. This just keeps getting better and better. I bet Jets fans are longing for the glory days of Week 2 Super Bowl Championships over the Patriots.

    Happy being a Pats fan and watching my team compete for the Lombardi every year. They’ve come up short the last 2 chances they got, but hoping the 3rd time’s a charm. Ok, now feel free to thumbs down me haters.

  16. No matter how anyone views Tebow, the Jets organization should be ashamed of their selves to have treated this kid the way they did this year. Yeah, yeah, yeah……. we know he can’t play QB in the NFL, but if that was the case, Ryan should have had the balls to tell Tebow in his face that they will not use him in any manner this year as a QB. They had lied to this kid all year, and to insult him with McElroy starting in front of him was ridiculous. The ideal situation would be to see Tebow starting for another organization, and beat this Jets team next year. Ryan has turned the Jets into a circus act, and it reminds of how the skins were run by Vinny Cerrato the last 20 years. Good luck with that Jets fan.

  17. It’s the Jets….that explains it all.

    I honestly think, Rex feels that the risk of Tebow playing and potentially doing well is too great a risk to take. I mean c’mon, what other reason is there for not playing this guy all year.

    Oh, for those who say that Tebow must look terrible at practice…I’m not disputing that. But with that logic, Sanchez must look great at practice everyday since they start him every week and yet he plays horribly on Sunday’s. How does that figure into the equation?

  18. He made the right move, Sanchez gives them the best chance to win, and isn’t that what this league is all about, Winning? I think NY has forgotten about that aspect of the game.

  19. How does Rex Ryan still have a Job? If any coach should be let go after this season it’s him. Nothing but a Joke, He’s all talk & No show. Sanchez SUCKS

  20. There’s no upside to going back to Sanchez and no downside to giving Tebow a shot. Sanchez is probably going to be back with the Jets next season regardless, just because of his contract. I guess it’s possible that the Jets cut him and take the cap hit but unlikely and I don’t think anyone will trade for Sanchez.

    Tebow is going to be gone no matter what. All this does is make sure that the Jets won’t get anything in return for Tebow. Worst case scenario, he starts, looks even worse than Sanchez and McElroy(honestly, is that even possible), and they cut him like they were going to do anyways. But best case scenario, he plays well and you maybe convince Jacksonville to give up a 6th round pick for him.

    Don’t think 6th round picks matter? Just look at the season Alfred Morris is having in Washington. Think maybe the Jets could use a RB like that?

    So again, there is just no upside to going back to Sanchez and no downside to giving Tebow one game to create some sort of trade value for the Jets. But this is the Jets and of course they’re going to do things their way no matter how dumb their way is.

  21. the Jets deserve the horrible season they are having…everything about this team reaks from front office down. what free agent would want to sign on to this circus?

  22. I thought the Browns under Randy Lerner were the most dysfunctional organization. The Jets trade for the guy and then refuse to use him no matter what. They Jets are even dumber than the Lerner led Browns. This is soon going to be a bottom feeder franchise

  23. I hope Tebow’s ribs become sore again on Sun. and the jets have nobody to turn to when sanchez again sucks or is injured. this is beyond ryan being a petty person. everybody knows Tebow is not a good practice player but performs in games when he reacts instinctively to what is going on around him. if he sucks so bad why has he been the #2 qb all year?

  24. dkuether017 sanchez gives them the best chance to win? you mean the way he has all season? ryan tanked the season rather giv a proven winner a chance to turn the team around and now suddenly he wants to win?

  25. Rex Reed is an idiot. As a dolphin fan I hate the Jets. But after seeing how their head coach conducts himself and treated Tebow, I have to say the fans deserve better then this. Sanchez starting? Ha ha ha ha ha! What an idiot. Fans should demand he is removed!

  26. It is a favor to Tebow not to ruin his reputation as a winner to trot him out there with a team he can’t possibly win with. You send out Sanchize, because with the cap situation being what it is you know he’s going to be back. Mac got his chance to show what he could do and got hammered nearly a dozen times for his troubles.

    Keep Tebow in the shadows working with a QB coach to try and fix the mechanics so that he can perhaps have a chance at being a real quarterback. Where is the sense in sending him out for a meaningless game to end a meaningless season and expose him to injury or embarrassment? If he’s looking to be released at the end of the season, then are you doing him a favor by letting him get killed by that offensive line, the total lack of a respectable running game, and not a single receiver to throw at?

    And for everyone complaining about the way the Jets are treating him…

    This isn’t little league soccer where everyone gets to start once just because you signed up to play. If he hasn’t earned his way onto the field then he doesn’t deserve to be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets any more than I do.

  27. For all of those wanting Tebow, It cannot. happen. It is a lose lose for the jets at this point. You play him and he does well you have to bring the circus back to town. He is a disaster and the haters pile on. Best thing is to let him ride into the sunset without any fanfare.

  28. Kinda makes sense in a weird sort of way. Ryan has been claiming all year that Sanchez gives the Jets their best chance to win. I think he still thinks Mark is a good QB. So Sad.

    I think his best chance to win would consist of going through the stands prior to the game and figuring out which fans had any HS or College QB experience and drafting them for the game.

    Enjoy the game Jets fans.

  29. Not even a Jets fan but why not play Tebow? The game is meaningless and the fans wanna see him play. There HAS TO BE something else going on here. Even with Rex’s arrogance, even he can’t be this ridiculous

  30. I think the only possible answer here is some evil conspiracy between Rex Ryan and Merrill Hoge. “Rex, you tick him off by keeping him sitting in the bench, even if it makes no sense to do so. I’ll stay employed by having something to talk about on my ESPN show. And if it doesn’t work, I’ll get you a job here at ESPN next year. Deal?”

  31. What is the definition of insanity? Oh yeah, keep doing the same stupid things over and over again and expect better results. Not only have the wheels come off of the Jets bandwagon, but the frame is full of rust and the road to the near future is nothing but a trail of potholes.

  32. When you’re not good enough to play, you don’t play. It works the same for Tebow as it does for every other player in the history of the NFL that wasn’t good enough to play. Check that – Tebow has been allowed to play far more than anyone else that was as bad as he is, so it’s not exactly the same.

  33. I’m no fan of Tebow, but at least you can trust him to play four quarters without turning the ball over 3-4 times.

    The same cannot be said of Sanchez, who has an uncanny knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  34. patriotinvasion says:Dec 27, 2012 12:33 PM

    Happy being a Pats fan and watching my team compete for the Lombardi every year. They’ve come up short the last 2 chances they got, but hoping the 3rd time’s a charm. Ok, now feel free to thumbs down me haters.

    You come on a jets forum and gloat about being a Patriots fan and always winning after the Jets have one of the worst seasons ever and then call anybody a “hater” that has something negative to say about you? Are you that nieve or just simple? It’s kind of like walking into a food bank and bragging about your thanksgiving feast. Nobody cares man.. move on.

  35. (I am not a Tebow fan – I actually think he is a horrible QB but a good football player and should move to Tight End)


    I agree. Chris Cooley 2.0?

  36. This just in! Tebow threatens a thunderbolt from above if he is not allowed to start Sunday. T-Rex, the wrath of god is upon you!

    J-E-T-S! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  37. I see so many questions as to why the Jets got Tebow…is it really that big of a mystery? They never intented to play him, they wanted his name on a jersey for sales. How many people bought a Tebow jersey this year? That is why they wanted Tebow, it wasn’t about football at all. Tebow was the #1 jersey this year until Peyton Manning’s just surpassed it. I feel for Tebow, he was used by this classless organization.

  38. Maybe they’re afraid of hurting his trade value by putting his talent on further display.

    Just look at his stats against a horrible Bills defense last year.

    13/30 passing for 185yd 1td 4int (2 returned for TDs) and a 3.4 yds/att rushing.

  39. This is just ridiculous.

    Not giving this kid a chance is now making Ryan look like a bigger idiot than he already does.

    What a moron.

  40. If they don’t play him, the Jets and Ryan can’t be proven wrong. They can always claim that Tebow didn’t fit their system.

    As a Pats fan I will tell you that the past few years of Jets football are about as much fun as it gets. Loud mouth coach guaranteeing SuperBowls, crazy WRs, even more crazy DBs, terrible team chemistry and horrible QB play. I am routing for Sanchez to play terrifically on Sunday 29-30 for 380 yds, 4 TDs and on INTs. I want the show to go on for another year! Bring them all back!

  41. @ebbycalvinlaloosh If your theory were true then Sanchez would not be allowed near the football display at a sporting goods store, let alone starting another game. Time to develop a new theory. I offered mine above.

  42. Between the picks they gave up, him not given a chance, plus everything else, this is a good day.

    Giants fans need not worry….the Jets are a joke….

  43. A head coach should be able to choose his own starting QB without any help from the local newspapers, ESPN, or the fans. Maybe Rex just thinks Tebow sucks and its that simple. Everybody has a right to their own opinion but let Rex live and die with his own decision.

  44. Tebow should sue the Jets for defamation of character. I hope he’s a success somewhere else next year and sticks it to the Jets. What a joke of an organization. Rex Ryan should be fired immediately.

  45. You cant evaluate McElroy cause hes hurt, you have no playoff hopes and yet the one QB who left the Broncos as a winner and yet you cant even evaluate him to see what he can do to help your team?! You already know what you got out of Sanchez! Rex.. you failed as a head coach your not doing your job and should be fired.

  46. Tebow the #2 QB? How could he be when he NEVER gets to the field…Even a TRUE #3 would have played by now. He might as well be #1000 cuz he will NEVER be used in NY… As a Bronco fan who LOVES having manning TIM is the reason Manning is in Denver. If we dont get to the playoffs after a 1-4 start, does Peyton choose a 6-10 Bronco team?

  47. @gadgetdawg You’re right. Sanchez is bad. Tebow, however, is awful. Have you ever watched him play? If QBs were rated on a ten point scale, with 9-10 being the Aaron Rodgers/Tom Brady/Peyton Mannings of the world, and average NFL QBs scoring a 5, Mark Sanchez is roughly a 3. Tim Tebow would fall somewhere between 0 and 1. Sanchez is way, way better than Tebow. So is Christian Ponder. So is Rex Grossman. So is Matt Leinart. So is Ryan Lindley. Need I go on?

  48. Since Tebow has already run to the coach to tell his woe it will be fun to watch him pout on the sidelines. The excuse of Rex this week is short week of practice. Again saying Tebow does not have it. If Tebow is some think he is then this gives you the final answer, not an NFL QB.

  49. Rex Ryan will not give Tebow a shot even if he is the last Jet standing. My bet is that if Sanchez goes out with an injury, Jeremy Kerley will take the snaps under center.

  50. All I know is that the Ownership, FO and Coaching staff of the Yets make the Equivelent in Miami look like they have found the cure for the common cold.

  51. @ebbycalvinlaloosh Your second explaination is much better than your first. I’m not a ‘Tebow is a great QB’ type. Not sure I would rate Lindley above Tebow but the rest is pretty valid.

    I still think I would have promoted someone from a practice squad, started Jeremy Kerley or even picked a random person from the stands over starting Sanchez. No one on this team has done less to earn the starting job. Period.

  52. A.) Rex starting Sanchez because Rex trying to get himself fired?

    B.) Sanchez starting improves their draft status?

    C.) Rex wants Sanchez to get sacked 13 times to break the sack record for destroying his season?

    D.) Rex is clueless at managing offenses?

    Shot out to the person who made this comment:
    “But the way they are handling this tebow situation is as discusting as an ESPN analyst.”

  53. I’m just happy that Rex continues to prove that he is a loudmouth, clueless idiot.

    Wonder what Greenie will have to say about his Jets tomorrow morning?

  54. I, too am OUTRAGED that the Bills aren’t starting Tarvaris Jackson this week! I mean, the guy’s won at every level and the Bills STINK! Why in the world would they trade for him then make him inactive every week? Why won’t they let him play? Is it because of his religious beliefs? Or is it because they KNOW he’s a winner and will make them look bad when he beats the Jets this week? Clearly they are all idiots and are just holding him back out of spite! I hope he goes somewhere else and kicks the Bills butts next year. FREE T-JAX! FREE T-JAX!

    See how you sound, Tebowmaniacs? Lovely, isn’t it?

  55. ‘you’ keep asking……
    they got tebow and worked him in the way that they planned. they helped him work on his qb skills, which was part of the opportunity promised him.
    it became clear that he could not advance far enough to do a serviceable job at qb.
    they put him in games according to their original plan. since they clearly brought him in right after a successful play, they must’ve decided that would be better for (fragile ego despite protestations to the contrary) mark sanchez.
    i have nothing against tebow. but ‘you’ all predicted a year ago that sanchez would fail and people would chant for tebow, jets would put him in. i for one have never been happier to see a player not play than this year. i don’t buy into the whole ‘circus’ theme you all love so much but this year has been brutal. i’m so glad they didn’t take that step to make things worse.
    but. gotta wonder if they would’ve started sanchez at home given what you all would put him thru.

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