Peyton Manning expected to play entire game

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During Peyton Manning’s tenure with the Colts, the 16th game of the season was usually the best day of the year for his backup.

At some point during the contest, which the Colts rarely needed to secure playoff position, Manning would head to the bench and Jim Sorgi or Curtis Painter would come trotting onto the field for an extended appearance that almost always served to make Colts fans double up on their hopes that no injury would befall their starting quarterback. It was like the football equivalent of Caddy Day at the Bushwood Country Club pool, brief and something everyone hoped you’d survive with minimal damage.

Brock Osweiler will have to stick to eating his Baby Ruth bar on the sideline. Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Manning is expected to play the entire game as the Broncos try to nail down a first-round bye and, possibly, the top seed in the conference. The Broncos will know whether that top seed is available before their game kicks off, but the Patriots will be playing at the same time so there’s probably not much chance of them changing course.

It’s been a season of new experiences for Manning. He’s adapted to them quite well so far, which leads us to believe he’ll be just fine when it comes to playing all the way through the final game of the season.

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  1. He’s playing Romeo Crennel, cannot back it up with numbers but as far as I can remember Manning doesn’t usually dominate Romeo’s defenses

  2. I like the move, if we’re gonna get a bye, you do not want to rest the starters for two weeks. The broncos is on a hot streak now and I hope it continues in the playoffs. In a way, I prefer them not to have a bye because the momentum for the team they play would be equal with them winning the wildcard game. At the same time, it could get those whose battling minor injuries to get ready for the divisional round.

  3. Given the recent trend of teams that rest their starters versus teams that are forced to keep playing throughout the end of the season, I’d voluntarily play my starters as well.

    The Broncos are virtually guaranteed a bye, and I strongly believe giving a team 2 “bye” weeks in a row by benching them in week 17 does more harm than good.

    Every year nowadays, a high seed that rested starters is upset by a lower seed that had to fight all the way to the post-season.

  4. How is this any different from the Colts years?

    As long as playoff seeding of the Colts could be affected, Manning always played pretty much the entire game. It was only a quick appearance when the Colts were locked into a certain seed and couldn’t go higher or lower.

  5. Manning is pulling the same stunt as he did with the Colts. As with Bret Favre, he refuses to let the backups play or get any practice time. No wonder the Colts were so awful last year. The backup QBs for Denver will also be woefully be unprepared thanks to Peyton’s attitude.

  6. If this were the patriots the headlines would be about running up the score on the helpless chiefs , however since its St. Peyton Manning the headlines will read about how heroic he is playing the whole game.

  7. @mataug

    You’re right. He usually wins the games, but Romeo is the only person who consistently comes close to stopping Manning. The Broncos scored a season-low 17 points in the first meeting.

    I don’t think this one will be that close.

  8. He will kill Romeo and his Chiefs. If he comes out in the 4th he will be barking at the backup lineman in the 4th when the score is 27-7 for missing assignments. This man is on a mission and the only people that continue to deny it are the disgruntled fans of teams that were shunned or the losers who have not watched the season materialize!

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