Raiders place Richard Seymour on IR


In what could be the end of his run with the Raiders, Richard Seymour has been placed on injured reserve, according to Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times.

Seymour had missed the previous seven games with a hamstring injury, and hadn’t practiced this week.

The Raiders gave up a first-round pick for him in 2009, but that was a previous regime, one which mistakenly thought they were a part or two away from contending (unless one of those parts was Tom Brady) and made short-sighted moves.

The 33-year-old Seymour will be a free agent this offseason, and when asked earlier this month about his plans, replied: “I would love to retire a Raider but I have earned the right to be a free agent.”

That doesn’t sound like a man who’s thinking about putting down roots.

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  1. He had some decent moments as a Raiders but all in all he wasn’t worth what they paid to get him.Hmmmm where have I heard that before??

  2. The Raiders gave up an opportunity to draft Nate Solder in 2009 and in 2010 and another consecutive season paid Seymour at franchise price of $15 mill per season.

    Seymour’s asking price is not in the Foxboro budget, legeisyaj.As he said, he has the right to be a free agent.

  3. well one thing is for sure, whatever you do, nobody is paying you 16 million next year.

    I hope he signs with somebody. I think the compensatory pick will have more to offer.

  4. If Sey wants to wrap things up in Foxboro next season he’d be a welcome addition. He’s cashed in plenty during his time in Oakland; ideally the Pats can sign him at a reasonable number.

  5. My raiders are pathetic.

    We had Knapp as OC in 2007-08. His system failed and he was stripped of his play calling duties and fired. Al Davis found the coach (Hue Jackson) who can unlock the young offensive talent on the roster. Two years of good offensive football..on the verge of a breakthrough and what happens????????!

    Greg Knapp The offensive coordinator who failed miserably here before, who’s ideas didnt work here and were driving players to bust-status is hired to replace the coach who had saved us from the disaster that Knapp created. It’s unbelievable. You can’t make this stuff up!

  6. @ampats…you may be right, but there is a looooong history of players with his age and years of service to earn less on new contracts than the previous. And this is especially true for vets headed to NE. If he gets another stupid better offer I won’t blame him for taking it. If he is still hurting over how he left NE I won’t blame him. If he has the desire to prolong his effective career and make good money, there really is only one landing place. Not Miami. Not the NYJ. Not in Buffalo. Guess where…

  7. For a long stretch of years Richard Seymour was the best all round DLman in the league. He was worth the first round pick the Pats got, but never worth the huge contract the Raiders paid him afterwords.

    At 33 he can still be dominant for short stretches and would be a great role player for one of the good teams like NE, However no team is going to give him half of what he was stealing from the Raiders.

    There might be a desperate team who will pay him 7-8MM to play for them, but it won’t be one of the good teams.

  8. Glad that experience will be over soon. Others have stated the obvious; good moments but never worth the price of the pick and the contract.

    What I will add is he basicaly was a fraud of a team leader as of late. All raw-raw in the pregame but not the kind of guy who pushes himself and pushes his teamates during the week. Unable to practice for a bunch of reasons. On the field he became invisible unless he would take a retarded personnal foul and/or get ejected from a game. Just a total letdown and anti-leadership….

  9. Love him or hate him, Al Davis always swung for the fences. Sometimes it paid off, in the past decade mostly it did not. Goodbye Mr. Seymour, we hardly knew ye.

  10. Seymour has no right to be bitter over how he left New England – they knew what he was and they didn’t bite on the mythology. He should have signed what they offered him instead of shoot his way out of town.

  11. Ilove richard seymour’s play (when playing 100 %) and his nasty attitude, but for where we are right now, we need to use that money on getting younger and and acquiring hungry free agents, im thinking trade down a few slots in the draft and take manti teo at pick 7-9??? maybe.
    and definitely take a good cover corner and a pass rusher in the later rounds and a reliable bruiser back similar to michael bush would be a plus, and then a strong draft class and a few free agents the year after and we should be back in business.

  12. ampats says: Dec 27, 2012 4:51 PM

    The Raiders gave up an opportunity to draft Nate Solder in 2009 and in 2010 and another consecutive season paid Seymour at franchise price of $15 mill per season.
    The Raiders only had one good first round pick since Janikowski in 2000, and they have a good tackle in Vehldeer, so trading that first for Seymour probably just saved them from wasting the pick on another bum, but it’s time for Big Dick to move on. And Tommy Kelly will be right behind him

  13. Pats payed big Vince instead of Seymour and drafted Solder; a solid, slightly below Pro-Bowl caliber LT to replace MLight. I’ll take it. Pats would never sign Seymour back, IMO. Too many bridges burned.

  14. Real raider fans will miss ya, Big Rich! You did more than your share to bring back the Raider mystique…when we needed it most! Just ask Big Ben…haha

    Much luv Richard…good luck!

  15. Typical Pats fans spewing their garbage, the man gave it his all for both teams.

    The difference is, Raider fans wish him well going forward.

    His knee is shot and the Raiders simply can’t afford the cap room on a part-time player.

    All the best to Big Sey.

  16. Seymour played pretty well for the Raiders when he was healthy. He definitely wasn’t worth a high 1st round pick. However, if we had kept the 1st rounder it probably would’ve been wasted as was mostly the case in Al Davis’ last several drafts. And at least trading a higher draft pick for Seymour wasn’t the disaster that the Randy Moss & DeAngelo Hall trades were.

  17. I liked it when he smacked Ben Roethlisberger. Seymour was a bust this year. Not sure why it took so long to put him on IR. He’s been hurt for 7 games now so what took so long? He’ll never get the money he thinks he deserves. Come back to earth Seymour!!!

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