Report: Newton fined $21,000 for bumping referee


On Sunday, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton gave referee Jerome Boger a shove.  Now, the league office has given Newton a fine.

Newton has been fined $21,000 for making contact with Boger, according to Jason La Canfora of

Newton got off easy.  Earlier this year, Pats coach Bill Belichick was fined $50,000 for grabbing an official’s arm.  And while Vikings safety Harrison Smith ultimately wasn’t fined for contact with an official, he was ejected on the spot.

Newton should have been ejected, too.  I reviewed the NFL’s official casebook with NBC officiating consultant Jim Daopoulos on Sunday after the Newton incident, and Daopoulos pointed out that the various provisions regarding fouls against officials have one consistent outcome — when a player makes contact with an official, the player always is ejected.

Boger, as Daopoulos surmised, likely opted not to eject Newton because Boger didn’t want to send a starting quarterback to the showers.  But that shouldn’t matter, and that message likely will be communicated to all officials soon.

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  1. So how much has the league collected in fines this year and where does it go/what is it used for? To defend against player’s lawsuits or what?

  2. If bumping Boger was worth $21,000 he should’ve been fined at least $30K for kicking that Panthers player.

  3. So grabbing an official is worth less than arguing a call with the ref?

    “Anderson has fined Denver Broncos head coach John Fox $30,000 and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio $25,000 for verbally abusing officials during a Week 2 game”

    I can’t wait for that little kid to be drafted, become the Panthers starting quarterback and make everyone forget about Cam Newton.

  4. Boger didnt eject Cam because he’s a brotha. If it was Andy Dalton, he send him packing. Boger keeps it real, b.

  5. Anyone who’s seen Newton’s behavior this season shouldn’t be too surprised. He’s acted like an immature punk. Just watch some of his press conferences and you’ll see what I mean.

    So much for him wanting to be an “entertainer”.

  6. Newton should have gotten an IMMEDIATE ejection and anywhere from a $50,000 to $100,000 in total for fines.

    The kicking of that Raider player following a legal tackle warranted at least a $25,000 fine and a minimum of $50,000 for BOTH berating that official AND headbutting while in the act of yelling at said official.

    Both of these went down in the same game…with no ejections. SMH

    Rules for QB’s, and then there’s the rules for everyone else.

  7. cam lovers will say that he is the next best thing even though he has only beaten 2 teams with winning records in his career and he broke records that have been shattered this year by this year of better rookie qb’s. Newton lover’s are like cowboy fans, keep hanging on to the past and never realize the present. Newton is not worth it!

  8. this is a much bigger offense than not playing the wildcat, yet I heard nothing about it on ESPN, let alone the 24 hr coverage tebow got.

  9. Whateverhommie, you’re close…

    First there are rules for Tom Brady, then rules for the other QBs and then rules for all the rest.


  10. So Ed Reed gets a 55K fine for a perfectly legal hit-albeit a nasty one (part of the game), but gets only 21K for something that is a no-no in any sport (any contact with a referee other than shaking hands, etc)?

    Tell me again where that adds up?

  11. Cam should have been sent off the field, fined heavly and suspended for stupidity detramental to the NFL. But God-del does not want to hear from Warren Moon.

  12. Remember he was playing the Raiders … if he was playing any other team he would have been tossed. Seriously … The whole game was pathetic … The calls were unbelievable.

  13. Only reason Newton was not ejected was because he is not a “Cornbread Brother”. He has no issues, he is not a republican, he does not have a white fiance, and he is really down with the cause.
    Rob Parker is sure about Newton so a brother can not eject another brother from the game. Now, if it was RGIII, then ….

  14. Big deal, Cam wipes his a** with 21k.

    Ref said the contact was his fault for stopping abruptly to hear what Cam was saying to him so I’m not sure why he was fined at all?

    When are the Raiders players going to be fined for diving at his legs after every throw?

  15. I was a doubter, and he displayed that he has some talent since coming into the league.

    Both Luck and RG3 are better than talent wise. They also know how to keep a cool head.

    What annoys me more than anything is he will make a great play jump around do his superman pose, and that’s while they are down 2TDs.

    You think Superman could at least lead his team to .500 record before starts thinking he is ALL that.

  16. The most hilarious part of all, the kick of Tommy Kelly, Boger flagged KELLY for a 15 yard roughness penalty!!

    Kelly must have hurt poor Cam’s foot with his chest.

  17. I can’t wait for that little kid to be drafted, become the Panthers starting quarterback and make everyone forget about Cam Newton.


    Awesome! lol.

  18. Got no more respect for Cam. Last year, he was a great story. This year, he’s turned into a petulant, whining, insecure, p*ssy crybaby. He scored a garbage time TD against the Giants, and did his “Superman” schtick in the end zone. What the hell is that??? BIG EGO is what that is.

    Note to Cam: ACT LIKE YOU’VE BEEN THERE! He has lost his golden boy QB/Athlete status since RG3 showed up anyway…and guess what. RG3 WINS GAMES! And RG3 isn’t an A-hole! (I’m a NYG fan BTW)

  19. The other refs can talk big and bury Boger but I doubt they would have had the stones to eject a QB either. For a bigger fine Newton probably would have had to lay hands on him.

  20. I guess all you Raider fans wish you had a qb as good as Newton! J. Russell he is not. As for the call, pull your heads out of your rears, look at the film again and see that the right call would have been roughing as Cam released the ball well before the hit and Mitchell hit him square on the right shoulder after Cam turned and still drove him in the ground. Right call made, there would have been no bump. Florio is an idiot too for not seeing this.

  21. At this rate he’ll need his dad to start paying his fines from the account with the Auburn money.

  22. Why did John Fox and Belicheck get larger fines for yelling at refs and yet Cam Newton hits a ref and he gets less of a fine? why didn’t he get ejected like all other players? That is unfair!

  23. Actually, ejections come at the discretion of the ref, and the ref himself said it wasn’t malicious in nature and didn’t deserve an ejection.

    As a Panthers fan, I know there’s nothing I can say to alter the mind of the Cam haters. People love to find someone to hate. So I guess all I can do is sat back and laugh while all the haters, Florio included, make asinine comments and snide remarks about a player who only appears in the news when he can be painted in a negative light. After years of hating Tom Brady for no real reason, I suppose I finally understand how the Patriot fans feel. Just gotta laugh it off. Y’all are silly.

    Go watch his Mic’d up from this week if you all think he is such a bad guy.

  24. That bump was more accidental if you ask me. Cam was getting up to yell at the ref not relizing he was right next to him.

    Cam is a strong guy and any bump with any sort of malice would have put boger on his butt. That’s why the fine was so low. It wasn’t malicious or on purpose.

    I’d love to see how all of you bashing him would react when it’s obvious someone who is 300 lbs is trying to injure you.

    Judging by the recent gun debates, most of you would be doing something far more than yelling at a ref.

  25. I was on his bandwagon going into this season but like so many have said, he’s become a giant jerk now.

    He should have been suspended twice in that game, not once.

    Kicking a player and bumping an official.

    You Panther fans that want this guy as your team leader, good luck with him.


  26. we support Cam. Most comments I’ve read are posted by followers who depic Cam negatively bc others doso.
    if you Cam haters can muster the courage..have a peak in the mirror losers!!

  27. Belicheck said the arm grabbing was the refs fault for stopping he wasnt trying to grab him at all sheesh. Maybe cam bought the ref off with a slightly used laptop thats y no ejection.

  28. Cam’s acting like a little baby because he’s not getting the attention that he was getting last year. RG3 and Luck came out and showed him how a real QB plays. So they’re stealing his limelight. Now he’s acting out like a child. Too bad his “superman” act is already tired. It gets old seeing him do it when he gets a new set of downs. Move on, nothing to see here. He’ll be irrelevant in a couple of years.

  29. @ ws3rd

    Just a quick factoid. Cam is undefeated against Robert Griffon the third.

    99% of the people commenting on this didn’t see the play. And Tommy Kelly had it coming. Twisting Cam’s leg after he hit him? Stay classy Raiders, some things never change.

  30. As a Raider fan I don’t have a huge issue with the bumping of the official. He got flagged and fined who cares that he wasn’t ejected, it wouldn’t have helped the Raiders score.

    I do have a huge issue with Cam kicking Tommy Kelly and Kelly getting the flag. That and all the other BS roughing/illegal hit calls on both teams.

    If anyone should have been ejected and fined it’s Boger and his crew. Pathetic that there is no accountability for referees.

  31. It wasn’t intentional he jumped up with rage thinking he was hit late and the ref right there he accidentally chest bumped him. He should have immediately apologized but didnt.
    I thought he was going to be ejected for it cuz that is what happens accident or not, the rage caused the accident.

  32. The Cam apologists are hilarious. His post game press conferences are all you need to know about this guy. He is extremely talented, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he is a spolied, petulant child. He needs to mature in a big way-being a 6’6″ 250lb man-child is no way to act.

    He should’ve been ejected twice- you panther fans need to shake yourself.

    Also, until Cam gets you to the SB, he is no better than Jake Delhomme. Don’t forget that.

  33. I love how anytime people mention Newton’s horrible record as a starting QB or the fact that he’s only beaten TWO teams with a winning record in two years, you’re automatically labeled as a ‘hater.’

    Funny…I guess Cam’s fans care more about meaningless stats that wins.

  34. RGIII has made Cam Newton something of the past. Now not only does he lose games but he’s a petty, petulant lil biyatch and while the Panthers may have beat the Raiders, Cam Newton lost big that day. This will cost him a lot more than $50k in endorsements and potentially millions. Good.

  35. I’m just curious how many of you calling for bigger fines and ejection/suspension have even seen a video clip of the sack, “kick” and “shove”.

    I’ll wager many of you never saw it, and are feeding from the word frenzy.

  36. I didn’t see the game or the hit. Having said that, NHL refs get hit EVERY game and the players don’t get fined for that. Nut up NFL guys. You’re working in the game. Take the hits.

  37. wow good to see PFT commenters haven’t changed.

    first of all, in this BS NFL this was a fair fine for Cam, even though he obviously didn’t mean to and immediately apologized for it.

    I am kinda suprised none of the raiders were fined for admitting they were trying to knock Cam out of the game. Isnt that what this whole Bountygate thing was about.

    and as far as him kicking Kelly ( a man who was ejected earlier this season for getting into a fight on field) clearly tried twisting his knee on the bottom of the pile before Cam kicked him off

  38. And Chargers’ fans–you are no better than Raiders’ fans. I don’t want to hear a peep from Chargers’ fans about QB play, because I would take Palmer, Leinart, and Pryor over Philip Rivers. What an overrated waste of space that guy is. The Chargers and Raiders should draft a QB this year. Good luck.

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