Saturday wishes he could give Pro Bowl spot to Sitton


No Pro Bowl selection took more of a beating yesterday than Packers center Jeff Saturday, and perhaps rightfully so.

Chosen to his sixth all-star game a week after being benched by the Packers, Saturday responded by saying he wished he could send teammate Josh Sitton to Hawaii in his stead.

Obviously, it’s always an honor,” Saturday said, via Jason Wilde of “Anytime you get to go to the Pro Bowl, it is an honor and you appreciate everyone – the players, coaches and fans – that voted for you. As an offensive lineman, it is nice to get the award.

“I am disappointed for Josh Sitton; I think he should be there. It is disappointing for me, for him. I would love to be able to pass it to him. He is a tough player and has played very well all season. I respect the heck out of the way he has played and it has been fun to play next to him.”

The 14-year veteran made five Pro Bowls as a member of the Colts, and his most recent honor was clear a lifetime achievement award more than a reflection of his recent play.

But it’s not as if Saturday was out there shamelessly campaigning for it, as other undeserving players did. Ripping him isn’t fair, or helpful. Ripping a process that has many inequities (such as 4-3 outside linebackers and right tackles essentially having no chance to make it) makes much more sense.

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  1. your last sentence is spot-on. Under the current system 3-4 OLB’s that get flashy stats like “sacks” will get the nod over elite cover/run stuffing 4-3 OLB’s and LT’s will get it over RT’s.

    Joe Thomas is probably the best LT in football, but you put him at RT and his abilities and performance will drop noticeably. Joe can’t do what Andre Smith (CIN) and Anthony Davis (SF) do

    Considering that a majority of defenses play 4-3, it’s a travesty that someone like Sean Weatherspoon of the Falcons, who is the best 4-3 OLB in the league doesn’t get to go

  2. If he gives it to anyone, it should be John Sullivan of the Vikings. This guy has captained an o-line that has Adrian Peterson on the verge of breaking the all-time rushing record. This is why no one cares about the NFL Pro Bowl.

  3. Vikings fan here…

    Not trying to start a war or anything. But the last few years, GB in my opinion has failed to put together the best offensive line possible in front of Rodgers, and he still tears up the league. I would actually like to see Rodgers behind a good offensive line. He’s taken alot of sacks and hits over the last few years. Put him behind a real good line and it would be scary. They have the skill position players already. But you get an offensive line together in front of him, and that would probably make them unstoppable.

    I’m just being realistic. I think their line has been the only thing to really let them down over the past few years. That’s the main reason why they don’t or can’t run the ball as well as some other teams. Benson, Starks, Grant… They are good servicable backs. Sure they aren’t want Peterson is, but they are capable of 100 yard games.

    That’s why i feel the game between the Pack and Vikes this weekend will come down to the trenches. Whoever wins the line of scrimmage will win the game. Packers keep Rodgers verticle, and there’s no way the Vikes can score with the Packers. But if the Vikings can get to Rodgers, that’s the only way they have a chance. We know MN can run the ball. But if they can’t get to Rodgers, and he makes it look like a Madden game, no way can Ponder pass enough to keep it close.

  4. Good point regarding the 4-3 LB’s. One of the best rookies this season is Lavonte David, the leader of the Bucs defense. Yeah, I hear you, the passing defense is a joke, but David is one of the major reasons why the Bucs have the number one rated run defense. David is top five or six in the NFL in tackles, is second in the league in solo tackles, and has several tackles for a loss. What he doesn’t have is highlight reel sacks, so while those who know their football would be happy to have a young player like David on their squad, he won’t be a ‘sexy ‘ pick for the Pro Bowl. The same can be said for fellow rookie Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers.

  5. Yup John Sullivan Helps AP land a nasty stiff arm to DB’s faces to gain those 80 yard runs. AP is the best running back we’ve seen since Barry. Put the packers OLine in front of AP and he’ll still rush for 1500. Remember when people use to actually ask who was better, AP or CJ1K? Lulz.

  6. Saturday’s been going to the Pro Bowl based on reputation for arguably the past 4 years

    He’s still a technician as a pass protector but as a run blocker he’s terrible and gets physically over-matched

    Players usually make the Pro Bowl a few years later than they first should’ve and continue making it a few years after they no longer deserve to go ..Saturday is a great example of this

  7. When I heard that he won the fan voting, I thought to myself, “Well it’s only 1/3 of the vote, surely his peers and the NFL coaches will rectify this.” Nope.

    We’re all just better off pretending the Pro Bowl doesn’t exist, since only about half the guys that go deserve to be there in the first place. I just hope that the HOF voters don’t take Pro Bowl votes into account, since they obviously aren’t indicitive of on-field performance.

    Victor Cruz over Dez Bryant or even James Jones (leads the league in receiving TD’s)?

    Tim Jennings has had a good year (8 int’s), but James Jones torched him for 3 TD’s. Casey Heyward only had 6 int’s, but that’s because he got all of them in a bunch in the middle of the year – after that, nobody throws at him. He hasn’t allowed a TD all year, nor has he been flagged. Amazing stats for any DB, let alone a rookie. He should be DROY.

  8. Up to this season I had been against scrapping the Pro Bowl. The fans already know the game itself is a sham and expect it, so I don’t understand why certain media folks got so agitated by the play last year.

    But if guys are getting free trips to Hawaii and bonuses in part because of fan voting, and the fans are going to be complete idiots about the voting, then there’s really no reason for the game anymore. Who cares who makes the Pro Bowl when part of the determination is made by mouth-breathing, Cheeto-fingered moles who don’t know anything about football? Let the guys who cover the sport make the call. And no, I do not mean guys like Chris Berman, Peter King, and Bob Costas. I mean guys that actually have their noses in the game.

  9. And the NFL wonders why the pro bowl is such a joke. Its why when someone makes an argument by saying “well (insert name) went to (insert number) pro bowls” its laughed at. Oh yay your favorite player is popular. That doesn’t mean they are good at all.

  10. Probowl is pointless anymore! While it is nice to see guys that are deserving go and it is also understandable that at some positions there just aren’t enough spots for everyone to make it but its a shame when someone like Saturday and Ed Reed get the nod over more deserving players just because of their names!

  11. Just a popularity contest. How does Richard Sherman not make it? Playing the best football at his position

  12. Josh Sittin isn’t even playing that good of football either? I don’t think anyone on the Packers line should make it to the pro bowl. They have given up the most sacks over the last 3 years than any other team. I feel for Jeff because he’s gonna take a ton of heat for this, and he didn’t bring it on himself. This is the league pretending to show it’s fans how well they manage the pro bowl roster…Sad when a guy like Jarrett Bush who is probably the best gunner on special teams in football doesn’t make it simply because no one knows his name.

  13. Saturday got voted in by the players because of his work with the NFLPA not because of his work on the field.

    Ignorant fans voted for him because who the hell knows any Centers anyways?

  14. A friend texted me that three packers made the probowl- I obviously thought Aaron, Clay and Randell. I know James Jones has been a beast but not every fan knows him. I don’t care Casey Hayward didn’t make the probowl as long as he wins DROY.

  15. Our oline is like a bad call of duty team – they get whooped up – at the end of the match – one guy has a positive K/D ratio – and that dude is Josh Sitton … everyone else is a bum up front.

  16. People may bad-mouth Saturday, but I’ll go on record predicting that he won’t allow a single sack against the best AFC DLinemen in the fierce trench warfare of the Pro Bowl.

  17. We all know Saturday doesn’t deserve a Pro Bowl nob, yet he again shows he’s a class guy be deflecting the “honor”.

  18. People might complain about Saturday being there and the fan vote is obviously wrong but that wasn’t enough to put him there.

    The coaches and players put him there, not the fans.

  19. Pro bowl is a bigger joke than the allstar game of any other sport. Dlinemen get in on numbers, except a lot of the time its the other guys on the dline that are really overpowering and flush the qb out of the pocket into the waiting arms of the guy who compiles the numbers. Olinemen get in on reputation even if they have had a terrible year. Example: D’Brickshaw Ferguson for my team that is the running joke of the NY Jets. He was like a turnstile last year, except a turnstile doesn’t have the option of alligator arming those that rush by. Dude deserved to be docked pay, instead he made the probowl and my delusional, blowhard coach still praises him about it.

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