Steven Jackson muses about retirement


It’s been a couple of years since a high-profile player publicly wrestled with retirement.  Possibly, running back Steven Jackson will be the latest star player to pull a Favre.

Jackson, 29, mused about calling it quits in comments to reporters on Thursday.

“I’ve always thought about it from day one,” Jackson said, via comments distributed by the team.  “I’ve always thought about what my exit strategy is going to be. If I had to write my story, I’d rather go out like Barry Sanders — wanting people to want more than to leave too late.”

So could this be the year that Jackson makes like Jerry Seinfeld, who called it quits after nine years.

“Maybe this last one,” Jackson said regarding when he could retire.  “Those hits hurt.”

But Jackson also suggested that he wants to continue to play for the Rams.  “What Coach Fisher has brought to this organization, the credibility that going on in the future, I definitely see a very bright future for this organization, and why wouldn’t I want to be a part of that?” Jackson said.

So chances are he’ll be back with the Rams, if the two sides can work out a contract that properly reflects the value of a tailback who come next season will be on the wrong side of 30, which for running backs is the same thing as being on the wrong side of 90.

Still, Jackson could be entering the will-he-or-won’t-he portion of his career.  For Brett Favre, that phase ended up consuming nearly half of it.

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  1. Hang in there a little longer SJ, with Fisher and a bunch of draft picks thanks to RG3, they should be on the up and up quickly…

  2. I despise the Rams but he’s a hell of a runner. If he hadn’t spent the majority of his career on awful teams he would be a first ballot type runner. Dude leaves it all on the field, period.

  3. As a Rams fan, I would love for him to stay for another season. That being said, my feelings wouldn’t be hurt if he left to chase a quicker title with another team, he deserves it. Would hate to see him just hang it up for good.

  4. The Seinfeld nuances (or shoutouts) are always welcome, Mike. As a 49ers fan, I’d be thrilled to see Steven hang it up. He’s been fun to watch, but is a deadly workhorse.

  5. There is no need for a Brett Favre comparison here. They asked Steven a question and he playfully answered it. We all know this man is playing next year.

  6. i watched jeff fisher’s titans closely for all the years he was there….ill never understand why he is regarded so highly. most over rated coach in the nfl by a long shot. look at his record, especially in the playoffs. good luck tho sjax a true class act, hope he plays another 9.

  7. Whether its for the Rams or some other team that’s a contender, I feel like he could def play a 2004 Corey Dillon role for somebody, no?

  8. I remember thinking as I watched him play for Oregon State that the young man was going to kick ass in the NFL. Unfortunately, like Barry Sanders before him, he wound up spending his career on a team filled with players that couldn’t begin to match, talent wise, what he had to offer.

  9. One of the most under appreciated players in the league. Feel bad for him considering he’s been stuck on a terrible Rams team his whole career, but he’s always ran hard no matter what and never complains. Always been a fan and hope the best for him in whatever he decides, although the football fan in me hopes he keeps playing.

  10. How does every retirement article come down to bashing Brett Favre? Seriously, how necessary was that lame shot at Favre? And then to say “that phase consumed nearly half of his career”!?!

    If you have nothing to write about, just don’t write anything.

  11. It’s been a couple of years since a high-profile player publicly wrestled with retirement.


    Except for this season. With the Ed Reed drama.

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