Success of other young QBs makes Locker look worse


Free from context, Titans quarterback Jake Locker is struggling enough on his own.

When you look around and see other young and younger quarterbacks having success, it only makes his second season look worse.

Locker’s led the Titans to a 5-10 overall record (3-7 when he’s under center) and they rank 25th in the league in total offense.

So when he looks around and sees rookies Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson in the playoffs, and Robert Griffin III on the verge of the postseason, it just adds to the pressure that’s already there.

“It’s not how I would’ve wished they had gone,” Locker said of a recent stretch of rough outings, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “But there are a lot of positives to be taken from it, and a lot of things that you can learn from and grow from to make you better going forward.”

In his last five games, Locker’s thrown four touchdowns, nine interceptions, and hasn’t had a passer rating of higher than 79.5 in any game. They’re 1-4 in those games, beating only the Jets (a true jury of their peers). Of course, Locker played better before injuring his non-throwing shoulder earlier this season, but the drop-off has been alarming.

Titans coach Mike Munchak is quick to point to the supporting cast, and the 19 sacks Locker has taken over the last five games.

“I don’t know if it’s him being shaky; I think the team is shaky,” Munchak said. “The support around him isn’t great. . . . There are a lot of factors that go into it. . . .

“He’s got to play better and the whole offense has to play better. . . . It starts with the quarterback, and Jake understands that.”

Of course, Munchak should defend him, since their futures could be linked. Owner Bud Adams has already put the lot of them on notice, and said he wanted to hear from Munchak why they’ve regressed.

Using the “developmental quarterback” strategy could buy Munchak another year, even as other quarterbacks are getting it done immediately.

26 responses to “Success of other young QBs makes Locker look worse

  1. Locker was very shaky coming out of college. This is no surprise. Honestly he is lucky Gabbert is a complete bust otherwise he would be branded as the biggest recent QB bust.

  2. In Locker’s defense, RG3, Luck and even Wilson didn’t have another QB that was better than them already on the roster. Titans haven’t had the best OL since he has been their either.

    Some “experts” also thought that the Titans reached for Locker.

    The Titans really drafted him to be their QB of the future, so of course their will be some growing pains. He has made some good throws this season though, so his ceiling is still high.

  3. Guy had a seperated shoulder that hasnt healed(needs surgery), a depleted O-line, an emotionally drained team, and a head coach that has no business being head coach. Kid will be fine.

  4. stoneegratz says: Guy had a seperated shoulder that hasnt healed(needs surgery), a depleted O-line, an emotionally drained team, and a head coach that has no business being head coach. Kid will be fine.


    Correct – and he’s mature enough not to blame anyone in public.

    When healthy this guy has shown great command presence on the field, making some tough throws when needed.

    Get a better team around him – especially the O Line – and you’ve got a keeper at QB

  5. No well-run NFL organization would draft a QB with accuracy issues….among other things. Hell, they already had that with VY.

    That being said, the Titans are turning Locker into the next David Carr.

    Get ready for empty seats.

  6. I don’t his experience at UW helped his growth into an NFL QB. It appears his decision to stay for his senior year was not a good choice.

  7. All this instant success by young, inexperienced quarterbacks due to the NFL’s laxed rules to favor offenses has devalued the position, which should make GMs think twice about wasting a high draft pick on a quarterback.
    Kirk Cousins is a good example.

  8. Way too early to pass this kind of judgement. There has been a a lot of success by rookie QB’s this season but maintaining success isn’t that easy.

  9. Well there’s always Gabbert too. Horrible picks by both the Jags and Titans. Teams really need to stop drafting non-elite QBs so early.
    This year the same thing will happen. Geno Smith and Barkley will go way too high on the draftboards. But it’s the nature of the NFL.

  10. “The Titans really drafted him to be their QB of the future, so of course their will be some growing pains. He has made some good throws this season though, so his ceiling is still high.”
    Yeah, Luck, RGIII and Wilson are having growing pains too.

  11. Locker is basically still a rookie. He’s operating behind a crummy o-line, his would-be star tight end that is chronically inconsistent (J Cook) is on IR, his running back (CJ2k) is over hyped and has one 100+ rushing game in like six weeks, and Locker himself still isn’t 100%.

    he has accurate issues and needs to get better inside the pocket. with that said, he’s a freak runner with a huge arm, and he has immense potential. he has shown glimpses of being a real gamer, and simply needs more time.

    he literally has 10 starts in his career. him being in year two means jack diddly. he’s a rookie who needs to get a full off-season as THE MAN and then we can see what happens next year.

  12. Blah, blah, everyone cracking on Gabbert even in an article about Farmer Jake. Locker is two years older, has half as many career starts, worse passer rating and completion % this year,and EARNS MORE than Blaine does. Cost more in draft chart value. Same/same for Tannehill.

    If Gabbert is a “bust”these two are worse for being older, drafted higher, and putting up poorer stats. On better teams.

  13. Titans could have had Andy Dalton…..but with this team I doubt Dalton would be doing as good.

    They need to clean house but they won’t/can’t.

    More of the same with their big “playmakers”….CJ, Britt, and Griffin.


  14. Locker’s play has deteriorated badly in recent weeks, and the past couple weeks have been particularly abysmal.
    But then you look at his performances early this year, when he had a 90+ passer rating and only two sacks in his first 100+ dropbacks…..or his rookie season when he had 4 TDs, no turnovers, and a 99 passer rating….and you wonder what the hell happened. It’s like two completely different guys.

    Maybe it was the shoulder injury that kept him sidelined for a month. Maybe it was the coaching change when the Titans fired OC Chris Palmer and promoted QB coach Dowell Loggains…..or the shift in offensive philosophy as the Titans switched from a spread-oriented offense to more of a power-running scheme. Maybe it was a combination of all three. Who knows?

    All I know is, the Locker we’re seeing right now doesn’t look a thing like the guy who who started the season.

    But considering the way this season has gone for the Titans, Locker’s precipitous decline is just par for the course.

  15. David Carr
    Tim Couch
    Jimmy Clausen
    Alex Smith

    What do they all have in common? Drafted onto hopeless teams little to know offense talent around them.

  16. Sarkisian will be coaching somewhere in the league next year so Locker has a home regardless. Maybe even this year. He’s the one who called the shots and got Locker ready for the NFL. You put Sarkisian is TENN and Locker will feel more comfortable. That means wins & that’s what’s needed next season!

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