Suh to Sapp: Teach me, don’t criticize me


Warren Sapp hasn’t been shy about sharing his negative take of Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh over the last couple of years and Suh’s aware of the criticism.

Suh’s heard the slights from Sapp. He responded Wednesday with an offer for the longtime star at the same positions Suh plays now. Instead of criticizing him, Suh invited Sapp to teach him how to be a better player in the coming years.

“Show me what you think I’m doing incorrectly, or I’ll just consider you a fan, somebody who just wants to criticize me,” Suh said, via Anwar Richardson of “I’m not afraid by any means, I said this since I’ve been young … I’m still young in this game, very much so, even though this is my third year. I’ve got a lot to learn. I’m not afraid to learn from anybody, whether it’s somebody immediately who I’m playing with or somebody who has been long gone and been out of the league already for five or six years. I’m not afraid to learn from anybody, in essence, take a back seat role, and learn from somebody who has gone through the ropes already.”

Sapp’s most frequent criticism of Suh has been about his football awareness, something that would seem to be a correctable problem as long as Suh is willing to make it a priority. Whether or not Sapp takes Suh up on his offer, the Lions defense will be better off if Suh makes the effort to improve in that regard this offseason.

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  1. Suh sees the equivalent of Calvin Johnson triple teams on defense, he’s a stud, get off his back, our secondary and lack of offensive weapons are why we’ve lost games by 6 points or less on several occasions

  2. When Suh and Marshall meet this Sunday they will have something in common now: they have issues with Sapp. Look up Marshall’s epic response to Sapp’s criticism of him.

  3. I think it shows a lot of character for a player like Suh, who obviously has some issues on (and off) the field to reach out like this. It’s a step in the right direction. I hope Sapp takes him up on the offer because Suh has a ton of potential if he focuses himself properly.

    No more stomping, no more groin shots.

    As a Bears fan, I relish the thought that he could better channel his anger and not drive our QBs head into the turf (again).

  4. Kind of irony for me in that, last year when Suh got in so much trouble I figured he was doing in deliberately on the advice of his agent. Hey if you not in the news, make it.
    Look, Suh has an engineering degree and they don’t just give those out to anyone. So bright he is. He’s bright enough to be looking at the future after football and see’s a job in broadcasting and I guessed he was going for Sapp’s job.
    Now he is going to be tutored by Sapp. I got $500 that says he is the one who called Sapp and it aint to get info on how to play but how to get into TV.
    Sapp needs to watch his back if he wants to keep his job in a few years. TV likes young blood

  5. Suh – here are a couple of lessons that you could incorporate which would make his life easier both on the field and off.

    Lesson #1 – Do not stomp on opposing players. It’s also not a great idea to kick opposing players in the groin. This tends to make you look like you’re a dirty player.

    Lesson #2 – If you do by chance happen to stomp on or kick an opposing player, on national TV, with clear video evidence of the act, don’t deny that you did it. This tends to make you look like you’re a psychopath.

    Lesson #3 – When driving around lovely Detroit, it might be a good idea to either hire a professional driver – or a professional driving instructor. Your accidents tend to distract people from your tremendous talent and directs unwanted attention to these unfortunate incidents.

    That’s it for today. Tomorrow’s lesson will be on using social media to enhance, not diminish, your public image and reputation. Have a great day!

  6. Suh has regressed over the last two years. The man has tons of talent, but Sapp is correct; his football awareness needs to be worked on. I think as long as the topic is football (and not financial advice), Suh could learn a lot from Warren Sapp, and perhaps Sapp would be interested in showing him a thing or two, just like he did for Gerald McCoy…

    And speaking of McCoy, it’s nice to see him stay healthy for a full season for the first time. His first full season resulted in the Bucs improving their run defense to number one in the league, and McCoy being selected to his first pro bowl. As it stands right now, McCoy is the better player, he’s more athletic and his football awareness is superior at the moment.

    Bottom line; this isn’t on Warren Sapp. He’s paid to offer his commentary, regardless of how ridiculous it can sometimes be. Sapp has helped Gerald McCoy out, but if he helps out Suh or not, it’s on Suh to put in the work to get better, because he’s a different player today then he was was his rookie season, and it’s not for the better.

  7. @burnzy No he doesn’t, and Calvin doesn’t get triple teamed either. Jut because its happened once or twice doesn’t mean they face it every play. They’re both good players, no need to try and make them look better.

  8. @immafubared

    what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent post were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone who read it is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  9. I think it’s good of this young man to offer receiving advice from sapp just remember young man not to get locked up during pro bowl week for domestic violence like he did the one year or was it the Superbowl never figured out why they still let him announce such a roll model and all.

  10. Ndamukong Suh plays one of the most physically demanding spots in all of football, yet, has missed zero games due to injuries in his career. He has 7 sacks (1st among NFC DTs) and 34 tackles this season. He also has 55 pressures, according to STATS LLC credits him with 26 knockdown and 3.5 quarterback hurries (second among defensive tackles/12th overall in the NFL). And, he did this all despite constant double/triple teams and, mediocre at best, DE’s flanking him.

    Yup, this guy is garbage. I can see why he didn’t make the ProBowl. Hope Warren S can straighten him out.

  11. If these quotes are accurate, you have to wonder about this Ndonkeykong Suh. Despite the really stupid things this guy has done, he’s pretty articulate, so he’s not stupid. Especially compared to quotes from other players. If he did humble himself enough to actually learn from others, it’s frightening what he could become.

  12. Sapp was a diry player and a cheap shot artist, Suh doesn’t need help there.

    Someone needs to get in his ear, and tell him to shut up and play the game hard and clean.

  13. What Suh fails to realize is that one critical part of learning is being criticized for the things you do wrong. Otherwise how else will a person learn and grow?

    It’s how you deal with that criticism and whether you can improve upon those mistakes that makes one a good learner.

    I think Suh can turn over a new leaf learning some techniques from Sapp. He’s got a high motor and plays the game angrily, but what he can learn from Sapp is how to channel all of that anger into making smarter decisions on the field.

    You don’t have to hurt your opponents to be a dominant player, and until Suh realizes that, he will be known as a dirty player.

  14. So much ignorance. *shakes head* Even Suh is embarrassed with how last year went for himself, but its commonplace for a second year guy to regress when he has a huge impact in year 1. This year, though, he has been a monster. No regression, just constant pressure on the qb that nobody but Atkins has managed. Wake up, people.

  15. As a new citizen in Michigan, I find it hard to back the Lions, due to players like Suh. I come from Green Bay.
    The Lions could improve their record by getting rid of Suh and a few other “dirty” players. Teams like GB would dump him even if he was a 3-time all-pro. The reason behind that is DISTRACTION. How can a team focus on stopping a pro offense when it has a player throwing tantrums, kicking opponents, drawing penalties & fines…etc?
    The game of professional football has progressed in the past few decades. The world of low-IQ players with talent, has standards now. This created a smarter football team, from smarter players. Clearly, Suh’s most important task is to get a brain in his head, then worry about improving on the field.

  16. Sapp is such an authority on the position that he actually thought Gerald McCoy was going to be so much better, which I think everyone would say is comical in itself and renders anything he says meaningless. Suh does knucklehead things on the field, but he’s a very good player.

    Furthermore, Sapp has said other asinine statements about the position such as he and Keith Millard (really Sapp, that’s the only other guy, your former line coach) being the only great three technique DT’s ever.

    I don’t have the same disdain for Sapp as others do, but I think it’s safe to say he should be ignored when it comes to his football sense as he was a naturally gifted great athlete who elevates himself to some mythical status of special technique in order to slight others.

  17. Suh is not stupid but classless!!!
    He has no respect for the game, his opponents, the law, the rules, and the opportunity to be a superstar!!!
    Sapp is one of the most classless players of all time. Ask any Tampa fan about how Sapp snubbed them for autographs and common courtesy. He, thinks he is bigger than the game!!!
    Domestic violence, bankruptcy, disrespect towards fans, harrassment =great role-model for Suh

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