Bucs re-do Jackson and Nicks deals to create cap room


The Buccaneers were among the most active teams in free agency last year, and they’re setting the stage to be able to again next year if they choose.

According to Pat Yasinskas of ESPN.com, the Bucs restructured the deals of wide receiver Vincent Jackson and guard Carl Nicks to create nearly $18 million more cap room in 2013.

The Bucs simply turned guaranteed salaries next year into roster bonuses this year, allowing them to prorate the money over the length of the deals.

That gave $12.16 million to Jackson and an extra $11.875 million for Nicks in exchange for the space next year. The Bucs now have $98 million committed to next year’s cap, which is projected to be around $121 million.

Whether they spend to that limit for a team which hasn’t created much buzz remains to be seen. The Bucs haven’t been selling out on a regular basis, or even getting to the 85 percent threshold to get on local television.

16 responses to “Bucs re-do Jackson and Nicks deals to create cap room

  1. Bucs sign all of this “fire power” in the off-season and are still last in the NFC South

    Color me unimpressed with the Yucs

  2. Color me unimpressed with your assessment. Firepower? They brought in three free agents:

    1.) A wideout who wanted to star as the clear #1 and a big target for Josh Freeman, and he succeeded.

    2.) The top G in all of football, and until he got hurt he was playing as such.

    3.) An average, at best, CB, whom was highly overpaid just because the Bucs had to overpay to get them to sign.

    No one said they would contend for the division. No one said they would even sniff playoffs. Yet, for a few weeks, they did (and I bet you were just as vocal then, right?).

    It wasn’t about fire power – it was about doing something, anything, to improve the team, and in that respect (2/3) it worked.

    So color yourself pink and go watch a real sport, nancyboy.

  3. I gotta agree with everyone else…how’s is this any different from what the Redskins did in the “UNCAPPED” year?

    So, the Bucs use the heads and save $18 million in cap space.

    The Skins use their heads and get PENALIZED for $33 in cap space over two years.

    Not hatin on the Bucs, hatin on the Giants and the NFL for what they did to the Skins (and cowboys to a lesser extent).


  4. The Bucs will be a fun team to watch next year. I loved Doug Martin coming out of Boise and I have slowly turned into a Josh Freeman fan.

    Those 2 plus V-jax and a Mike Williams?
    Hope they are on primetime more so I can watch ’em.

  5. exibit, do you watch football? V-Jax is one of the top 10 wide receivers in the NFL this year. He has over 1300 receiving yards. And Nicks is arguably the best LG in football. He is a beast. You sound like the guy from the NFL app commercial. “Great game last night!”…”Great game? We lost last night!”
    hoops737 you’re a hater…where were you a few weeks ago when the Bucs were 6-4 and in the playoff hunt? I get it, they fell short this year. But no one had them winning 6 games this year. They played better than expected. Who’s your team since you hate the Bucs?

  6. Wow exibitsman you clearly know nothing about the nfl. Jackson was the number 1 deep ball threat n the league and lead with the most 20+ yd receptions. And Nicks is definitiely one of the top o-linemen n the league and one of the top 2 guards. Youre blind if you didnt see this. Why do u think martin did so well this year? The bucs o-line was much improved and better coached this year. Too bad him and Davin went down, now all we need is a RT n well be off good on the o-line.

  7. It really all hinges on Josh Freeman. They have enough decent players to at least make a push for the wildcard spot next year, I think it will be a few years before they can compete for the NFC South title as it’s a very tough division, but Freeman has been too inconsistent. Some games he was great, but others he was mediocre at best. Will be interesting to see how Freeman develops next season and what Schiano does in the offseason.

  8. As long as Josh Freeman is QB of the Bucs, their ceiling is limited. I really don’t think if he hasn’t figured it out by now, with talented WRs and a stud RB, he isn’t going to.

  9. I was really impressed with bucs in the beginning of the year, I have never been a bucs fan, but it will be interesting to see them next year and to see what they do this off season with the extra cap space. They obviously plan on making some moves.

  10. They need help rushing the passer because we just had bennet and mccoy this year since clayborn went down and they better resign bennett or well need corners, a safety to be ready whenever barber retires and a d-end, thats too much for the draft so we better do something in free agency, nothing huge but something is needed

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