Dick LeBeau intends on returning to Steelers next season


Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau will likely return for another season as the head of the vaunted Steelers’ defense.

According to Chris Adamski of the Associated Press, the 75-year old LeBeau told his players this week he plans on coming back to head the Pittsburgh defense for another season.

LeBeau continues to say that his job status remains purely in the hands of head coach Mike Tomlin. While that may technically be true, the chances Tomlin wouldn’t bring LeBeau back if he wants to return next season is pretty miniscule.

“Let’s just say I really like Pittsburgh and I really like working for the Steelers,” LeBeau said. “Coach Tomlin will tell you if he wants me back or not. It will be up to Mike.”

LeBeau has spent 55 consecutive seasons in the league as a player and then a coach. Next season would be his tenth straight season at the helm of the Pittsburgh defense. During his time in Pittsburgh, the Steelers have led the league in total defense five times in nine seasons.

The Steelers defense has never ranked outside the top 10 in the league in total defense since LeBeau took over in 2004. If LeBeau wants to continue coaching, Tomlin will be happy to have him.

27 responses to “Dick LeBeau intends on returning to Steelers next season

  1. Bad news for the rest of the AFC!

    Somewhat related note, that Pitt D shouldn’t overlook Thad Lewis.

    Gamer type, has always performed well when given the chance (albeit pre-season). He can throw the ball and has good mobility. I think he could pull a Bruce Gradkowski 2009 and pull the upset win in Pittsburgh

    If I’m the Browns I’d rather get a look at Thad than McCoy. We know what Colt McCoy can do and so do the Steelers, Thad is more of an unknown. Ya, it’s a tough first start against that defense but it’s tough anytime in the league you’re making your first start. I hope he gets a shot.

  2. I suspect that’s the reason they didn’t sign Wallace and prep him over Thad.

    Thad also knows the offense but unlike Seneca Wallace he could have some long term upside. Get a chance to see what he can do.

    Meanwhile, Josh Johnson? Guy’s as erratic a passer as they come. Rich Bartel is left scratching his head again.

  3. Great news! He consistently fields the best defense not only in the AFC, but in the NFL. They may be ‘old and slow’, but if that’s what it takes to be #1 across the board every year I’ll take it.

  4. Ive always loved LeBeau as the DC but his time is up. His D has become predictable and flat, he hasn’t changed anything since 2005. He will always go down as the greatest DC in Steelers history but its time to move over give a you defensive mind a chance. Knowing Tomlin and the way the coaching has been, LeBeau will be back along with the dreadful OC.

  5. “Vaunted” defense…..Bwaahaahaahaahaa

    OLD and CREAKY…and SLOW.

    The Ravens always slice through it like a knife through butter.

  6. Please do return. The rest of the league thanks you. That defense was rock solid for three quarters and looked like swiss cheese by the fourth quarter. Memo to all steeler fans, go ahead and brag about your defensive rankings, your team is still 7-8 without a playoff ticket.

  7. Amazing run for Dick. Props for consistently delivering a Top 10 Defense for all 9 years as Steeler DC.

    55 consecutive years in “the League”?

    Are you kidding me?

    This guy is still sharp and commands respect forom his players. He deserves to tell the Steelers when he is done.

  8. ravenmuscle says:
    Dec 28, 2012 7:25 AM
    “Vaunted” defense…..Bwaahaahaahaahaa

    OLD and CREAKY…and SLOW.

    The Ravens always slice through it like a knife through butter.


    488 Yards and two offensive touchdowns over the course of two games against a team that was playing without its starting quarterback and isn’t headed to the playoffs. Yeah, that’s a hot knife through butter alright. And before calling out old defenses, make sure you aren’t sporting a roster with some over-the-hills crew of your own. I’m looking at Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, here.

    I do, however agree that some youth needs to be injected into the team in order to increase productivity and generate more turnovers. Carter and Worilds both look like they are ready to contribute a LB. Will Allen doesn’t give you the same football IQ as Polumalu, but at least he can stay on the field. Steve Mclendon doesn’t really look like the answer for replacing Casey Hampton, so keep an eye out for a move there. There should be at least one corner picked up in the draft.

  9. “Ive always loved LeBeau as the DC but his time is up. His D has become predictable and flat, he hasn’t changed anything since 2005. ”


    Really? You can’t place all the blame on him for poor drafting at times. Ryan Mundy is good for a TD/game when playing, Bruce Davis?, Thaddeus Gibson?, etc., etc.

    This season he went without Polamalu (admittedly not who he once was), Harrison at half-strength, and Woodley’s disappearing act.. and still produced a top defense. The man is a wizard who I hope will coach our D until he’s 200 years old. Not only that but he has the love and respect of every player that’s been on the team. Ever hear of his “Twas the night before Christmas” readings? He could out-coach most D coordinators from the grave – though I hope he never gets there.

  10. I would love to have Lebeau back. The Steelers are still number one in defense again this year. The offense is the reason the steelers didn’t make it in this year along with several injuries and bad o line play. Steelers had an off year that will be corrected and the steelers will be back in the playoffs next year. Congrats to the Ravens for squeaking out the division this year. The fact remains the ravens are nothing more then a mediocre team with a mediocre d and a mediocre qb that will be sitting at home again watching the superbowl like the steelers.

  11. Even though Lebeau’s defense is ranked No. 1, it still ain’t what it used to be.
    As recently as last season, Lebeau’s D carried an awful offense to the playoffs. The only No. 1 ranking that matters is in scoring defense. This season’s defense simply allowed too many points to carry Roethlisberger into the playoffs yet another season…

  12. ravenmuscle says:
    Dec 28, 2012 7:25 AM
    “Vaunted” defense…..Bwaahaahaahaahaa

    OLD and CREAKY…and SLOW.

    The Ravens always slice through it like a knife through butter.

    2 25 Hopefully some of the muscle in your mouth moves north to the brain. Post like the above reflect a need for gray matter…just saying

  13. Time for Keith Butler to take over. We need a more aggressive style of 34 or Hybrid 43. Keep LeBeau with the organization but time to change it up.

  14. I cannot believe how many people are blinded by this guy. You like the fact that he doesn’t change for anything and doesn’t make any adjustments during a game? I mean, all you have to do is throw a 5 yard-out EVERY 3rd down and it’s 1st down. Come on! He is a great coach, but he like the team this year, believes they are entitled to winning and not earning it. He has been amazing, I think he deserves all the praise, but it’s time to move on…

  15. Haha. One guy said the ravens sliced through our defense this year. Well didn’t they only score like 2 field goals on our defense? And I think when we played the ravens that was the only time that our defense looked really good

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