Ed Reed not thinking about anything but playoffs

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Ravens safety Ed Reed picked up a $55,000 fine this week for a hit on Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, but he’s remaining mum about whether he’s planning to play another year in the NFL in order to help pay for it.

Reed doesn’t need to keep playing to come up with that scratch, obviously, but he was mum on the topic of what will come in the future on Thursday. Reed, who will be a free agent after the season, said that he isn’t thinking about anything other than the coming trip to the playoffs at this point.

Reed made the Pro Bowl this year and he’s avoided the injuries that have hampered some of his recent seasons, although he admits age has taken a toll on his game. He’s relying more on his brain than his physical range as a result.

“It’s definitely not what it used to be when I was 24 versus 34 now, but that’s where the mental part comes into it,” Reed said, via the Carroll County Times. “You know, you slow down physically, but mentally you get a lot stronger and you understand the game more, which allows me to play the game a certain way and understand how to play the game and put myself in different situations to make plays.”

There will be plenty of time to talk about Reed’s future and whether or not he will continue to be a member of the Ravens. Even though he’s slowed down, Reed isn’t likely to have a hard time finding a new home if his long run in Baltimore comes to an end.

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  1. As much as it pains me to say it, I’d rather see Ed Reed back next season than Ray Lewis. Ray is the best to ever play his position but Father Time has finally caught up to Ray. We have no other FS’s close to Reed’s current level and as of now Dannell Ellerbe & Jameel McClain seem to be suitable replacements at MLB. With that being said, the offense is starting to evolve and has to carry this team to a Super Bowl because both Lewis & Reed deserve to go out on top.

  2. Ray and Ed both need to retire as Ravens. Ray should hang it up after this season. Ed still has a couple more left. I hope he and the Ravens can come to terms so he can finish up his career in Baltimore where he should.

  3. I look at Ed Reed and think of Sean Taylor. No way would the NFL allow the hits he used to give.

    O-limeman hold and WR push off with regularity now its part of the game.

    I feel sorry for Ed because he is a true talent and the game has changed. You’re no longer allowed to apply the wood over the middle anymore.

  4. Best safety of all time, class act all the way.

    His hit on Cruz should be what the NFL considers textbook, shoulder to the chest. It is very unlikely either player would be injured in that type of hit….with this fine, all Goodell & Hanks did was set a precedent that hard hitting is now fine’able. Is it their game to do that ? This is a disgrace…I’m all for player safety but clearly the NFL has no idea what its doing. I guess if he hit Cruz in the knees & tore his ACL’s everything would be copacetic.

  5. Ed and Troy play different positions. That’s why they are ALWAYS the starting combination at safety in the Probowl when they play the entire season.

    Ed is certainly a first ballot hall of famer. No one can take an interception to the house like Reed. But, like all greats, he is starting to feel the effects of time. If he hangs up the cleats I’ll be sorry to see him go, but it could be the best move for his legacy.

  6. Soo much hate.

    I’m a skins fan I recognize how good Reed is. He is a first ballet Hall of Famer.

    Polomlu maybe if he heals and goes back to what he was. But thats a hard think for guys over 30.

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