Fitzpatrick doesn’t have much to say about future with Bills

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Because the topic of a new quarterback for the Bills has been discussed so much it feels like it has already happened, the old quarterback wasn’t in much of a talkative mood this week.

Asked by Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News if he thought Sunday was his last chance to start an NFL game, Fitzpatrick answered succinctly.

“No,” he replied.

He might not want to talk about it, but change is clearly coming. Head coach Chan Gailey is widely believed to be on his way out. General manager Buddy Nix (who may or may not be around to preside over it) has said repeatedly he wants to find a franchise quarterback in the draft, and “the time is now” to make a move for one.

That probably makes it time to move on from Fitzpatrick, who is due a $3 million bonus in March. He has already pocketed $21 million of the six-year, $62 million extension he signed just over a year ago.

While those are big numbers, they’re fairly in line with where he falls among NFL quarterbacks. His $9.8 million average is 19th in the league, and he’s 19th in the league in passer rating at the moment.

But the Bills are desperate to make a splash, and investing further in a quarterback who is 18-31 as their starter makes for a hard sell.

“Definitely, that’s my friend, before my quarterback,” wide receiver Stevie Johnson said. “So the sympathy thing is there because there’s a lot on that position. That’s around the league. You win and you’re The Man. You lose and everybody’s looking at you like it’s your fault.

“I can sympathize with him but I can sympathize with every other quarterback in the league also. It’s just the nature of the business.”

And with the Bills set to clear almost $500,000 under the cap by releasing Fitzpatrick, that’s a business decision that nearly everyone sees coming.

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  1. A $10million cap hit is still $10million less than you’d have to pay vs keeping him! The Buffalo News made it sound like it “costs” the same.

  2. Even he knows he is one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. He made out like a bandit making that kind of money. He just wants the cash, and split. He needs to go back to school, and find a different career, because he defenitely is not a quarterback. From the number 1 bills hater.

  3. Great guy. Would love to have him as a backup on my team. There isn’t a true franchise QB in this draft so maybe they try to get Flynn? Anyone but Vick.

  4. This guy got hurt last year in week 4 and hasn’t been the same QB since. I’m afraid his chance happened. Sort of reminds me of Brunell after the MCL tear. Couldn’t escape the pocket and throw with his usual quickness, so he lost his #1 physical tool. Something happened to Fitz…with those two RBs, Stevie and a gigantic TE, he should have been ready to connect. He’s going to be a great insurance policy as a backup for some team.

  5. everyone rips on this guy like all of the bills problems are his fault. Its a shame, he plays like a mid tier QB, gets paid like one, but on the other hand, is expected to consistently bail out this team like tom brady does on a bad pats team. our defense is at a franchise record worst ever, and stuck with a guy head coaching who likes to give away football games. If he played on a team with the caliber of lets say, the houston texans, itd be a completely different story. hell make a great backup or short term starter somewhere in this league

  6. Fitzpatrick is a smart, mentally able Quarterback who with the exact set of tools, a good line, a sturdy RB, a couple of trusting receivers and one lumbering giant TE can get the job done. When one or more of those components is inactive, he struggles. He would be a great backup QB for any team in the league. He can pick up any style offense in a short time and can execute the plays to a T. His biggest knock is his arm, he’s a short to medium throwing QB. He has no deep game what so ever. He has a good set of wheels and is not afraid to run when needed, but his arm drags him down big time. Very serviceable Back-up.

  7. I’m a Bills fan, and have watched every game Fitz has started. He has no arm strength, can’t throw outside, and is brutal. Is sucks watching the games because you know the team can’t compete, and when it gets to crunch time, you know he’ll lose it for you. He’s only consistent at is turnovers 4th qtr ints, or a second qtr untouched empty hand throw (ie KC, Cle, St. Louis).
    I’m glad he’s starting this week because we need a loss to secure a higher draft pick. I can’t wait to see this guy gone. If he hadn’t stolen so much money from the Bills, I’d pay for his ticket out of here.

  8. The headcoaches and QB’s destinies are intertwined. I’m sorry, but if Gailey is brought back, and he lets Fitz walk, he should be fired. I’m all for dumping Fitz in a regime change, but there is no way you can justify releasing the guy if nothing changes in terms of coaching. Fitzpatrick is a 6-win QB, he needs the other players around him to help get the other 4-5 a season, Buffalo, at this time, has a few, but Gailey has neutered them. There is nobody out there that is going to come in a suceed under Gailey, ecspecially somebody new who will be trying to digest a pretty difficult playbook. The only option, as far as succes of the franchise, is to go all in and clean house, I doubt we all could handle another Gailey/Fitz season. However, they just can’t scrape the bottom for another head coach, it doesn’t have to be Bill Cowher, but it can’t be Joe Schmo either. I like Fitz, but the guy that gave him a chance is a complete idiot and pretty much ruined his starting career.

  9. Yes, its an outrage that Fitzpatrick is starting when they have Tarvaris Jackson! Why are they holding J-Jax back? Why did they trade for him if they aren’t going to play him? It is disrespectful they way they have treated a guy who’s won at every level and DESERVES a shot! Maybe they know he will win if he starts this week and that will make management look bad for waiting so long to unleash him! Why are they holding him back? FREE T-JAX!

    Yes, Tebowmaniacs, that was for you. Sounds a little crazy, eh?

  10. I’ve been a Bills fan since the days of the Electric Company, thru the Chuck Knox era, thru the Dark Ages of Bullough and Kay Stephenson (a coach named Kay? Really?!) to the glory years (which spoiled some Bills fans, I think) thru Flutie, Bledsoe, Edwards, the whole sorry cast, leading to the present…so I’ve seen a lot..and you know, Darryl Talley is 100% right when he says some of those guys should have their asses kicked…right now they can’t even bother to mail it in…Folks, this starts at the very top…it’s not Fitz’s fault they put that contract in front if’s not Gailey’s fault he’s in over his head as a head coach…it’s not Buddy Nix’s fault he has no proper “football guy” to report to…the last GM the Bills had who truly ran the entire football operation “his way” was Polian and look where that got him (and Bills fans)…I know Mr. Wilson’s role in the AFL and also keeping the Bills where they belong – in Buffalo – but until the day where guys like Littmann and Brandon no longer have any sway over football operations this team will continue to spin it’s wheels and that will mean Wilson is out of the picture…what’s needed here is a football czar to oversee the entire operation with complete and total control to do things his way and I’m sorry but I don’t think Jim Kelly is a good fit for that role (maybe I’m wrong – I hope I am cause I think that’s eventually happening)….someone with a track record and some kind of experience is needed…one thing that’s always burned at me and maybe that’s part of the problem is why, WHY are so many former Bills involved in coaching in the NFL but not with the Bills? Metzelaars, Reich, etc…if I’m in charge of the Bills I at least try to get guys like that back in the fold again where in my mind, they should be…tell you this: we won’t see 4 consecutive Super Bowls again from any team but I think the Bills can be consistently competitive every season, but that will take time (this mess won’t get fixed overnight, cause it didn’t happen overnight)…just get so frustrated watching year after year of this crap…and even tho I live in Toronto I agree with Wood – playing games here is a joke and its also a blatant $ grab…ok, rant over…

  11. Fitz is a capable backup, similar to Frank Reich, but should never be a starting quarterback. His downfield accuracy is awful, his arm strength is average, and his field vision is poor. I think the Bills might be forced to cut him because of the contract they gave him. He’d be a good mentor to a rookie QB, but he’d have to accept a huge pay cut for that to make any sense for the Bills.

  12. Gailey & Nix broke the bank to get the guy they wanted (M. Williams) and unfortunately the entire Buffalo franchise is completely comatose. Cutting Fitz to save only $500k does not make sense; releasing him for under performing is the reason.

    Fitz is a class act, and a team like the Cardinals would be smart to sign him.

  13. Hey, Buffalo…
    It’s your team’s DEFENSE that stinks!!!
    It stinks so bad, Dave Wannstedt ought to be an OFFENSIVE coordinator somewhere… because he has a knack for making defenses look atrociously awful.
    There’s not a quarterback on the planet who would be able to compensate for the Bills’ lack of defense.

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