Jags finally place MJD on IR

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The career of running back Maurice Jones-Drew may be ending not with a bang nor a whimper nor a contract squabble but via the use of two letters:  I and R.

After a holdout that lasted through training camp and the preseason, Jones-Drew appeared in only six games, gaining 414 yards.  He suffered a foot sprain on October 21, against the Raiders.

Jones-Drew said on several occasions that his return was only a couple of weeks away, but it never happened.  Finally, the Jaguars have cleared the roster spot and placed Jones-Drew on injured reserve.

Along the way, coach Mike Mularkey arguably called Jones-Drew out for not making it back.  “Everybody is different with their pain tolerance,” Mularkey said.  “I can’t compare him to anybody else because I don’t know how he’s feeling. Some guys come back from torn ACLs [Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson] and lead the league in rushing; some guys take longer to come back.”

In the end, Jones-Drew didn’t come back at all.  And, like Mularkey, Jones-Drew may not come back to Jacksonville in 2013.  Though the Jaguars hold his rights for one more year, owner Shahid Khan may decide that it’s time to move on, getting what he can for Jones-Drew and rounding up guys who truly want to be there.
Like, you know, Tim Tebow.Of course, after his failed season in New York, Tebow will be glad to be anywhere.

20 responses to “Jags finally place MJD on IR

  1. “Finally, the Jaguars have cleared the roster spot and placed Jones-Drew on injured reserve.”

    I don’t get it. How is putting him on IR to clear a roster spot, with one game to play, a good thing?

    It makes no sense, from a football operations perspective, unless the Jags avoid paying MJD part of his salary?

    I’m clueless on this move.

  2. arlingtonsynn says:
    Dec 28, 2012 11:36 AM
    And this is what happens when you have the leading rusher in the league paid outside of the top 5 at his position.


    Arian Foster led the league in rushing for the league minimum… he didn’t sit out… he didn’t complain.

  3. @arlingtonsynn,

    This is what happens when you have the leagues leading rusher and still only win 5 games. Khan made a great decision in his 1st year as an owner. Never pay backs.

  4. MJD is the one guy who can miss 4-6 weeks with a pimple. and then another 6-8 after he pops it. I laugh every year when somebody drafts him on their fantasy team, because i know they just made the mistake that may cost them their season. After seeing his comments about Jay Cutler not able to come back into a playoff game because of a knee injury, I can only laugh every time I see he cannot tolerate the pain enough to play. This gets old. Nobody in the league i’d rather see miss games due to injury.

  5. I like MJD, but sad to say he doesn’t look very appealing to other teams when he fails to return after injury (and obviously did not want to). I’d want him on my team but now he brings too much attitude and unreliability to the table.

  6. @purpleman527 by placing MJD on IR, the Jags were able to claim a DT off of Kansas City’s practice squad. I believe they have that player’s right heading into the offseason. So, they were able to add another player, rather than just burning a roster spot on a guy who will not play this week.

  7. Jags can’t win. Marcedes Lewis and Mike Thomas quit on the team AFTER signing big contract extentions, Jones-Drew quits on the team because they tried to avoid the same mistake a third time.

  8. They probably won’t get much for him in a trade, if there are any takers at all.

    But can you imagine the ransom they may have gotten had they traded him at the beginning of his holdout coming off of a rushing title?

  9. I’m no Tebow fan but to call his season in NY “failed” like he’d started for the year and sucked it up like Sanchez did is ridiculous.

    They never gave Tebow the chance to either fail or succeed.

  10. Come on up to the frozen tundra MJD. I can picture him in a Packers uniform. Than again I can also picture myself in a Packers uniform…

  11. thegreatgabbert says:
    Dec 28, 2012 12:33 PM
    The one thing Tebow can do as well as any player in the league is change the attitude in the locker room. That is clearly the first order of business in Jacksonville.


    Yeah, that worked great for the Jets locker room.

    I’d love to see you in black and gold, MJD. And we just so happen to have some salary cap space opening up.

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