Larry Fitzgerald wants no part of being the GM


There might not be a player in the league whose talented is wasted by his surroundings to the degree of Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

But he knows his job is to catch passes, not to hire or fire or make personnel decisions.

I keep everything in perspective,” Fitzgerald said, via Darren Urban of the team’s official website. “At the end of the day, I’m living a dream. I have an NFL jersey on, an Arizona Cardinals jersey, only 1500 men around the world that can say they are playing in this league. That’s an exclusive group.

“It doesn’t feel good to fall short of your goals but we still have one more game against a really good opponent. It’ll be a test of our resolve.”

When he was asked specifically about the revolving door at quarterback, and whether he wanted to see Kevin Kolb return, he chose to stay in his lane.

“You’re asking me questions above my pay grade,” Fitzgerald said. “I saw [president] Michael Bidwill, I saw [VP of player personnel] Steve Keim, I saw [general manager] Rod Graves, those guys might have some answers for you. Those are the decision-makers. I’m just a number.”

“I don’t like to play the GM game. That’s not my role.”

After one more week of a 5-10 season that included nine straight losses, there might be someone new in that role, and many others. And when or if that happens, those people will need to make it a priority to keep Fitzgerald from being such a wasted resource.

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  1. The Cardinals should either go all in to find a decent QB for Fitz while he still has some quality years left, or move him for top quality value (again, while he still has premium value left).

    This current approach of paying Fitzgerald enormous bank while having the 3 stooges at QB while having – is like forking out huge coin for a Lamborghini Countach only to hand the keys to Lindsay Lohan to drive as she’s heading out of a nightclub.

  2. Right there is a guy who gets it. He is a professional at a position that cranks out cry babies.

    He is turning 30 next year and will be hard to trade because AZ will want the world for him… but if… “IF” … AZ would take Percy straight up for Fitz (which is a fair deal) … I say make it happen, bring Jr. back home to MN!

  3. Larry is the opposite of what the Vikings have in Harvin; had in Moss. Must be great to not have drama with your WR cor.

  4. Would have loved to see Manning go to Arizona last winter. But he wanted to be with a contender, so you can’t blame him.

    You can’t blame athletes when they are late in their career, and they want one or two last chances at a ring. They have worked hard over their careers to get there. But Fitz is one guy who won’t say a word. Won’t act upset, won’t be a diva. He will just go to work everyday, happy, and enjoying it. He will work as hard or harder than everyone there, and not point fingers at anyone.

    Guys like him deserve that chance! You just hope he gets it in Arizona. It’s nice when you can see a guys dedication to one team their whole career.. Marino, Elway, Aikman.. Sometimes surrounded with great players, and sometimes just didn’t have enough there, but they were always dedicated to their team.

  5. If you were to start an “All Wasted Talent League” of current players, here’s three I can think of right off the bat:

    Larry Fitzgerald – WR
    Steven Jackson – RB
    Jason Hanson – PK

    Feel free to add your own to the list.

  6. It is difficult not to admire and respect the way Mr. F. carries himself. He thinks and considers the ramifications of his answer PRIOR to replying to posed questions. He is clearly intelligent, thoughtful and poised, even in the face of an impossible situation. Think of other WRs and their possible retorts to similar questions about like-situations. I cringe just IMAGINING Chad and TO handling LF’s lot in life! Best wishes Mr. F.!

  7. rhusby28 says: Dec 28, 2012 12:57 PM

    Larry is the opposite of what the Vikings have in Harvin; had in Moss. Must be great to not have drama with your WR cor.


    TRUE ENOUGH… but I’ll take the Vikings current state of affairs, young players, coach and direction over the sinking Cards at this point any day….

  8. Coming from a niner fan you are an absolute fool to believe AZ is not a contender minus the QB. Had Manning gone there it would be a very hot 3 team race right now. Frankly I think if they had a legit QB they are a better team than Seattle. Seattle got a few breaks and has a big home field advantage. Give the cards a couple linemen and even Alex Smith and they will be a 10-11 win team. Its also a lot easier to like their fans. They at least see things for what they truly are. Cough fail mary, cough

  9. People are giving this guy way too much credit!! He pretty much forced the Cards to sign Kolb before he would re-sign, he def had a say in them picking up floyd with the first pick when they really needed a o-lineman and when things don’t go his way his daddy picks his fights for him so he himself doesn’t look like the bad guy.

    Fitz is still one of the best in the league but you can’t say he hasn’t shaped this team somewhat in the time that Warner has left.

  10. Yeah, rotting away where they were 1 Steelers drive away from winning the Super Bowl. Shut up Niners fan. Every year a team comes from nowhere to greatness. Just look at the 49ers last year. All the Cardinals need is a healthy QB.

  11. “This current approach of paying Fitzgerald enormous bank while having the 3 stooges at QB while having – is like forking out huge coin for a Lamborghini Countach only to hand the keys to Lindsay Lohan to drive as she’s heading out of a nightclub.”


    I understand your point, but c’mon man, the last year of production for the Lamborghini Countach was 1990. Please stop buying stacks of Car and Driver’s at garage sales and put away the Cannonball Run VHS tape.

  12. The Cards are a ways away from being a legit contender. Their defense can be SICK and will be devastating when it gets consistent. Their O-Line is miserable. You could throw Peyton Manning back there, but all you’d give him is a career ending neck injury. They can’t protect the passer and they can’t shove people around enough to start a running game.

    If their defense can hold people to 6 points per game, then I think they might be able to squeeze out a winning record.

    All that to say… God bless Fitz. I sincerely wish him the absolute best in his career.

  13. @vikesfansteve—-while reminiscing down someone else’s memory lane you did forget to somehow mention Fran Tarkenton and how great Minnesota has been in ANY game that matters in the playoffs……or super bowl. Oh…that’s right…..that memory lane is still under construction. Harvin for Fitzy is trading Uncle Eddie for Thomas Crown.

  14. MIKE VICK, baby!!! By week 6 he’ll be out with an injury & the whole Kolb / Skelton / Lindley will reincarnate itself.

  15. Fitz says the right things, but actions speak louder than words:

    * Get Kolb signed
    * Sign an EIGHT YEAR deal.

    He is held captive in a prison of his own design.

  16. As much that Fitz says he doesnt want to be the official Gm, he has played a part in the product the Cardinals put out on the field:

    1)He chose to stay there for the money knowing the talent is nowhere near the level to make a consistent playoff run.

    2) He lobbied hard for Kelvin Kolb, which ended up with Kolb get paid to be a backup basically

    3)The money spent between his two decisions there could have been allocated to fix their offensive line (their biggest problem) along with acquiring a serviceable quarterback.

  17. niners816 says:Dec 28, 2012 2:48 PM

    Coming from a Vikings fan, whose team also has a stud rotting away in Minnesota, your comments are invalid. Just shh, girl.

    LOL, this coming from a 9r’s fan? Are you forgetting your team got its butt handed to it by the team in minnesota?

    I think your also forgetting that your team is as hot and cold as ours is..

    Just remember, at this point, there’s 3 teams that have a way better chance than yours in the NFC to advance to the superbowl.. Packers, Seahawks, and Falcons… Your teams chances are about as good as the Vikings. Only way your teams chances are any better at all, is because your IN the playoffs already.

  18. “You’re asking me questions above my pay grade,” Fitzgerald said

    based on your salary, i think you actually mean “below” your pay grade. pretty sure you make more than the VP and GM.
    …not saying you don’t deserve it.

  19. niners816 says:
    Dec 28, 2012 2:48 PM
    Coming from a Vikings fan, whose team also has a stud rotting away in Minnesota, your comments are invalid. Just shh, girl.
    let me preface this by saying i lived in the bay area for 10 years and the niners are my second favorite team.

    1) pretty sure the purple laid the wood on you pretty nicely this year.
    2) we are 9-6 looking for the playoffs, cards are 5-10 having lost what, nine of their last 10?
    3) we are a quality QB and WR away from being pretty nasty. our defense is very good and our oline has been one of the best in football.
    4) there is no reason to be sexist/misogynistic

  20. Personally I would love to see them get Alex Smith. He’s the kind of low-turnover, safe QB that Larry could mentor a bit and together they could turn that ship around. I’d love to see it happen!

  21. Loved Larry Fitzgerald since PITT first ballot H.O.F Arizona please don’t waste the few good years he has left, this guy made Tyler Palko look good how is possible that you all have 3 QB’s worst than him? You had a shot at Dalton, Wilson, Cousins and you blew them all and there’s not a QB worth drafting coming up! Please trade him wherever he wants to go the man has paid his dues quietly and professionally while sacrificing his all-time great status which I truly believe he is.

    a Redskins fan

    We’re waiting on you Larry

  22. Classy and respectful response from Fitzgerald. I really wish the Vikings could bring him back. The problem, though, is that we’d have to give up too much and it’s something Rick Spielman won’t do.

  23. Wow what a concept. A first class receiver, and first class team mate. If they pay attention, Maybe someday all of the millionaire crybabies playing this game will think before they throw someone under the bus, when baited by the media with questions like this. He knows hes great on a chitty team! Larry you are the Man!

  24. Take a hard look at Vince Young,… I think Vince can help this team… He can still play at a HIGH level,…. His NFL won/loss record right now is 31-19 as a starting quarterback… He has playoff experience … He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler… He was voted 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year….. In 2010, Vince Young had a quarterback rating of 98.6 …………………………
    The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. and Vince Young can WIN………… ANY quarterback in the NFL with that kind of record would easily be given, chance after chance to play on an N.F.L team ……………. Bring in Vince Young “NOW”…Evaluate him, if he’s good enough, sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal… Next year you would have a good quarterback ready to step in and lead this team if need be….

  25. He’s a class act no doubt, but I can’t help but to remember around draft time when he was asking the team to draft Michael Floyd. I got into a debate about it with my friend, my argument being the pick should be spent on an offensive lineman so Kolb or Skeleton had time to throw the ball to him. Seems he’s wisened up

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