Lomas Brown now claims Mitchell wasn’t hurt on his intentional miss

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A funny thing happened in the course of Lomas Brown trying to walk back his claim last week that he once intentionally missed a block in order to get his teammate Scott Mitchell injured: Brown says he has discovered that his memory is wrong, and the play on which he purposely missed a block is different than the play on which Mitchell suffered a season-ending injury.

That’s what Brown told Gregg Doyel of CBS: According to Brown, the former Lions left tackle who is now an ESPN commentator, ESPN went through its archives and found the play that ended Mitchell’s season, and it wasn’t the same play that Brown remembered.

After Brown’s boast about purposely getting Mitchell hurt became a hot topic in the NFL this week, someone posted a video on YouTube that appears to show the play that got Mitchell hurt in a loss to the Packers. That play does show Brown lining up at left tackle and turning to the inside, leaving Packers right defensive end Sean Jones alone to rush to the outside and get a free shot at Mitchell. But as the New York Times noted, there’s really no way to know whether Brown was supposed to block Jones on that play and intentionally let him go, or whether the Lions’ pass protection on that play called for Brown to block to the inside.

Brown’s memory of the 1994 game is faulty. He described the Lions as being down 24-3 at the time he missed his block, but the score of that game was never 24-3. Based on the YouTube video, it appears that the score was actually 10-0 when Mitchell was hurt. And Brown’s description of the play suggests that he initially engaged Jones but then let him go, while the video shows Brown turning inside at the snap and never going near Jones.

In any event, whether Mitchell’s injury actually happened on a play on which Brown intentionally missed a block isn’t particularly important. Either (1) Brown tried to injure a teammate and succeeded, or (2) Brown tried to injure a teammate and failed but happened to get his wish because the teammate got injured on another play in the same game. Brown initially claimed option 1 but now claims option 2. Neither of those options reflects well on Brown.

The third option is that Brown fabricated a story about intentionally injuring a teammate because he thought that would be a swell way to get attention. That sounds ridiculous, but considering that Brown makes his living by appearing on ESPN First Take, a show that encourages its panelists to seek attention by making outrageous statements, it’s plausible.

If that’s what happened, and Brown has now discovered that the attention he generated is unwanted, claiming that he wasn’t actually responsible for Mitchell’s injury might be Brown’s way of attempting to minimize the damage to his reputation. But whatever Brown may say now, his reputation has been permanently tarnished.

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  1. In fact, he is quite certain at this point that the Lomas Brown playing in that game, was not even himself, but someone who happened to have the same name.

    “Not even related to me.”.

  2. It’s a perfect cover up. He is changing the story so many times no one will ever really remember what the original admission was, and in just a few weeks everyone will get tired of arguing about misinformation and forget about it. Problem for Brown- his name will be associated with that of a player who apparently maybe possibly missed a block by accident or on purpose sometime in the 90’s that might have caused the quartback bodily harm of some sort. Maybe.

  3. This is a situation where you realize that your employer doesnt have your back and you need to mend your image. I dont believe Lomas is capable of doing that. He comes across very low-brow and dimwitted. Hes just not a very likable person. And his memory was correct its just that hes also now a liar.

  4. Lomas needs a hug and a muzzle. The order he gets them in is not important only that he gets them. Best to be quiet and appear the fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt…. Hope help is headed his way

  5. If you guys think Brown’s inane bragging, followed by backlash, followed by back-pedaling is lame — check out his Twitter war, where Brown hammers posters from everything from white trash to jock-sniffers.

    How does this clown still have his job?

  6. So, can Mitchell sue Lomas and the NFL?

    If not, why?

    Lomas is the perfect ESPN employee, an idiot who likes destroying people. Plus, he’s black, so there’s that…and for that, he’s forgiven.

    Maybe next time someone wants to kick Rob parker’s ass, Lomas can duck, like Mitchell used to do.

    Maybe he caused Stu Scott to get hit in the eye with a football!

  7. nyyjetsknicks says:
    Dec 28, 2012 3:06 PM
    He’ll try and sue the league again from this.

    “I can’t remember if I intentionally got my qb hurt or what the score of the game was”.


    He’s already suing the league as part of the concussion lawsuit. This has to help his claim. Also makes him perfect for First Take which prefers that it’s panelist be brain-damaged.

  8. First Take is the epitome of the decline of ESPN as a respectable sports news outlet. Rob Parker and Lomas Brown have done a spectacular job of demonstrating that.

  9. Even though, if he REALLY wanted attention he would have just made a Tebow related comment of some kind.. throwing any kind of knock at Tebow is the surest way to get his blind-faith fans all riled up. Tim Tebow: Greatest internet message board fuel ever invented.

  10. In roughly 30 years of watching the Lions I can say that Scott Mitchell was by far the worst quarterback I saw play. It’s unfortunate that he wasn’t benched sooner and it’s too bad Brown had to resort to such tactics but I guarantee the team was much better off with him on the sidelines.

  11. After watching that video it’s obvious Lomas Brown is delusional. I am reminded of that scene from Star Wars though……. “Tebow – I am your father” – Scott Mitchell

  12. As far as being the worst QB in lions history, how about Jeff Komlo, Chuck Long, Andre Ware, etc. There are others as well, Mithcell wasnt that bad and to say he was is incorrect.

  13. I know it was a low down thing to do, but it was Scott Mitchell. He held the ball longer than Leftwich does and got hit more than Cutler anyway. He was overblown coming out of college. He was Rick Mirer 1.0.

  14. “As far as being the worst QB in lions history, how about Jeff Komlo, Chuck Long, Andre Ware, etc. There are others as well, Mithcell wasnt that bad and to say he was is incorrect.”

    Chuck Long was a pretty close second and Andre Ware was also terrible. However, Mitchell’s body of work spanned a longer period of time and so, in my mind, he was worse.
    I’m only talking about players who I remember watching. I’ve never even heard of Jeff Komlo but I’m sure he was also terrible.
    Eric Hipple is another who just came to mind. He may have been even worse than Chuck Long. There’s just so many to choose from and it’s a pretty subjective thing.

  15. Whether Mitchell was hurt or not simply is not the salient point, anymore than ATTEMPTED murder is not a crime.

  16. Clearly, Mr. Brown subscribes to the “if you’re in a ditch, keep digging” school of thought.
    Hey moron, you might wanna shut up sometime soon.

  17. 1995 WAS a good year and a great team….. except for that Tackle that had Gator arms,,, what was his name?

  18. Lomas has said enough to reveal his intentions. If the lions truly value the contributions of former players-team players-lomas will be excluded from any events now or in the future. ESPN, if you continue to employ this buffoon then someday you may find your network as the subject of a 30 for 30-like segment. Did you learn nothing from mis-hiring Rush Limbaugh?

  19. Lomas Brown is actually a genius! You see he knows that he dug himself into a ditch so he’s going to keep on digging, the more he digs, the deeper he goes, the less people that know or remember why the ditch is there to begin with. It’ll be so deep nobody will even know that Lomas Brown is in it besides Lomas Brown.

  20. I stopped all voluntary viewing of ESPN when they announced Rob Parker was only suspended and not fired, so I don’t give a darn what Lomas Brown said, didn’t say, did, or didn’t do.

    Say whatever you want in your vain bid for increased viewership, ESPN spewers of vomit. I don’t give a damn.

  21. On advice of counsel, Lomas is continuing to demonstrate the merits of his suit against the league wherein he alleges suffering brain damage during his playing career.

  22. lomas brown sounds like fat albert and even looks just like him and is just as dumb. typical circus clown hire by espn the jerry springer of sports networks

  23. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the producer for First Take is black and it’s the only show they would let him work on.

    Thats why Espn tells guys like Rob Parker, Lomas Brown, and Stephen A smith to say such stupid things. They watch the ratings momentarily increase.

    But after a while, there’s too much damage, sponsors pull out and the producer gets fired. On the way out, they tell him “hey we gave you a chance, too bad it didn’t work out.”

  24. On First Take I’ve often heard Lame Brain take SUH’s side of the foot to groin. You don’t last 20 yrs playing nice in the trenches.

    He is worst than a dirty player he is an opportunist then and now! Hiding behind his slow ‘draw” and Green Mile like grin!

  25. Lets all be outraged about something that happened almost a decade ago! Brown spoke candidly and gave an atypical insight that players never give, and now people are spewing this faux-outrage and indignation.

    The vast majority of NFL players are meatheads, especially the big uglies. But when stories come out of these guys acting the way you would expect someone who makes their living smashing up against 300 pound men would, the commenters come out of the woodwork to talk about how evil and terrible they are.

  26. notorious:
    Lomas Brown accepted big money from the Detroit Lions to, you know, BLOCK.
    On at least one occasion (that we now know of), he decided to purposely not do what he was highly paid to do…
    How would you feel if Scott Mitchell now suddenly said that he purposely threw incompletions and/or interceptions because he didn’t like his coach or coordinator?
    Lomas Brown, for all intent and purposes, admitted that he pulled punches and took dives during a pro sporting even not affiliated with the WWE…
    So, yes, that makes what he did “terrible.”

  27. Lomas Brown should not be fired………..his lack of CHARACTER is equal to that of the network that is his employer. There was a time in which ESPN prided itself on the highest journalistic standards; they would not tolerate anyone who damaged the brand. They have now become a second rate network where the focus is the talking head NOT the game itself. I will continue to watch the games but when the final horn sounds I will get my highlights and sports commentary elsewhere.

  28. Anyone that would say Mitchell was the worst QB for the Lions in the past 30 years obviously did not watch very much football. Mitchell was Moores qb when he set the reception record same year #19 threw for over 4500 yards, oh yah Perriman also had over 100 receptions that year as well pretty good for the worst qb for the worst team of the past 30 years. People just because some clown says something stupid you don’t have to jump on that bus as well. LIONS!

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