Michael Vick says offensive line changes sent him off track

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Michael Vick is getting the start for the Eagles on Sunday against the Giants, a game he hopes to use as a springboard to another job next season if the Eagles do the expected and dump him after the end of this year.

That’s not the only part of the plan to downplay memories of his poor play over much of the last two years, however. Vick is also taking steps to pass some of the blame onto the changes that went on in Philly since the end of the 2010 season, particularly the change in offensive line schemes when Juan Castillo moved to defensive coordinator and Howard Mudd took over the line.

Vick said the lockout made it difficult for the Eagles to pick up the new protections that Mudd likes to run while also limiting their ability to bring in players who were good fits for the system. In the end, Vick thinks the style and players from 2010 were a better fit for him.

“In hindsight now, looking back on it, absolutely, I think so,” Vick said, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I know it was a different cast of players, as well. A majority of those guys are gone, shuffled around. It was a different group.”

It’s not the first time we’ve heard word of Vick’s desire to play behind a more effective offensive line. On Football Night in America last week, Florio reported the Jets aren’t high on Vick’s list because of their own offensive line issues.

There were also a slew of injuries to offensive linemen this season that made things even more difficult, although Vick can’t push all of the blame onto others for his own slip in performance. Luckily for Vick, he just needs to convince one team that his problems have been more external than internal in order to get another shot at a starting job.

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  1. Did he forget that he has to play one more game behind this line? Or is he hoping that by saying this now they’ll let so many guys through that he gets another concussion early in the game?

    Of course there are offensive line issues in Philly, but for Vick to essentially say he sucked because of the line shows he has about as much tact as he does good decision making ability on the field.

  2. His offensive linemen weren’t throwing those interceptions or fumbling in the red zone. His offensive linemen didn’t stop him from sliding feet first so that he wouldn’t get hit as much when he runs. His offensive line doesn’t stop him reading a defense. I get how important a good line is, but the turnovers that took these Eagles out of contention were not just the offensive line’s fault.

  3. Who gives a crap about Mike Vick? Go on, throw your o line under the bus. Maybe you’ll get some payback for the dogs you tortured when the o line lets some pass rushers through without any effort to stop them. Looking forward to that. Rex Ryan and Mike Vick. Two birds of a feather. It’s everyone else’s fault.

  4. Vick still doesn’t get it after all these years. He’s smart enough to understand that this next game will be an audition for a new team in 2013, but not smart enough to realize that throwing his offensive line under the bus is not something you do when you’re looking for a new job. Great quarterbacks play dumb when prompted to criticize their offensive line.

  5. Actually, he hit the nail on the head with this one. Reid was silly to change the offense to one that didn’t suit his player.

    Michael Vick isn’t Peyton Manning, and asking him to perform the checks at the line like him was as absurd as a coach asking Peyton to run an offense like the one Shanahan is using with Griffin.

  6. Michael Vick says offensive line changes sent him off track

    Always someone else’s fault. Gee, the voices in his head made him kill those dogs, too. Right.

  7. Always someone else’s fault with Vick.

    He had 4-5 good games in 2010 (the extent of his Eagles career) & then lost a completely winnable playoff game with another TURNOVER, Akers took that bullet.

    As he stated before this season started, he didn’t have to change his game. His game was fine. He proved how great his game is over the last 2 seasons. Over 160 turnovers in his career. They are all the O-lines fault, Mike has never taken any responsibility for being a turnover machine. Castillo took the bullet this year.

    Never any self-examination with Vick. His game is fine, it’s play-calling, his O line, the defense, anything else but it’s never Michael.

    As Jim Mora Sr said “Michael Vick is a coach killer.”

  8. Lots of blame to spread around for this atrocious Eagles season. Reid certainly blew it by bringing an old crotchety offensive line coach, with an unorthodox o-line approach, out of retirement. He spent a year and a half trying to teach his approach to “his guys”, and cutting guys who did not get it, before losing all those starters and struggling to teach new guys the system. Recipe for disaster… On the other hand, Vick did himself no favors by mis-reading defenses, making poor decisions, missing blitzes, holding the ball too long, and not sliding when he was about to get squashed by guys 5 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than himself. And, the propensity to blame teammates for lack of individual production was rampant on this team all year – another mark of a poorly coached, poorly lead squad.

  9. Wow reading all this now surfacing truth about Vick is like reading things I’ve posted about him and what was wrong with the Eagles 2 years ago. Amazing people are just now figuring it out. Next people will start saying Desean Jackson really is over rated and those free agent signings where a huge mistake. Not that I’ve been saying that either though. Smh

  10. Somebody posted earlier why wasn’t Foles sacked or hit as much? Have you actually watched the Eagles play? How did Foles wind up on the IR? Geez.

  11. Howard Mudd’s “system” is overrated. Peyton Manning has turned the Broncos into super bowl contenders and I don’t see them using Howard Mudd’s “system.” Reid is a fool. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Your arrogance ruined the team and the explosive offense that Vick created in 2010.

    I can’t wait to see Vick bringing a team to the playoffs next season while the Eagles are stuck with Nick Foles. hahahah.

  12. An OL shouldn’t matter for this guy. There isn’t an OL in the sport that can block for 10 seconds straight as he dances around, pumping & jumping. Enough dude, RELEASE THE BALL QUICKER!!!

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