Mike Wallace unsure if his future is in Pittsburgh or elsewhere


Steelers receiver Mike Wallace has been ruled out of Sunday’s season finale with a hamstring injury, and as a soon-to-be free agent, he acknowledged today that he has considered the possibility that he has played his last game for the Steelers.

I definitely don‘t want to go out like that,” Wallace said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I really want to end on a high note. I‘ve got big plans no matter the situation. I have big plans for myself and my family. Hopefully everything will go in a positive manner.”

After missing the entire offseason before eventually signing the restricted free agent tender this year, Wallace had a disappointing 2012 season, with 64 catches for 836 yards. Once arguably the NFL’s best deep threat, Wallace’s average of 13.1 yards per catch this season was the worst of his career by three and a half yards.

“Obviously this season didn‘t go where I wanted it to go. I‘m happy with the start of my career, and I feel like I‘m on the path to doing some great things,” Wallace said.

The Steelers could keep Wallace by putting the franchise tag on him, but the franchise number is expected to be $10.3 million for receivers next season, and guaranteeing more than $10 million to a guy who only had 836 receiving yards seems unlike the Steelers. Wallace may soon get a chance to find out how much he’s worth on the open market.

90 responses to “Mike Wallace unsure if his future is in Pittsburgh or elsewhere

  1. I would love to have him in Minnesota, but don’t think it’ll happen. There’s no way he is going to be paid Larry Fitzgerald money.

  2. I was going to make a comment about a 2009 third round pick but….

    Then I looked at the 2009 draft class, and Mike Wallace is just middle of the road.

    Hell even Mr. Irrelevant Ryan Succop still holds a starting gig in KC.

  3. Maybe he could join Carson Palmer out in Raiderville. His best years were when he had a couple of burners and could just fire it deep.
    That said – would love to have him on the Bengals opposite AJ Green. Dang!

  4. From Steelers to Seahawks probably doesn’t sound like a fun idea but I would love to see Wallace in Seahawks blue (or even that wolf grey stuff they wore in Canada).

    He had an off season, his best years are ahead of him. Seattle can use a speedy deep threat.

  5. I would like the see Wallace back with the steelers next year, he definitely has big play ability the steelers need. However, how hard is this, he didn’t put up big numbers, so he doesn’t deserve a big contract. The steelers were never gonna give it too him anyways, so now we know there not. Just sign the contract the steelers give you Mike and get your butt to camp on time because your not going to receive a big contract elsewhere. Its really that simple!!!!!

  6. bettis3636 says: Dec 28, 2012 7:42 PM

    Early guess… Washington opens their wallet…


    Nope for two reasons.

    1: $18 Mil cap hit.

    2: Shannie doesn’t like divas.

  7. Mike Wallace should have kept his mouth closed in the offseason, when he tried to believe he is worth to Larry Fitz, and Calvin Johnson salary. Mike Wallace is a great deep threat and has many great highlights, but he forgot one think about his game. Show your talent on the field not mouth of during the offseason about how much are you worth. That definitely hurt his performance during the regular season of 2012.

  8. Leaving the Steeler sinking ship is always a good thing. Roethlisberger is washed up with the lack of arm strength…he’ll never be the same after tearing up his shoulder…Polamalu is over the hill…has lost his speed with the bad calf. Harrison is washed up…as is Keisel and Hampton. Heath Miller will never be the same after tearing his acl and ALL the other ligaments in his knee. Plus their O-line is a sieve since DeCastro has been shown to be a bust.

    So bailing on the Steelers is the best thing for Wallace.

  9. If he were to go to the Redskins, RG3 would have plenty of opportunities to throw the deep ball and then point to the sky and fall on his back.

  10. The Seahawks have the cap room and I think Wallace is outstanding. Bring him here–a very young team that is going to be excellent for years to come. He would fit in perfectly.

  11. Early guess… Washington opens their wallet…


    What wallet?

    They are gonna be in salary cap trouble next year, with no early draft picks…

    Not only are they gonna need to re-sign players already on the roster, but will need to replace other has beens like De Angelo Hall…

    Hard to do with no money or early draft picks.

  12. Whoever signs him is going to get a way better wideout than antonio brown for only 2 million more per year.

    That sounds about right since the guy making the roster moves also drafted ziggy hood, mendenhall and limas sweed with top picks.

    Come on Colbert, lets pick it up!

  13. raiderinva says:
    Dec 28, 2012 7:36 PM
    I was going to make a comment about a 2009 third round pick but….

    Then I looked at the 2009 draft class, and Mike Wallace is just middle of the road.

    Hell even Mr. Irrelevant Ryan Succop still holds a starting gig in KC.
    Let me say this, in terms of the 2009 draft and WR’s only, he was a spot on pick. If I remember the draft correctly, there isn’t a WR I would have taken that was drafted before him.

    But aside from that, I don’t think he is back in the Steel City next year, and I won’t really lose sleep over it. Love his speed and the big play ability, but way too many miscues for a guy who wants 10M+ per season. In the draft, WR’s are tough to predict sometimes, but usually can be plentiful, and depending on the scheme, one or some can be found late and or during camp after the 1st cuts and such.

    Love his ability like I said, but he just doesn’t seem like he can get to the next level as an early down/all down receiver.

  14. All that stated…someone will give him 10M+ so more power to him….but I’d rather not the Steelers commit that type of money to a guy that is somewhat limited in his total abilities.

  15. Wallace is “unsure” if his future is in the ‘Burgh? He’s the only one. He is out.

    Now, if an AFC North team picks him up, I’ll be loving it. He’ll roast those bums twice a year as they rebuild that old man defense. Browns should line him up across from Josh Gordon. They got room.

  16. Wallace is a top 5 receiver who could play anywhere he wanted as long as he didn’t ask to much.

    I could see him going to Denver to play with Manning, they still have plenty of cap room.

  17. He reminds me of Randy Moss in that he’s a one trick pony, the deep speed route. That said I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Pats uni at the right price.

    Unfortunately I think there will be teams that outbid the Pats even if they go after him, so he’ll have to be willing to take less to play on an elite team than he’ll make from a lower tier team.

  18. Mike dropped a number of deep passes this year or made poor adjustments. He should have easily been over 1,000 yards.

  19. I agree with Seahawks4alltime, if the price is right and with the rookie play of QB Russell Wilson he’d be a Great fit. They need to get him some top-flight WR talent.

  20. I love it when Steeler fans bring up the whole “Steeler Way” thing as if guys are supposed to play for them for little or nothing. In reality that’s never really been the case, you guys just happened to go through a period of time where you had cheap quality players (along with excellent coaching). My prediction is after missing the playoffs year after year you’ll see your players leaving for bigger paydays… that’s the future of the Steelers.

    On another note, if you honestly believe that the Steelers would have been/will be the best offer Wallace gets then why did they bother tendering him last year? That’s the dumbest crap I’ve heard on here in a while. They tendered him as a RFA last year because they knew someone else was going to lure him away. He will go elsewhere and he will get paid.

    Also, the whole loyalty to the Steelers argument is quite dumb because the Steelers have shown they aren’t loyal to the players(i.e. Hines Ward). It’s a business and once that business is done getting all they want from a player they move on… there’s no loyalty on the team side so don’t expect it from the players.

  21. I’d be shocked to see Wallace back in Black and Gold next year. Rarely do you play games with the Steelers brass and end up staying.

    I can see them sending Wallace on his way and signing Sanders to a reasonable three year deal. Then it’s on to the draft to find another mid to late=round gem!

    I’ll wish Wallace well in the NFC someplace! He can be a heck of a weapon, but he didn’t have a heck of a year! Too many drops and too much lousy effort.


  22. This guy will get payed BIG in the offseason. He’s still the one other teams game plan against, despite steeler loons saying he’s a one trick pony and ABrown(who he out-performed) is a much better player. No training camp, with a new OC and Roethlisberger missing time in an offensive train wreck of a season for the steelers. Wallace will make some team glad they paid him next year, and because of this year’s numbers he’ll be a bargain.

  23. Considering the whole ‘I want Larry Fitzgerald money’ off-season and considering that he often looked like he was ‘mailing it in’ on the field; the Steelers aren’t going to pay him a monster contract and other teams will take this season into consideration before they just hand him a blank check. He’ll probably land with the Colts and the offensive coordinator (Bruce Arians) who has the offense he thrived in with the Steelers.

  24. Steelers were hurt by losing to poor teams like Oakland, Tennessee, and Tomlin’s awful game management decisions. Tomlin was really exposed this year. Big Ben not delivering in the clutch and throwing interceptions with the game on the line also hurt.

  25. I can see him in New York. This guy has been nothing but a diva. He doesn’t fit in here in Pittsburgh. He is a one trick pony. He’s a terrible route runner. Has subpar hands. Has a bad attitude. He’s more of a liability at this point. Let someone else deal with him. Good riddance.

  26. Teams that have already spent on an imported WR – Jets with Santonio Holmes, Seahawks with Sidney Rice and Bears with Brandon Marshall, wouldn’t be likely destinations. Too much money dedicated at one position & resented by players originally drafted by those teams. I’d say Dolphins or with Bowe leaving, KC

  27. Funny to read all these fans saying “I’d like to see him on my team”.

    So you think you would win more games with a fast guy who doesn’t run good routes, doesn’t have good hands, doesn’t fight for the ball, doesn’t block well, and has a fumbling problem?

    Think about it this way – no matter who your team is, you probably don’t have a qb on the roster who can throw the ball as far as Roethlisberger or Byron Leftwich. Those two started 14 games for the Steelers this season, and all they managed was 836 yards and 13.6 per catch to Mr. Speed. Whoever your qb is, you probably won’t get as much out of Wallace as Ben did. If he’s not worth the money to the Steelers, you’ve got to wonder why he would be worth the money for your team.

  28. Go to the Seahawks, my man. With Sydney Rice, Tate, Baldwin and Wallace the Hawks would score 70 points a game. Wilson can run around all day back there until you get open. Did you see his 15 second scramble against the Niners? Heck, with that much time you can run to the end zone and back, twice. Then there is Marshawn Lynch. Yes, about the only thing the Hawks are missing is Mike Wallace and his speed to take the top off the defense.

  29. The steelers pretty much have to sign him. Who else do they have behind him?

    Antonio Brown has 3 career TDs, and Sanders’ best season he had 28 receptions and under 400 yards. They’ve both been in the league for 3 years. Very unimpressive. Unless they want to trust a rookie to pick up the slack, which would pretty much kill what little offense they have, they have to at least slap him with the franchise tag.

  30. All I know is this is why Pittsburgh is a first rate organization. And no I am not a Steelers fan. they refused to let Wallace hold them hostage. They signed Brown to an extension instead which no question messed with his head. Now they can get Wallace cheap, or let someone else overpay for him. Either way whatever he gets will probably be half of what he was originally asking for. Smart business move

  31. Too bad he forgot how to catch this season. Pit is consistant with their wide outs, burress, holmes, washington, sweed, randel el……. All replacable. Goodbye wallace.

  32. Speed doesn’t mean much when you’ve got hands of stone.

    He’s not worth tagging for the Steelers. He’ll be gone if he’s still asking for Larry Fitz money.

    The Jets are in need of a WR and are probably dumb enough to overpay him.

  33. Yes another piece of the puzzle to make our young team even more deadly a speedy receiver that can stretch the field! wilson! lynch! tate! rice! and now wallace!
    5 deadly venoms!!!! Seahawks all the way and we got the money suckers……………

  34. deadeye says:

    Miami will probably make a run at Taco. They have the slowest WRs in the NFL.
    Your right Miami has the slowest WR’s in the NFL.
    However they also are slow when it comes to recruiting skill position receivers. They will most likely not spend $10M or more on one receiver.

  35. Mike Wallace will sign a fat cat contract with the Browns, stay in the AFCN, and will make the Stillers cringe every time they play them!!!

  36. I’m not sure he is worth the Skins putting a bunch of money in to at this point. We need OL, CBs and safety help. I think that we are all set with WRs at this point. Aldrick Robinson is the same deep threat Wallace is, and we have not used him a lot this season.

  37. Because they can franchise Mike, even though they most probably won’t, the Steelers would seem to have some leverage to get a longer term deal. Mike’s main asset is speed…not great hands, not a great route runner. So one injury that diminshes that speed by a fraction makes him very ordinary. And every player knows they are one injury away from being ex-players.

    Still, Steelers fans have gotten used to seeing guys come and go…Thigpen, Plax, Washington, El, Santonio. Wallace would be next. The only receiver I can remember the Steelers extending was Hines.

  38. The Steelers won’t compete with the kind of money he will get. Geez, even Randal El got a huge contract with the Skins when he left Pittsburgh.

  39. the jaguares need to get him the jags don’t have anybody that can catch a football and mike wallace can catch anything that is troen to him if the jags don’t get him i would like him to stay with the steelers

  40. sellout1983 says:
    Dec 29, 2012 8:33 AM
    lol, this is hilarious. Absolutely loving all these Steeler problems.
    LOL, it’s called FREE AGENCY, and every team in the NFL needs to deal with it.

  41. Be serious. The Steelers are not letting Wallace go. He’s getting a long-term contract, or he’s getting tagged.

    The Steelers haven’t won the AFC North for the last two years now, and things aren’t exactly looking promising for them with the Ravens still being steadily “just good enough” to win the division, and the Bengals being inconsistently good, but getting better each year now that they have their core with Dalton and AJ Green.

    They’ll need Wallace to go along with Brown for the next 5 years.

  42. As a Steelers fan, i’m not concerned about Wallace, if he stays, ok, if not, i’m not gonna be heartbroken. Yeah, he had a bad season, yeah he’s pretty much only has speed going for him, but Antonio Brown is a much better all around receiver, as well as Sanders…Wallace isn’t worth “Fitz money” whatsoever, i’m very happy that he turned down the contract they offered him, and very happy that Antonio Brown took it instead. We need to worry about the players that wanna be here and wanna win for the team and not worry about themselves. We keep Brown, Sanders, Cotchery, and maybe draft a WR this April.

  43. randallflagg52 | Dec 29, 2012, 1:15 AM EST
    The steelers pretty much have to sign him. Who else do they have behind him?

    Antonio Brown has 3 career TDs, and Sanders’ best season he had 28 receptions and under 400 yards. They’ve both been in the league for 3 years. Very unimpressive. Unless they want to trust a rookie to pick up the slack, which would pretty much kill what little offense they have, they have to at least slap him with the franchise tag.
    You mean the offense that was able to beat the vaunted tee shirt boys in their house? Once again this poster shows he wears purple glasses for every game…you don’t think like the steelers or have the hardware they have so your just spouting the hate the steeler line of the tee shirt trolls…..smh

  44. Let me answer mike Wallace’s question on behalf of knowledgable Steeler fans everywhere….elsewhere! His poor attitude and effort thwarted this season. Sure, injuries and age didn’t help, but young promising players were primed to fill that void and he was one that clearly did not. Teams that are looking to pay him big money should not focus on his many huge drops but look at his effort in Baltimore home game, it was atrocious. See ya, one trick pony.

  45. sellout1983 says:
    Dec 29, 2012 8:33 AM
    lol, this is hilarious. Absolutely loving all these Steeler problems.

    I don’t see this as a Steeler problem.

  46. Why pay for a guy who gets open 1 outta 8 times. See ya Mike,thanks for all the drops that define who you are.

  47. Hey all you steeler haters we just may have had our run and also may be without wallace. But, the truth of the matter is no team in the AFC wanted too see them in there because of the fear they possess. AS long as #7 is in the black and gold there will be a chance.After all 7 superbowls wont be achieved by your teams. Especially ravens with there average at best QB. They will be short lived in the playoffs this year.I am willing too bet ben will be in his 4th superbowl before he is done. Remember jealousy is a bad thing. BYE

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