Perry Fewell puts blame for Giants D on not Perry Fewell


It’s obvious the Giants defense isn’t what it once was.

But if you ask their defensive coordinator why, he makes it clear it’s not the coaching.

We’ve prepared better than what we’ve played,” Perry Fewell said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “I think if you look at the tape we’re in position to make plays. We haven’t made plays.”

While coaches default into self-preservation mode this time of year, it’s hard to pin the blame for the Giants’ precipitous slide on one man.

They were seventh in the league in total defense in 2010, and won a Super Bowl a year ago. This year, they’re 30th in total defense.

But mostly, they’ve been awful when it counted most, allowing 67 points in their last two must-win games, which leaves them only a slim conditional chance at the playoffs heading into the final weekend.

“We’ve been in position,” Fewell said. “We haven’t made a football play for the last couple of weeks. We’ve been in position to make football plays, but it hasn’t gone our way.”

If there’s a sign that players know Fewell’s right, it’s that there’s no open or indirect grumbling about him yet.

“We won a Super Bowl in this system — I think that’s the main thing,” linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka said. “We had the same system that we did last year.”

“There’s a lot of support for Perry,” defensive end Osi Umenyiora added. “I’ll just say that.”

Of course, the Giants were trending this direction defensively last year, finishing 27th in the league. But their play late in the year was much of the reason they won a title, so that fades from memory. That’s added some insulation for Fewell, and any offseason changes should rightly begin with personnel.

He’s had chances to interview for head coaching jobs in the past (and the Panthers may have made a significant mistake picking Ron Rivera over him), and will likely continue to. But until he gets one of those jobs, he’s left trying to scheme for an aging cast which needs a re-tooling.

16 responses to “Perry Fewell puts blame for Giants D on not Perry Fewell

  1. If our offense could move the ball a few yards maybe our defense wouldn’t be tires by the 3rd quarter. The blame for this season goes on kill drive, our wrs and manning

  2. Fewell will get interviews for HC to satisfy the Rooney rule, but everyone knows he’s not HC material. What HC blames the players when things go wrong?

    The Giants defense improved last season when Fewell simplified it and didn’t outsmart himself. But running a 4-4 and leaving his declining CB (who shouldn’t be covering #1s anymore) alone against Torrey Smith without help when they needed a win badly was a terrible idea. Reminded me of when he faced Peyton Manning and only dressed 2 DTs and played the entire game in the nickel while Peyton just called 50 run plans and torched Fewell’s defense.

    But nope, it’s the players, not Fewell.

  3. Some owner who’s not on the inside with The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person and who is trying to get there will hire this guy as a head coach. Never mind the lack of qualifications.

  4. Yeah the blame for the late-season slide is not in the hands of Coughlin, Fewell, or Gilbride. The players have just given up. They did weeks ago. It’s obvious in the way they are playing. They have no fire or spark.

  5. If Corey Webster really can’t cover the broad side of a barn, and if he’s the best you’ve got, how long does a reasonably intelligent coach let the barn run loose before double covering it? There is enough talent on this team to do better. Game-planning strategy and personnel deployment have been questionable, even last year when they were successful. Not that anyone here, myself included, could do PF’s job; that is not the issue. The question is whether PF can do PF’s job now that his players are aging and he is burdened with a few weak links. The real test of a coach’s worth is what he can do with less. Anyone, myself included this time, could be successful given enough talent to dominate a game. Recent football history is loaded (really loaded) with examples of coaching failures when average coaches and coordinators are challenged beyond their capability.

  6. I think there is plenty of blame to go around for a fall from grace like this. Fewell isn’t making the adjustments to scheme that he needs to, the secondary is playing like garbage, the NASCAR package has been under performing, the entire defense is exhausted from the Giants being unable to sustain long drives be it three and outs or quick strike scoring, the lack of enough padded practices per the CBA to correct poor tackling, injuries from the top of the roster down, being crowned champions on three different occasions this season without earning it, waiting until their backs are against the wall to play their best football instead of just playing their best football to keep their backs of the wall in the first place….

    That said, you never like to see a coach throw his players under the bus, but he can’t make the tackle himself if he has his guys in the right place.

  7. Thank god they were in position to make a football play. Imagine if they were in position to make a hockey play.

    Football play? I think some people just love saying the word football.

  8. luckyarmpit says: Dec 28, 2012 11:31 AM

    The players have just given up. They did weeks ago. It’s obvious in the way they are playing. They have no fire or spark.

    And that, believe it or not, goes right back to coaching, or a lack of it.

  9. Fewell does not have any speed on that side of the ball. Add in a banged up key cog in Phillips and a completely absent (aging quickly) front four and the pedestrian speed at linebacker can be carved to shreds by even average quarterbacks like Joe Flacco — who will revert to form when Geno and the boys get ahold of him Sunday — look great. Even if he blitzed more, what’s that going to do to stop the underneath passes? And who’s going to run those underneath passes down? Certainly not these below average speed linebackers we have. Reese has ignored shoring up that position since he took over for Accorsi. It is the only gripe I have with him over 99 whole hearted agreements with his and Ross’ scouting moves. But Gilbride is the one who should (but won’t, because Tom is more loyal to his offensive assistants, as has been proven with five different defensive coordinators, while Gilbride has either been the offensive coordinator [2006] or heavily involved in the offensive game planning since he got here), because his system is stale and he’s the one squandering actual Pro Bowl talent. Fewell has none other JP.

  10. Defense was 27th last year, and 30th this year. They stunk against the run all year. Granted the offense didn’t help them out recently, but teams had long sustained drives against the defense, they didn’t help themselves out. They have also been bailed out by turnovers. I am also not a fan of Fewell’s “bend but don’t break defense” Eli had 9 come from behind wins last year and was the only reason we were in the playoffs. The defense did step it up in the playoffs, and to be fair they have had a lot of injuries the last 2 years. My problem is the defensive front this year was practically MIA except a few games. I thought he should have done more to put pressure on opposing offenses. I also don’t like the fact he is not taking responsibility.. Yeah we see the missed tackles too, but I would like a guy that says thats my fault rather than thats his fault. In a results/numbers business he should be fired.

    In terms of the Offense last 2 games terrible, but clearly Nicks is hurt, and people were able to cover him. To me Cruz is not a #1 WR without support, like a Nicks or Manningham, teams can take Cruz out of a game. The offensive line was destroyed the last 2 games and really has not had a consistent running games in 2 years. So hard to blame the playcaller… Gilbride for all his faults and me questioning his play calling, he is top 10 in offense every year and has 2 superbowls. If you base it on the numbers you keep him.. Every year it is the offense that goes through the most changes.. I would keep Gilbride..

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