Report: Rex Ryan would rather get fired than accept the status quo

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Jets coach Rex Ryan wants owner Woody Johnson to make one of two decisions after the season ends on Sunday: Either fire him, or give him the power and the money to make the changes within the team that Ryan thinks are necessary.

In a story headlined “Rex Wants Out,” Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Ryan wants Johnson to authorize and pay for the changes Ryan thinks the team needs to make, particularly on the offensive coaching staff and the offensive personnel.

“If Woody’s not willing to do what it takes to fix the team, then [Ryan] knows he’s better off being fired,” a team source told the Daily News. “If Woody is willing to eat some money and spend to get us out of this mess, then it’s worth staying.”

Ryan apparently wants to fire offensive coordinator Tony Sparano and find a better candidate to replace him, but it’s unclear whether Johnson is willing to spend the money to buy out Sparano’s contract and hire another offensive coordinator. It’s also unclear whether Ryan also wants Johnson to commit to a lot of money to upgrade the quarterback position, either by cutting Mark Sanchez and eating the guaranteed money the team still owes him, or by signing a veteran free agent, or both. But the quarterback position obviously needs to be better than it was this year.

There have been many reports that Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum will either be fired or demoted after the season. Ryan may also want more say in the personnel decisions after that front office shakeup takes place, or at least some say in the hiring of whoever would make the decisions.

From all indications, Ryan does not intend to resign and Johnson does not intend to fire Ryan. So they are probably going to be together for at least another season. But Ryan knows things can’t continue the way they’ve gone this year.

107 responses to “Report: Rex Ryan would rather get fired than accept the status quo

  1. Hard to believe these guys were in two consecutive AFC Championship games not that long ago……organization has become the new version of the old redskins.

  2. Not only does Rex want out……he has his sights set on his next job. Rex actually believes he has a shot at being Defensive Coordinator for the Patriots…..SERIOUSLY… Go back and read his comments about New England over the past several months….he wants a gig on Bills staff badly!

  3. Rex is over rated, plain and simple. For him to make demands like this after taking a team that he inherited deep into the playoffs and ran it this far into the ground a feew years later and still have the balls to make demands shows his arrogance, he is a D coordinator at best and that is it.

  4. The new Redskins will still be the old Redskins before its all over ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,losers !

  5. What do you mean it “wasn’t that long ago” that the Jets were in back to back AFC title games? They made it in 2009 and 2010, which is quite a while ago when you consider how different the team rosters were then compared to now. Ryan deserved credit for taking the team that far during his first two years as coach, but those days are far behind us now.

  6. Firing Rex Ryan isn’t going to help this team. All it will do is make sure the defense sucks too. They don’t have too much talent on that side of the ball but Rex finds a way to make it work.

  7. Not a Jet’s hater, but Ryan looks to be over his head. His team management has been abysmal and his handling of the Tebow situation makes him look petty and small.

    He looks to my like a guy that is daring the owner to fire him, because he has the security of a contract. That situation just looks like a cesspool that won’t get any better with him at the head of the ship.

    New York, you need to clean house…

  8. After this story Rex the Leakmeister Ryan has lost all credibility in New York.
    Is this Rex way of trying to shoot his way out of town??
    First he leaks out the Tim Tebow story.
    Now we’re seeing a leak that Tannenbaum was the one who brought Tebow in.
    Now this.
    Rex may want out but who would want this guy as the face of their organization after watching this media circus that HE created??

  9. Rex obviously doesn’t know how to build a winner. The first sign these guys didn’t know what they were doing was when they let Thomas Jones go. The got away with it because they picked up Ladanian Tomlinson. They beg Asomough to come and while doing so let core player go, Trade Cotchery for Derrick Mason, Braylon Edwards for Burress and then create the biggest distraction in NFL history by bringing Tebow in having no intention of playing him, The only thing I’d give Rex would be a kick in the ass and a pink slip.

  10. interesting. such a story suggests rex is unhappy with personnel decisions made during his tenure. i wonder how he would do making those decisions. to hear he’s unhappy with sporano is a good sign. not sure a new oc and qb is all that ails the offense though.

  11. It seems like this team is going to suck for a long time and the NY Post will have an endless bounty of material and headlines.

  12. I don’t see how Rex can ask this. It’s been his unwavering support of Sanchez, when the whole rest of the world of football knew that Sanchez was a bust, that makes him look the fool.

    I think Rex is just firing a preliminary shot to buffer the reality of his getting fired from the Jets.

  13. Let’s face the facts. Rex Ryan is a terrible coach, he doesn’t know how to pick players and the only reason why rexy is even in the NFL is because of his daddy buddy ball ryan. See ya rex, don’t let the door hit you in your fat rear end on your way out!

  14. Trotting Sanchez out there game after game, horrible performance after horrible performance is pretty much the definition of “accepting the status quo”.

    He had 16 games and 2 other QB’s on that team if he wanted to do something other than the status quo – if he was serious.

    This smacks of someone talking to his NEXT employer, not his current one….

  15. Eagles’ fans could rejoice over Andy Reid’s departure and end up with a situation like the Jets are in. Young Eagles’ fans have no idea how bad it can get over a long period of time.

  16. Rex doesn’t want to accept the status quo, didn’t he make the status quo?

    Isn’t this QB issue his fault? Wasn’t Sparano his choice?

    Wow – this guy is seriously deluded.

  17. And this clown was disappointed he didn’t get the Ravens head coaching job after Billick was fired. Thank God he didn’t.
    Bisciotti knew better…Bless You Steve Bisciotti.

    A BLOWHARD will always get what’s coming to him.
    I’m sure he wants to go to the Patriots….totally surrounded by a winning organization that would make Rex look good, and he wouldn’t have to do anything but eat.

  18. Does anyone know how Sanchez’s contract compares to Kevin Kolb’s? Would it make sense to swap qb’s, both of whom need a new start, then replace Sparano with someone from Philly who could install the offense Kolb ran so well there?

  19. Unlike NFL players, Ryan is in a position to leverage his own termination — since the Jets are on the hook for the entirety of his mega-contract.

    Pretty lame.

    How about this, Rex? If you don’t like coaching in New York, just quit. Of course, he won’t do that — because he won’t get paid.

    What NFL owner would ever touch Rex Ryan again as a Head Coach after this display? Toxic.

  20. Ryan knows things can’t continue the way they’ve gone this year.
    Why not? The entertainment value alone is worth keeping Rex on as head coach. It’s kind of like watching a slow motion train wreck. You cringe at the moment of impact but can’t take your eyes off it anyway.

  21. Hate to break it to you BobbyHoying, but the Jets have had much more success over the last 4 seasons than the Eagles. We are just as bad as the Jets now thanks to Reid/Lurie/Roseman, so you may want to get your head out of the sand.

  22. I know people are critical of Rex this season but the notion that a man heavily involved with coaching a team quarterbacked by Mark Sanchez to two AFC title game can’t coach is just plain silly. Defensively he’s as good a head coach as any in the league. Even this season in which they lost their best defensive player and the offense is turning the ball over like it’s giing out of style the defense has performed relatively well.

    The offense is horrendous. And speaking as a Redskins fan who for years had a good defense and inept offense you can’t win that way. Whoever signed off on Sanchez’s extension should be fired. The talent on offense is one of the worse in the league.

    I know Rex is loud and boisterous. When people like that fall it may feel good to take shots….but to say he can’t coach and he only got the job because of his dad? Despite Rex being the defensive coordinator for the Ravens’ top 10 defense before taking this gig? Come on now.

  23. I hope he’s fired tired of seeing his liposuctioned face on TV talking about how they’re gonna make the playoffs two weeks into the season give him an oc job somewhere and put someone in who knows what they’re doing.

  24. So now Wrecks throws his OWNER under the bus. Smart move there blowhard.

    As if he knows what he doing in the 1st place. Thanks for all the laughs this year jets!

  25. Why throw good money after bad? Rex has proven that he can’t manage a QB situation, or adequately evaluate talent at that most important position. So the real question is what is Woody Johnson going to get by opening up his wallet under this regime? The answer is more of the same. It’s time to cut bait and fish for a new coach.

  26. bobbyhoying says:
    Dec 28, 2012 7:10 AM
    Eagles’ fans could rejoice over Andy Reid’s departure and end up with a situation like the Jets are in. Young Eagles’ fans have no idea how bad it can get over a long period of time.

    Ya your right! Instead we should settle for terrible play calling, terrible clock management, terrible draft picks, and 0 championships. That sounds like a much better idea. Hey hopefully we can be mediocre for years! Nothing to complain about then right! The eagles would be the laughing stock of football had it not been for the Jets. How you don’t see that blow my mind.

  27. Tony Sparano is a big reason the Jets are terrible. He cant coach offense, without tht bushleague wildcat which is a glorified high school offense. Sparano should have been fired two months ago

  28. When Parcells made his famous shop-for-the-groceries line, he already had two head coaching Super Bowl rings. Rex has no such resume, so him asking to similarly shop for the groceries will fall on deaf ears.

    The Giants haven’t played well down the stretch, but you’re not hearing the “fire Coughlin” chants like last year – that second Lombardi buys you a lot of time and cache. Parcells was able to parlay that with the Patriots.

  29. I could swear I remember Rex claiming back in August this was the most talented team he had and now after a dismal season he wants to pick the players. Sounds to me like he is throwing everyone else under the bus which is indicative of his lack of leadership skills.

  30. It’s really funny how stupid some of you jets/Rex haters are….contrary to popular belief Rex is NOT the GM he is just the coach, he doesn’t have Andy Reid power…

    It wasnt his decision to bring in the over rated tebow when they didn’t need him, it wasn’t his decision to make this offense progressively worse year to year, it wasn’t his decision to have no legitimate rb on the team, it wasn’t his decision to extend Sanchez, it wasn’t his decision to not have a legit wr on the team besides Holmes…etc etc I can go on…tannenbaum has to go he ruined this team not Rex

    Rex is a company man and doesnt want to lose his job so he will always get his teams back and publicly say he supports every move made so he can keep his job…it’s really funny that some people don’t get his shtick yet…

  31. As much as I despise the Jets and Ryan, I have to say its a genius, all be it petty move. Johnson is now in a position where if he makes the right decision for his team and fires Ryan, he becomes one of the most criticized owners in the NFL, and Rex Ryan essentially becomes a Martyr.

    As a Dolphins fan, I love it. I want Ryan at the helm of the Jets for the next decade.

  32. Worst head coach in the history of sports. This team is filled with his guys. He drafted and defended Sanchez for years while everyone said he wasn’t good enough. He brought in Tebow to hold a clipboard. Now he wants to pretend he’s not to blame? Worst head coach of all time.

  33. I don’t believe Johnson would let Rex Ryan go, He too good of a defensive coach. If Rex is let go ,the first one to take him in would be Bill Belicrap of NE. KC would take Rex Ryan in also. That’s if Rex Ryan wants to be a defensive coordinator again, The way he is talking proves he wants to be a head coach with more power. Like Bill Parcell when he coach NE.

  34. Woody us all about headlines and I think Rex is tired of headlines and the circus and just wants to play football and win. He wanted nothing to do with tebow coming to town, that was all to do with higher ups. The Sanchez mess and every other guaranteed contract? Also higher ups. Rex can coach no question but if you have a high school squad to work with it don’t matter.

  35. I don’t get it, did Rex hire his own OC? If so, shouldn’t those actions have consequences?

    If he wants Tony Sparano fired, maybe he should cut a deal with Woody to subtract the salary that the Jets have to eat from his own.

  36. Look, I’m definitively no fan of Rex Ryan BUT
    1. He has taken the team far into the playoffs not too long ago, which shows he IS a capable coach. He just needs some personnel changes.
    2. Contrary to some of you uninformed opinions, Ryan has NOT been in charge of personnel and did not build this team full of terrible characters & add Tebow to try to balance it out. Mike Tannenbaum did that.
    3. Injuries had A WHOLE LOT to do with how bad this season was.
    4. To say that Ryan stood behind a pathetic Mark Sanchez and hold it against him is just idiotic. What was Ryan supposed to do? Stand at the podium at post game interviews and talk trash about the best QB he has on the roster? Shake his QBs confidence to make him play worse? Tannenbaum is the personnel man, not Ryan. Ryan is in charge of the group he gets.
    5. Ryan COULD have handled the media circus a lot better by not giving the press a fresh mouthful every chance he got but hey, that’s Rex. But let’s face facts here: Tannenbaum is the problem here.

  37. only 3 people know who really made those awful personal moves. If Rex really did that he should be fired. but if they’re all the GM and the owner well I think they need to listen to Rex.

  38. As an Eagles fan, and a guy who’s personal favorite coach of all time is Rex’s dad (Buddy, I know he was a jerk, but he was OUR jerk), Rex needs to be fired. When he is, he won’t find a new head coaching gig easily.

    That being said, I would love to have him come to Philly and run the defense. Him and Bobby will always be able to find a job somewhere, just not in charge.

  39. When there is a slow news day, the media can always say something about the Jests.

    Never fails.

  40. As a lifelong jets fan I have scene it all. It’s funny on the field with Richie they played hard kotite their record was horrific. We knew they were outmanned and the coaching sucked. Lombardi couldn’t win with that team. This feels almost as bad. The reason being is that they actually won with rex and Mr t. The personel has changed for the worse. Rex sees the handwriting on the wall. If he is stained by these offseason moves he will never ger another job. The problem is this is only rex’s side of the story. People in the nfl know the deal. Rex is only spewing more hot air. Sadly this is the only thing he is good at any more!!

  41. First off the Sparano hiring is fully on Rex. Also, while its easy to blame the personnel decisions on Tanenbaum I can’t imagine Rex had zero input. People shouldn’t forget that Tanenbaum was also responsible for putting the talent in place, with Mangini, that got the team to two AFC title games. This team is getting old, has zero depth and is a lot further away than when Rex took the job.

  42. ROFLcoaster at those people suggesting Rex wants a job with the Pats. Even someone as dense as Rex is must know Belichick would never have anyone on his staff with half the mouth that Ryan has, and that Kraft would never allow it either.

  43. Rex after you get fired go to the Eagles as defensive coordinator and fix their defense.That way Andy can win a Super Bowl.With Andy’s offense and Rex’s defense this team would be great.

  44. Bravado and self-confidence are never lacking in the Ryans (Buddy, Rex, Rob)……If you listened to any of them over the years they are the greatest coaches ever…..when the facts are that they are capable defensive coordinators but feeble head coaches who make bad personnel and game decisions. This year is further evidence of that…..

  45. Rex should just go back to defense. He has a chance to create himself a nice legacy at that spot. As Head Coach, he’s in over his head. Pretty simple.

  46. if norv turner doesn’t get Garrets job in big D you could hire him to be the OC and trade your second round pick to Shanahan for Kirk Cousins and Evan Royster (rb) those moves alone would almost guarantee you 14 more points per game

  47. Can we get some tiny things established…
    1. Tannenbaum gave Sanchez the contract extension. Not Rex
    2. Tannenbaum has all input on draft picks except 1 which Ryan picks.
    3. Ryan obviously didn’t want Tebow in, woody Johnson or tannenbaum did.

  48. I love that people seem to be giving Rex all of the credit for taking this team to 2 straight AFC title games, but also saying none of the personel moves were his so you can’t blame him for the bad seasons. You can’t have it both way folks! Blame Mikey T for ALL personel moves, which means the good (Revis, Cro, Holmes) AND the bad (Sanchez, Tebow, the entire OL). On the same note you can either say EVERY year’s record rest solely on Rex (2 AFCC’s and the craptastic seasons such as 2012) or none. You cannot simply pick and choose the best result and credit them to Rex.

  49. Hey Rex, the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl last year with 18 undrafted free agents, including 8 who started. So it’s not a question of spending money; it’s about coaching, in your case, bad coaching.

  50. There is a book entitled “building a good organization” and it was written by Robert Kraft and the first and only chapter reads like this:

    “Hire the right GM, sign the checks and then get the hell out of the way.”

    I must admit, though, that as presently configured the jets are amusing.

  51. It appears that “Mr. Bluster” has finally been exposed for what he really is – “hot air” and the “empty barrel”.

  52. Two championship games were a fluke (shouldnt have made playoffs) and Mangini should get some credit for those rosters.

  53. So….I’m wondering when will people stop giving Rex credit for the AFC Champ. appearances when he freakin inherited the team from Mangini. Only thing Rex did was draft Sanchez but as the years go on and contracts expire you eventually have a team that Rex constructed. He is the head coach he makes the executive gameday decisions apparently cause he handled his QB controversy this season. Some people are Coordinators and some are HC he is a coordinator. If you have a coach who wants more shine than the athletes that actually plays then yu have a problem. Look at the Dungy, Tomlin, Bilichek, and just about any other HC that’s won a Superbowl the players shined the coach did what they did behind doors. Rex is D coordinator at best

  54. @ mrtreyseven – did Mangini take his team on a deep playoff run? Mangini had Favre and didnt even make the playoffs. Rex comes in with a rookie QB and brings in pieces that worked better (Edwards / Holmes / Cro / LT / Bart) and makes 2 AFC Championship games. Rex deserves the credit for that. It didnt work under Mangini with a HOF QB

  55. If he was in any market outside of NY (besides Philly) there’s no way he’d be on the hot seat right now.

  56. A couple of comments

    1. All you need to know about Rex’s player evaluation skills is that he called the 2012 Jets his most talented team.

    2. All you need to know about Rex’s management skills is that how the Jets are viewed by the rest of the league…..a circus.

    3. There is no personal responsibility taken on the Jets. Its NEVER their fault. The biggest offender is the HC, and this last story just sums it up. The number of people he’s thrown under the bus is growing longer every day.

    4. He’s never coming to the Pats. It took a little while, but the Pats have figured out Rex’s defense and over the last 2 years haven’t scored less than 30 on it.

    5. Over the last 2 years the Jets have beaten only ONE team with a winning record.

    6. This latest story proves Rex’s that his only viable skill is his manipulation of the media. He now wants out, and he wants the rest of the league to think the current Jets disaster “wasn’t his fault”

    7. As a Pats fan and Jets hater, there is no other place that I want to see Rex Ryan than as HC of the NJ Jets. Let the debacle continue. LOL

  57. A few years back When Mcnabb and Reid were in Philly, I told my father-in-law from Philly and a die hard Eagles fan that as long as the two of them are with the eagles, they will never win a superbowl. The canned Mcnabb and everyone jumped on the Vick ban-wagon saaying they are the dream team. I again told my father-in-law that Reid is still the coach so there is no way they can win.
    Sometimes no matter how much you stack a team, you have to have the right coach, I know coaches don’t win games, but without a good coach your luck runs dry.
    Rex is a loud mouth coach and at best the 4th worse coach currently in the position of head coach.
    Now I am a Patriots fan, and we all know the Jets are always a threat to the Pats, the Jets certainly have the team to make a playoff spot each year, but they need that one key ingrediant, a good coach to take them there.
    If I was the owner of the Jets I would demote Ryan to DC and hire a new head coach.

  58. Gee, how come they aren’t saying “Rex is quitting on his team” and “Rex is showing his real self – a prima-donna” or “Rex threatens to take his ball and go home”? Guess there’s a different standard for a guy who says “Play me or trade me” and a guy who says “Play it my way or fire me”.

  59. @jetstizzi85 look I’m not going to argue wit u because you are clear not thinkin in your right frame of mind to believe a washed up Berry Farve would lead yall to anywhere…I get he is a HOF but check dudes stats most passing TD, and most INT so yu never knew who or what you were going to get. But like I stated earlier Mangini built the championship teams because as contracts expired and trades were made people were released you Have a team created by Rex. LT retired, Bart only came cause the Ravens wouldn’t give him that max deal and plus Rex was his DC, yall let Braylon Edwards go, besides he dropped passes left and right anyway, Holmes ain’t been the same since his SB catch Hell all Rex can hang his hat on is Cromartie and Revis but guess who drafted Revis Mangini…so we see how good of job Rex can do with someone else team just can’t cut it on his on

  60. 1-Rex took a team he inherited to 2 conf finals. The current team is his own and it stinks.
    2-Players went out to bash back up QB and now Rex’s ppl are talking behind to put the franchise in bad position to further his personal agenda. He has created this unhealthy culture of ‘going behind and blab to media’ that is detrimental for healthy org.
    3-He is putting all the mess upon the Front office and owners and taking ZERO responsibility.
    Non of the above are quality of a good HC. Fire him, kick Sanchez and rebuild as soon as possible.

  61. jammer88 says:
    Dec 28, 2012 7:06 AM
    “Let’s face the facts. Rex Ryan is a terrible coach”
    Idk about that – Dude frustrated Peyton/Brady in the playoffs – you look at the jets defensive roster and …. there’s maybe Revis and not much else (especially up front) …

    You gotta give the guy credit as a defensive coach – if he had a better QB/Offensive Coordinator – his team would’ve probably had won a superbowl or two.

  62. One more reason to fire Rex-big mouth-Ryan is , after starting to win games against division bully Patriots, he is 0-4 in the last two seasons. BB and TB has figured him out. Jets have no chance under RR and Sanchez. The earlier the better.

  63. pricejustin24 says:
    Dec 28, 2012 11:57 AM
    Worst coach in the nfl. Worse that Schwartz

    I don’t know, too close to call. definetly the two worst in the NFL today. both should be replaced asap.

  64. If this guys wasn’t on the hot seat before….after these comments, I hope he is now.

    Who else could he possibly blame for the Jets issues while trying to make himself look good.

    Didn’t he hire Tony Sporano? I don’t know if he made the decision to bring Tebow in….but he certainly didn’t coach him up or change the game plan to use him. McElroy wins a game for them and then he doesn’t activate him for the next game or two?

    He appears to spend zero time on the offensive side of the ball.

    I think someone said it earlier….that he appears to be in over his head.

  65. People need to STOP PANICKING! All is not lost. The season is SALVAGEABLE, no matter who is playing QB! All Rex needs to do is go into the game against the Buffalonian’s with the right game plan, i.e. keep it simple, play good defense, run the ball, and try to get deep into the 4th quarter with the score say, oh, I dunno….zero to zero……and then bust out that Azz Munch of Liberty Play they called against the Patriots, but this time it will work because NOBODY WILL BE EXPECTING IT! That’s the ticket, cuz I gotta see that play ONE MORE TIME.

  66. I told Jest fans 5 years ago, that this would happen. I told them that if Rex kept sprouting off about Super Bowls, and they did not reach one, that he would soon be tuned out, and it looks like it is happening. It looks like he has been humbled though, and that’s a good thing. He might be a decent HC, but he needs to learn to let his teams play do the talking. Someone might be getting a hell of a DC, because I’m not sure any owner wants to deal with the guy at this point. Somewhere down the line he might be hired as a HC again, but he’s going to have to show that he’s not the same guy that he was in NY.

  67. “Some people like to say the Giants are the big brother team and the Jets are the little brother team. I have news for you: We are the better team. We are the big brother,” Ryan, who guaranteed his team would win the Super Bowl title before the 2011 season started, wrote.

    “When people ask me what it’s like to share New York with the Giants, my response is always I am not sharing it with them — they are sharing it with me. … It seems clear that right now we are the better team and we are going to remain the better team for the next 10 years. Whether you like it or not, those are the facts and that’s what is going to happen.” – Rex Ryan

  68. We suffered through 3 years of Sparano in Miami as HC before he joined the Jets. Decent guy, players like playing for him and worked as hard as anyone to succeed.

    Unfortunately, his idea of a good offense is similar to Rex Ryan’s…..ground and pound and if you get behind, you are out of luck. The offensive passing game in the NFL is too much for him and his offensive philospy doesn’t work with the amount of points being scored today. Prior to coming to Miami as head coach, he was the offensive line coach in Dallas and apparently did a very good job.

    Sparano will make someone a very good position coach…but he isn’t a head coach or offensive coordinator.

  69. Manish never names a credible source. All his reports are garbage. Please stop posting his articles. It is just making this site into the TMZ for football.

  70. To all the Rex apologists out there – you are what your record says you are. The Jets are sliding down a slippery slope with no end in sight. THAT belongs to Rex.

    Time to fire the blowhard.

  71. Just wanted to be a part of the comment trend. Seems like Jets stories are all the rave. Without the jets, the NFL may be irrelevant .

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