Rex: “Mad as a hornet” about report

Getty Images

Well, the Jets never skip an opportunity to entertain.

Coach Rex Ryan was, as you might imagine, upset by this morning’s report that he’d rather be fired than accept the status quo.

That’s leading to a press conference that will go down among the most memorable in a season full of them for the Jets, as Ryan declared himself “mad as a hornet,” about the report he called “totally untrue.” He said he talked to his team about the report earlier today, and insisted to them he would not quit.

It was a passionate response from Ryan, including at one point saying he talked to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, denying the story that he’d rather be fired than come back without significant changes to the offense, and saying that Mehta didn’t include his denial in the story.

But while it makes for good theater, there are a few immediate problems.

One, Mehta didn’t suggest that Ryan would quit, more suggesting that Ryan wanted to see changes.

Two, the size and scope of Ryan’s reaction creates a baseline for responses to future reports. If he’s this fired up about something that seems reasonable on its face (changes clearly needed to be made), he’ll need to be equally passionate in the future about reports which he considers untrue. If he doesn’t, it becomes a tacit admission they are.

As Florio mentioned moments ago, this thing is far from over, and far from boring.