Soon-to-be free agent Josh Cribbs is frustrated in Cleveland


Browns receiver and return man Josh Cribbs becomes a free agent this offseason, and he sounds like he could use a fresh start.

Although Cribbs says he’d like to remain in Cleveland, he also lashed out at Browns fans on Twitter after Sunday’s loss to the Broncos, and he told reporters this week that he finds it frustrating being with a franchise that is constantly making changes.

I hate that we rebuild every year,” he said. “You gotta teach guys how to play special teams because, in college, you don’t take special teams to heart. Guys don’t pay a lot of attention to it. They don’t know how important it is. Every year is a constant rebuilding process, every year. Coupled with that and the turnover and the regime [change] constantly happening, you know I’m not on the field by myself. . . . It’s not a good recipe for successful football.”

Cribbs is still a solid returner on both punts and kickoffs, but he’s not having his best year on special teams, and he has been largely phased out of the Browns’ offense. And while Cribbs has said he now thinks he went too far with tweets ripping the fans on Twitter, he still seems to have issues with some of the criticism he takes from some fans.

“A lot of people don’t know nothing about football and keep calling this just a game. But this is our life, this is my life. It’s more than a game to me,” Cribbs said.

Until we know who will be calling the shots in Cleveland next season, it’s impossible to know how high a priority the Browns will make re-signing Cribbs. But he sounds like a man who could benefit from getting a fresh start somewhere else.

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  1. Cribbs is a good dude and has done alot for the Browns over the last 4-5 years. His heart is in the right place, and he truly cares about the team and winning. His problems are that he’s too vocal for how much of a contribution he’s currently making, and his skills are declining. He didn’t return a single punt or kick for a TD this year, while Travis Benjamin on only two attempts took a 94 yard punt return to the house. He’s basically been replaced. It sucks, and I’m sure it’s very frustrating for him, but it happens to everyone.

  2. Hire Brad Childress he did a great job of rebuilding a viking team. The love boat scandal was there childress came in and wiped the team clean and got that team to the nfc championship game and look where the same roster minus a few guys are with his team fighting for a chance a win and they are in.

  3. Cribbs problem is that he isnt great at anything anymore. He goes down on first contact on returns and has had issues fumbling this season, he runs poor routes as a WR, doesnt have the speed to get separation from even average NFL CBs, and has mediocre hands. The guy was great, in the years he complained about his contract, but other then that he really has been average. Dont let the door hit you Josh, youve been overly vocal while really bringing nothing to the table this season.

  4. Cribbs & Dawson have always been two of my favorite players and it will suck to see them go, but they deserve better.

  5. Cribbs is the only thing that has been relevant about the Browns in recent memory. So I can see where he’d be frustrated. If they don’t get a real QB then they’ll never go anywhere. Weeden isn’t the guy for the job. They showed a lot of promise this year but until they have a QB that can ball, they’ll never move forward.

  6. Good riddance Josh Cribbs. Sick of your constant talking. You are NOT a good offensive player and you are now an average kick returner. Kick returners can’t make it in this league anymore with the way the kickoffs are now. You are replaceable. See ya!

  7. Go ahead, give the job to Benjamin and see what happens. See if the Browns are better off without Cribbs and I bet you next year Benjamin averages less than cribs does. The PR TD he had was on a trick play of sorts where the offense was out of allignment, let’s see how he deals with twin gunners like Cribbs always sees.

    I see what Cribbs sees. How many 30+ yard returns has he had called back this year due to holding? A lot. Why? These new guys don’t know or value special teams. My brother had them in fantasy and his complaint was too many called back returns. He had no TDs, but he had horrible blocking like the guys forgot how to block properly. As far as him ripping fans who rip him, I don’t blame him. People feel it is their right to call him out not knowing the while picture. Top 5 in both KR & PR average. No TDs, but good field position. I’d say that is still being effective.

  8. Mr. Cribbs is in for a very rude awakening in the free agent market. I’m not sure what he expects the market to be for declining special teams players who can occasionally make minor offensive contributions.

    I expect it to be something in the range of one-year, veteran’s minimum.

  9. Sadly the running of his mouth about his contract/playtime/twitter is no longer being outweighed by his running back kicks.
    I like the guy, but the new kickoff rules have really depleated his value, he is not on the same level as Little, Gordon or Benjamin at WR.
    Good luck next year Josh

  10. Josh is not a good WR he is a special teams player who is over 30 and now has alot of mileage on a body who has definately lost a step. Banner is known for not overpaying vets when they are on the downside of their career, and I think Josh needs a change of scenery and hopefully he can get a chance with a playoff team but his days with the Browns are over after the Pitt game and his big pay day is not coming at this point in his career either from no one. As for Steeler fan, wanting him if he goes I wish him luck,but the Steelers on their downside as well, getting old and its showing with all the constant injuries. This division in the next 2-3 years with the right coach will be about the Bengals and the Browns. watch and see.

  11. Josh, take the turnpike east and get off at the Pittsburgh exit, you’ll find everything that you will need there.

  12. Josh Cribbs was looking like he was going to have another good season until he took that punishing hit early in the year. You know, the one that his wife and his mother asked him to retire after?

    The kid can play, be it as a return man, a WR or even the QB in the wildcat.

    And the comments on rebuilding every year? The guy is right. How can you have any kind of success blowing it up and starting over every year? Of course a first year coach isn’t going to have great success, especially when he is inheriting a team that was “built” for five different schemes in the last seven years. How about everyone takes their finger off the panic button, you build a team through the draft and free agency with an eye to a specific scheme on offense and defense and be patient. What’s the worst that could happen, a six and ten season?

  13. PLEASE don’t go Josh!!! I am a lifelong Brownies fan and u r one of the FEW bright spots year in and year out on this team!! U r one constant player that we can be proud of and is also well respected around the league – But if u must go, I ( and Im sure most other real Brownies fans) will understand why and wish u all the best!!! Also, weather u go or stay, Id like to thank u for ur years of making every punt return / kick return exciting and worth watching!!! U r a true gentleman!!!!

  14. It is clear why Cribbs is frustrated – it is because he is one of the FEWW players that plays with HEART , week in and week out….sure, I know that the paycheck has something to do with it, but Cribbs wears his heart on his sleeve and he leavs it all out on the field!!!!

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