Vick’s reluctance to renegotiate reduces Eagles’ options


The six-year, $100 million contract that never really was a six-year, $100 million contract will ultimately be not even a three-year deal.

With Eagles quarterback Mike Vick due to earn a base salary of $15.5 million in 2013 and with $3 million of it due to become fully guaranteed only days after Super Bowl XLVII, the Eagles have a decision to make, quickly.

As we reported five days ago on NBC’s Football Night in America, Vick won’t renegotiate the deal.  As a result, this limits the Eagles’ options, significantly.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer echoes the notion that Vick won’t reduce his 2013 pay, and then McLane lays out the theoretical options.  The Eagles could cut Vick before the $3 million becomes fully guaranteed.  Or they could keep him into the new league year, carrying the guarantee and the cap number while attempting to trade him.  Finally, the Eagles could squat on Vick through offseason workouts and into training camp and the preseason as insurance against an injury to Nick Foles, since the rest of Vick’s salary would not become fully guaranteed until the first day of the regular season.

But no option other than cutting Vick is particularly viable.  A torn ACL or a ruptured Achilles or any other significant injury to Vick while participating in training camp, the preseason, offseason practice, or even weightlifting at the team’s facility would potentially put the Eagles on the hook for the full $15.5 million.  And with Vick unwilling to take less money, no one will trade for Vick’s contract.

Besides, as the Eagles move forward, presumably with a new coach, they can’t afford the distraction that would come from keeping Vick.  So while the Eagles have options, the only option that makes sense is cutting Vick loose before that $3 million guaranteed vests in early February.

“I have to just sit back and think about what has transpired and look at the situation as a whole,” Vick said Friday regarding his future, per McLane.  “Of course, you would like to come back and play.  I love the organization and I love what they’ve done for me. . . .  But if not, it’s been wonderful and I understand the nature of this business. At some point, we all got to move on.”

Amen to that.  And Vick most likely will be moving on, and moving out, sooner rather than later.

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  1. As a Chiefs fan I’d take a flier on Vick. No QB in this draft looks to be NFL ready and no team on KC’s current roster is NFL capable.

  2. How much does he think he will get on the open market? He could probably restructure to a 3 million dollar bonus and 7 mil next year which is certainly more than he will get any other way.

    Of course he was never the brightest of lights.

  3. Oh man, I can’t even imagine the media frenzy that will consume the entire 2013 season after the Jets sign him. Maybe they’ll ship Tebow to Philly? Lefty for lefty.

  4. I’m sure that his decision to not restructure his contract means that he plans on playing elsewhere next year and maybe even knows which team will be playing for. He’s more of a ticket sale then he is a QB at this point in his career he still possess leadership qualities but his skills and speed are diminished.

  5. Smart move by Vick. If another team wont have to give up a draft choice to get him he has more to bargain with. He thus forces Philly to release him sooner, then gets to pick his own team and comes with less baggage.

  6. Get an offensive line worth a damn and Vick wouldn’t get injured and press so often, ultimately resulting in him being worth the money. At 32, he’s still in his “prime” and should be worth that $ to somebody.

    He just doesn’t fit in with the dumpster fire in Philly

  7. It’s amazing how the Philly media has been trying to get rid of Vick since he got there a some of the hateful fans. Now they want to get mad because he does not want to stay and take a pay cut. How ignorant can you be. Philly let it go you got your scrub QB Foles so get over it. Michael Vick will have a job and steam who wants him you hateful people better hope you can find a coach that wants to come there because Chip Kelly is not coming there to coach Foles read option offense is not for him. Good luck you are going to need it next year. Let Marty be your HC you deserve each other!!!!!!

  8. Why would he renegotiate? It weakens his earning power later on. He’ll land someplace else for sure. Too many teams don’t have, and need even a semi-competent QB to say otherwise. But if the Eagles are going to cut him to avoid the roster bonus and the huge cap figure anyway, then let them do it. If he renegotiates and they still cut him, or just have him caddy for Foles at a very reduced rate, it obviously reduces his chances of starting elsewhere, or getting premium dollars one last time. If I were him, I would have the same stance under the circumstances.

  9. Pretty sure he has resigned himself to making less money and wants out of Philly. Refusing to renegotiate assures that this happens.

  10. Why should he renegotiate…I’d wanna get paid as much as possible too, if I had to throw behind that mediocre offensive line. He knows he’ll get much less money with another team, but he could end up with a team with a better o-line and take far less punishment, with less pay of course. A fair trade off IMO.

  11. Reduces Eagles options? Nick Foles’s performance this year has eclipsed Mike. Vick can still thrive in a system that lets him freelance, at least for a year or so, but it wont be with the Eagles.

  12. Sounds wild, but imagine if he does end up in kc. They could use first pick for best linemen in draft. Then draft defense .. just saying itd Turn that team around

  13. Minnesota Vickings!

    Ponder is not the answer.

    Arizona, Buffalo, or maybe…Baltimore.

    The Ravens would be way more competitive with Vick.

  14. There is ZERO guarantee you will see the remainder of any money when you renegotiate a contract in the NFL , He would be the first to try that if it was in the NBA or NHL ..The other leagues with a salary cap ,because the backend of those salary you do see in those leagues, He would be a absolute moron to do that unless he sees alot more money UPFRONT.

    Because in the NFL they can cut you without notice and not be on the hook for another dime. Many teams out there have just about everything set up but a Pro bowl QB; that’s where he can make some coin and be on a better team.

  15. Vick is a pretty good QB but he just doesnt work well in the eagles pass
    heavy offense. If he can find the right
    team and stay healthy it is possible that
    he might be able to rejoin the elite.

  16. Vick will either go to Kansas City, where he will struggle the exact same amount as he did in Philly or he’ll head to Buffalo where he will be under Chan Gailey (Buffalo doesn’t seem as if they will be letting him go)where he will thrive. Gailey made Kordell Stuart a comparable QB, I’m sure he can do the same with Vick. Having Fitzpatrick and trying to do more with him than is physically possible hurt Gailey’s rep as an Offensive guru. One year with Vick under center and I believe Chan Gailey will re-assume his stout reputation. No Gailey though and there will be no Vick to Buffalo. Other than Buffalo or KC, maybe Arizona? He would very quickly form a great relationship with Larry Fitzgerald. Either way, Vick is going to want to remain a starter.

  17. Would you take less money to be someone else’s backup? Especially when you feel you can still be a starter in this league?
    I wouldn’t.

  18. The Eagles never asked him to renegotiate to begin with. They wouldn’t have started Nick Foles after Vick healed if they thought that he was worth keeping in any capacity. It’s just another waste of space hypothetical article. Michael Vick will be released shortly after the Super Bowl.

  19. Vick’s going to hard-line his way right into some dead-end small-market team with much less available talent than Philly has. In that spot, he will further erode his marketability by being even more mediocre.

    His stance makes about as much sense as anything else in his complete train wreck of a career.

  20. The following teams need an NFL caliber QB: Arizona, Minnesota, Kansas City, Jacksonville, NY Jets, Cleveland, Tennessee.

    That’s 7 teams right there. The QBs in the upcoming draft aren’t ready to start. Vick will land on his feet as a starter. My guess is Minnesota to team up with AP, they are a QB short of being a real contender.

  21. Love the comment above suggesting he go to Minnesota or Baltimore. Er, those teams are playoff-caliber and have won 5 and 6 more games than the Eagles have, respectively. There’s only one problem QB in this comparison, and he’s about to be shown the door in Philly.

  22. Vick is getting close to the Steve Young one-more-concussion-and-he’s-unemployable. Nix is sure to be sacked at Buffalo, which eliminates the one GM stupid enough to pay $15Mn salary for a four game QB who has been trending downward for three consecutive years.

  23. I’m black, a real brother unlike Donovan McNabb (courtesy of Benard Hopkins statement) and from Philadelphia so I can understand what Michael Vick is saying. I’ll help you all out.

    “But if not, it’s been wonderful and I understand the nature of this business. At some point, we all got to move on.”

    “Get me out of Philadelphia.”
    ~End Translation.

    You’re all welcome, anybody else need a real black man to translate real black quotes, call my agent.

  24. He’ll be cut the day after the Super Bowl. He’ll clear waivers and then start visiting teams, Peyton style, without the dynamic of player picking team. Vick will go to whomever will pay 7 figures a season. Nobody else should pay more for 10 games. Not worth it.

  25. What exactly is a flier? It’s not like Vick or his agent would agree to the league minimum just to play-much less start. He may be cut by the eagles but he won’t play for free.

  26. Don’t throw stones…7 made his mistakes, but he has admitted, served his time, and made every effort to right his ship. Most people can’t say that. God bless and good luck Mike. Despite the terrible results, it wasn’t for lack of effort your part.

  27. Vick continues to make a total fool of himself, on and off the field. The fact that he actually seems to think he is worth the money is hysterical!!! Any team that signs him after this season gets what it deserves.

  28. I predict the Eagloles will cut him. Then he can team up with T.O., Ochocinco and other players from the “Land of the misfit NFL players” to form their own team.

  29. Good luck dude. We’ll have one more game against the Giants and then adios.
    New coach and a lot of cutting and retooling. He won’t want to be around for that anyway. Not sure who would want him but at least the Eagles rejuvenated his career.
    And for all you Philly haters that know how terrible Philadelphia fans are: Yes we hate all our athletes good or bad and we can’t wait to run them out of town the very moment they get here. Terrible, uneducated, don’t know a thing about sports, yada yada, etc. As a courtesy, I just wanted to save you the typing since you are so awesome you obviously have better things to do.

  30. huskersrock1 says:
    Dec 28, 2012 6:57 PM
    How much does he think he will get on the open market? He could probably restructure to a 3 million dollar bonus and 7 mil next year which is certainly more than he will get any other way.

    Of course he was never the brightest of lights.
    Sounds pretty bright to me. In Free Agency he holds the cards. Who knows who the coach will be next year in Philly…and more importantly, if he embraces Vick. Meanwhile someone will sign him to somewhere between $25-$30M guaranteed, minimum.

    He’s going to be okay.

  31. Why is Vick considered a better option for any team? Vick is basically the same as what all teams with bad quarterbacks already have. Substituting one sub-average QB for another will solve no ones problems. If your current guy turns the ball over too much, does it make sense to replace him with a guy who turns the ball over too much? If your current guy cant read Defenses and isnt an accurate passer, do you want another guy who cant read defenses and isnt accurate? Show me some statistics that show Vick will get a team anywhere. Dont bother, I already know that Vicks stats are terrible.

  32. phillyphan72 says:Dec 28, 2012 7:33 PM

    “See ya coach killer…One more coach to get canned after next year…Im thinking Jets”

    Ummmmm, Vick has only played for 3 coaches in his 10 year career.

    Dan Reeves RESIGNED in 2003 with 3 games to go after going 1 and 12 WITHOUT Vick who got injured in the Ravens preseason game. Mike came back and won two starts so they went 3-13.

    Jim L. Mora was hired in 2004 and Mike started 15 games and they went 11-5, and Vick led them to the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. They went 8-8 the following year.

    Mora got fired in 2006 after 7-9 season, mainly due to being heard on a radio interview saying that he would gladly take the University of Washington job even if the Falcons were in a playoff run. Not the best way to ensure job security. Arthur Blank was not pleased to say the least.

    Reid has not been fired as of yet.

    So just because you want to say over and over that Vick is a Coach Killer (what are you Jimbo’s Dad secretly grindin’ that old ax??), the facts don’t bear that out in my humble opinion.

  33. Been on this Earth for 27 years…how a black man that makes more money than me has not died by my hands has to be my most nostalgic feat.

  34. Been on this Earth for 27 years…how a black man that makes more money than me has not died by my hands has to be my most nostalgic feat.

  35. Vic sure forgets were he was a few years ago and now does not want to redo a contract for a team that gave him a second chance and lots of cash. You are what you are.

  36. Vick will be injured or so it seems to collect the 15.5 milloin,the ex-con will play the Eagles for all he thinks he deserves.

  37. My advice to the eagles, shore up your offensive line, keep Vick. Dude was getting murdered out there.

  38. Josh McDaniels would coach Vick up if given another shot as a head-coach. Eagles would retain Vick. Don’t know how good the rest of the team would be though. He drafted Tebow in 1st rnd, Orton played very well in 09, oh and Brady’s career yr of 50TDS.

  39. No point to him negotiating. He knows he wouldnt be starting there next year anyway, plus Andy Reid is out. He was better off holding firm and letting them release him so he can see what was out there.

  40. Are you guys serious?? Vick is garbage!! Always has been. He’s tooo dumb to figure out how to read a defense, his arm is not what it used to be, and he has no desire to change the type of player he is. Yes our Oline is pathetic but last year and the past couple it’s been pretty good. See you later Ron Mexico!! It’s was exciting for the first 6 games when you had us and the league fooled

  41. Its the Kaepernick, RG3, Cam Newton era. Vick will undoubtedly find a job. The Eagles have totally failed to exploit his talents and I suspect he will go somewhere and be in this category of elite running Qbs. Even Tebow might find a job.

  42. Mike Vick is still one of the most dangerous QB’s the game has ever
    seen and he CAN FILL UP A STAIDIUM. Thats what makes him worth the 100 million dollars

  43. Vick was never a good nfl qb. Good athletes don’t make good qbs. Guy was the most overrated player in my 50 years of watching. My god the only guy Andy was able to beat in a championship game was a Vick lead team. Birds need to blow up most of this team with Andy, Marty and Vick first.

  44. It is a sad commentary on the state of quarterbacking in the NFL these days that there would be any demand for the services of a proven loser like Michael Vick. As far as the slew of unknowing comments posted here the one which takes the cake for me referred to Vick’s “leadership skills.” Anyone with even a minor clue knows that this guy is one of the most selfish players in the history of the league!

  45. Shows how ungreatful he is. Phillys not only gave him a second chance to play the game he loves but also gave him enough money upfront to settle all his bankruptcies. Now he doesn’t want to rework his deal. He should be paid like an average NFL QB because that is what he is

  46. Vick never has been or ever will able to read a defense. He is by far the most overrated, over hyped “QB’s” to ever take a snap on an NFL football field. He won’t redo his joke of a deal because he is probally broke again. No place for him on an NFL roster.

  47. igbluenationdb says: Dec 29, 2012 8:48 AM

    Shows how ungreatful he is. Phillys not only gave him a second chance to play the game he loves but also gave him enough money upfront to settle all his bankruptcies. Now he doesn’t want to rework his deal. He should be paid like an average NFL QB because that is what he is

    This is business. Get out of here with that grateful nonsense. And they didn’t give him enough money to settle his bankruptcy where did you get that from? If the shoe were on the other foot and the team had the leverage to force a player to take a below market deal best believe they would. See Wallace, Mike.

  48. Now everyone gets to see what we have to deal with on a regular basis with the comment by chitown saying Vick is one of the most dangerous qb’s the league has ever seen. He said the same about Cutler!

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