Weeden, McCoy, Richardson all ruled out for Browns


Thad Lewis, come on down.

Browns coach Pat Shurmur announced Friday afternoon, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, that Lewis will make his NFL debut as the team’s starting quarterback against the Steelers this Sunday. The writing’s been on the wall for this move all week as both Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy have missed practice with injuries that concerned the team enough that they signed Josh Johnson to give them another healthy body other than Lewis to take onto the field against Pittsburgh.

Lewis was 9-for-17 for 146 yards and an interception in the preseason this year. He’ll be the first Duke product to play quarterback in the NFL since Dave Brown played in a game for the Cardinals in 2001.

Lewis’ life isn’t going to be made any easier by Trent Richardson. Richardson has been ruled out of the game as well thanks to the ankle injury that has also made him a spectator at practice this week. Richardson fought through other injuries to play all of the first 15 games of the season, but this one has proven to be a hill too far. His rookie season ends with 950 yards and 11 touchdowns on 267 carries and he added another score on a reception. Montario Hardesty and Brandon Jackson will run the ball in his place.

It’s not an ideal situation for the Browns, which is exactly what coach Pat Shurmur said when talking about the job he took over before the 2011 season. The next Browns coach hopes to inherit a better one whenever he takes over the job following the widely expected ouster of Shurmur after the season.

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  1. The McCoy and Richardson injuries are soley on Pat Shurmur for taking 3 timeouts to get the ball back with under 3min left and down 34-12. His excuse was he was trying to win the game.
    Richardson gets hurt pass blocking, and McCoy gets lit up because of the deep pass calls with a O-Line who was beat at that point.
    This is typical Shurmur, and calls like this is why he is not a coach to build around.

  2. Steeler fan here.

    Maybe now the putrid Steeler offense will have a chance to finally outscore somebody. If this game is close at all something really is wrong in Pittsburgh, it’s not just speculative and lazy media reporting.

  3. I’m tired of all the complaining from ‘professional’ NFL athletes who get paid handsomely to play a game they claim to love. These spoiled babies need to just do their job and quit whining. The tape doesn’t lie and McCoy is lucky to be in the NFL — especially since he’s really not even legitimate backup materiel.

    Thanks for the mess Holmgren!! Seattle is much better now with their GM selection and without the self-proclaimed QB guru around to mess things up.

  4. Cowher was in Pittsburgh recently to talk to Roethlesberger but I guess Cowher was actually talking to the Rooneys about his intentions to come back to coaching and maybe he has a possible deal on the table.

  5. If Shurmur would have gave up people would be on here saying that he deserves to get fired for giving up. Lose-Lose situation. Coaches are worthless when the team doesn’t win and they can do no wrong when they win.

    I like Shurmur. Sending him off will set us back 2 years…again.

  6. The coaching staff has made too many mistakes and the responsibility is Shurmer’s. The coaching chemistry was horrible…too many OLD voices in the heads of the offensive players with the possible exception of the WR’s…Cromwell seemed to make a difference.
    Even Dick Jauron’s defense went down in flames against RG3 and Peyton.

    Time for new coaches…and lot’s of hope

  7. If the Steelers lose to a Cleveland Browns team, that is playing without its starting RB, QB, S, & CB, they should instantly be ranked #32 in the power rankings. Watch Thad Lewis will end up being their franchise QB that they have been waiting for.

  8. McCoy got injured? When?!? He played a quarter last week. Geez he’s brittle


    4th quarter, game out of reach, he got slammed to the ground. Knew it was going to happen since they completely abandoned the running game.

  9. Yeah- Good call stairwayto7 …. Id like to try some of what ur smoking- 51-0 pittsburgh?? Thats sayin a whole lot considering the Brownies will be without their starting QB, RB, S, & CB… actually even our back-ups are out on most….we are down to our 3rd string or worse…so ur point is??? We already beat the Squealers once this year so Id watch runnin your mouth- LETS GO BROWNIES!!!!

  10. Lewis will perform better than most expect. He was coached by David Cutcliffe in college (for 2 years) and is one of the toughest SOBs I’ve seen at QB. He took a pounding during his 4 years at Duke, yet ended up the ACC’s #2 all-time leading passer.

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