Wilfork fined $30,000, but Chung escapes without one


Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork was fined $30,000 for unnecessary roughness, after hitting Jaguars offensive lineman Steve Vallos in the head last week.

The play resulted in a penalty during the game, occurring after a Patrick Chung interception in the fourth quarter, and his fine letter said he “struck the opponent in the head with his forearm.”

Chung wasn’t fined for a separate play, when he hit Jaguars wide receiver Cecil Shorts. That one drew multiple flags on the field, and underscores officials’ ready-fire-aim approach to big hits. Better to throw the flag and later find out it wasn’t necessary than not throw it and find out it was.

14 responses to “Wilfork fined $30,000, but Chung escapes without one

  1. “Better to throw the flag and later find out it wasn’t necessary than not throw it and find out it was.”

    Better for who? If it’s not a penalty, then the flag shouldn’t have been thrown just because it might be seen as one later on in super slow-mo.

    How about it’s better to fix the rule so it can be called consistently and correctly? If it can’t, then it should be reviewable before it unnecessarily penalizes defensive players for a legal hit.

  2. That’s unreal Vince got fined 30k for shoving a guy who was finishing the act of shoving another guy after the whistle… Where does all this fine money go? It better not be lining Rogers pockets in some circumvented fashion. He does make 10mill/yr.

  3. All these fines go to a myriad of NFL charities. This has been spelled out a million times. I can’t understand why guys are are continuing to ask where the money goes.

  4. I understand the fine. BUT wilfork was defending a teammate who was getting killed after the whistle. This fine was expectedd but its pretty lame especially since the other dudes actions were far worse. Happens all the time. Inconsistent flags and fines.

  5. Very surprised Chung didn’t get fined for that hit. I have never seen so many flags on one play. Interesting to see that the league is basically saying the entire officiating crew was wrong and not just one ref who threw a flag like in most cases.

  6. Refs are always going to flag anything even remotely questionable and that’s how the NFL wants it. The reason I think that is because refs are downgraded if they don’t flag something like that and later it’s reviewed and the reviewers decide that it should have been a flag. If they flag something that is later found to be not a penalty, they do not get downgraded.

  7. Was the other guy fined for mugging Vince’s teammate? Seems like a huge fine for someone not regarded as a dirty player but a guy who will stand up for his teammates

  8. That Chung wasn’t fined for a hit on a defenseless receiver, and that hit put Shorts on injured reserve just shows again that there are different rules for different teams…

  9. Nice to see the NFL not fine Chung. He did everything he could to not hit the guy in the head. I understand trying to protect the players , but there’s gotta be a limt, especially when the ball carrier dips his head on reflex when he knows the hit is coming. Even Belichick, who usually just says it’s a league matter, came out and said he didn’t know what Chung was supposed to do.

  10. “Better to throw the flag and later find out it wasn’t necessary than not throw it and find out it was.”

    Wrong. Absolutely wrong. Until they start reviewing bang-bang plays (and I’m not advocating that, either) this will continue to influence games. 15 yards and an automatic first down? You’ll have players flopping like those soccer pansies we all make fun of. Either that, or you’ll have defensive players AFRAID to hit somebody, and that’s when THEY start getting hurt.

  11. Wilfork fined ???? I am shocked, he is a dirty player Wonder what Bianca is saying about another fine

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