Dolphins could have nearly $47 million worth of cap space

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The Dolphins have given their fans reason for some degree of hope this year, particularly if quarterback Ryan Tannehill continues to develop.

They’re also in a position where they can offer him more help, and by extension more hope for the fanbase.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins could have nearly $47 million worth of salary cap space to use this offseason, if they carry over this year’s unused room (part of which they used to extend Jason Trusnik’s deal through 2014).

Couple that with having five picks in the first 100 selections (via the Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis trades), and Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland has an opportunity for an extreme makeover.

Of course, they have their own free agents to worry about (with left tackle Jake Long topping that list), but they are positioned to make some substantial moves.

For a team that needs multiple playmakers on offense if they want to give Tannehill an honest chance, it’s a good spot to be in.

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  1. Wallace? No. Maybe Bowe if they think his diva attitude is fixable. They might target Byrd @ safety but FA moves won’t be huge. Need a CB, WR, OL and seam threat TE in addition to keeping most of their own free agents. Draft moves are more likely.

  2. With Philbin’s Green Bay connection I think Greg Jennings is a better possibility than Wallace or Bowe. Tom Crabtree is also a free agent don’t be surprised if he’s in Miami too as a 2nd tight end.

  3. Signing your own FA’s. That’s the problem. I don’t know who else the Phins have to resign, but the Pats could have upwards of $30MM of cap space if the extend Brady as expected. However that will go fast as they resign their FA’s (Welker, Volmer, Talib, etc) It looks good now, but it goes faster than you think

    That being said, the Dolphins will blow by the fast fading Jets as the Pats main competition in the division. They have a nice core now, with all the picks and cap space, they will be a force to be reckoned with in the AFCE for the next few years…..IF Tannyhill continues to develop.

  4. The problem that you all seem to be forgetting is that jeff Ireland is still making the choices. I dont care if they have $100m in cap space, dude dont know talent!

  5. Wow..the Dolphins were somewhat competitive this past year, although their record wouldnt show it, but they were in most of their games. With 5 picks in the 1st 100, and that much cap space they should be in good shape next year. I’m not really worried about Tannehill, I think he will be fine, but I wouldnt break the bank on Long.. Looks like the Jets will be near the bottom of the East next year…Go Broncos!!

  6. Well, I see Bowe, and TE Jermichael Finley.

    These guys coupled with the resigning of Bush will be a winning tandom and help R.T. grow.

    Do it Miami!!!

  7. I dont see the Phins going crazy during free agency just because Philbin brings the “build through the draft” mentality from GB. The Dolphins need to focus on getting their own free agents taken care of before looking elsewhere. Hartline, S.Smith, Clemmons and Bush (if not trying to break the bank) need to come first and none of them should command big time money.

    They need to part ways with Jake Long and as much as I like Jake he does not fit the zone blocking scheme well and Martin has held his own since Longs injury so it’s time to let him walk and let Martin take over.

    The Dolphins also need to work out an extension with Reshad Jones because he is scheuled to be a FA after next season and they cant afford to let one of the better young safties in the league to leave.

    As far as this offseason goes the Dilphins need to focus on bringing in a big name receiver because rarely often do you draft a WR early on and that player makes a huge impact their first season. I think Jennings would be the best bet since he is fimiliar with Philbins system and he would also be a cheaper option over Bowe and Wallace.

  8. lawful1

    How can you sit there and spew your ignorance about Ireland? He doesn’t know talent? Really? I’m pretty sure he drafted Pouncey, Tannehill, Martin, Lamar Miller, Reshad Jones, Chris Clemmons, Brian Hartline, and Sean Smith to name a few. He also has been responsable for finding gems like Davone Bess and Cameron Wake. Lets also not forget about trading a 6th round pick for Reggie Bush while almost every Dolphin fan wanted to break the bank on Ahmed Bradshaw or how about signing Matt Moore when everyone else wanted Kyle Orton. Ireland has done a solid job sincr taking over it just took time cleaning up the mess that Parcells left the team in.

  9. I love how Parcells made all of the bad moves and Ireland made all of the good ones while they worked together.

    Then again a Dolphin’s fan is always gonna be optimistic.


    What makes you think Philbin is a “build through the draft” kind of guy? Because Ted Thompson is? Because the Green Bay Packers are? Does Philbin even have control over talent? If not it doesn’t matter what kind of guy he is, he’d better just coach up the mediocre talent that Ireland drafts, i.e: Koa Misi, Jared Odrick, Vernon Davis, Daniel Thomas, ahem Pat White…..

    1973 is getting farther and farther away.

  10. wouldn’t be surprised to see Greg Jennings as a Dolphin next year and I would be pretty surprised to see him back with the Packers

  11. Why Wallace? Why Bowe? Greg Jennings makes so much more sense due to higher consistency (besides this year) and his relationship to Coach Philbin

  12. I remember during training camp all u could read on this site were “Fire Jeff Ireland” comments. Looks like we found out why we’re just fans and he’s the General Manager! LOL

  13. If you think Odrick and Davis are mediocre then you’re confused. Not every pick pans out but you really can’t deny that Ireland had laid a solid base and is now in position to build off of it. I also think Ireland hasn’t had a good head coach or even a good offensive coordinator until now. Let everyone stay together for a few years and things might look pretty damn good for Miami.

  14. Fins have 25 FA’s and that money will go in a hurry.

    Bush, Starks, Smith and Hartline will likely each cost $6m, Fasano $3-4M and Long $10M. Clearly they won’t all (Starks, Long) be back. I expect they will let Starks go with regret and move Odrick over then draft a pass rusher to go with Wake and Vernon.

    They must sign a FA WR or two plus an OG with the cap money. I see CB as a Fin priority in the draft in the 2nd and 4rd round.

  15. 47 million and will still be at the bottom. nice I bet the 72 team just keeps shaking their heads.

  16. A team gets 47 million dollars in cap space by NOT spending in free agency. Why would Miami throw that away by going nuts this year and overspending? It will never happen with the Ireland regime. He is going to continue to use the draft to build and try to find value in free agency.

  17. You can crush Parcells but when he was in charge of Football operations with Miami they won the AFC East title and hosted a playoff game.

    Tunas world was screwed with by Wayne selling the team and Ross & Dee sticking their noses in Bills plan. Bill liked Wayne, he didn’t like Ross and his attempt at turning Miami Gardens into a pseudo South Beach with football being secondary.

  18. seriously? we went to the playoffs in Tunas first year with a fluke wildcat offense.

    his record is failure. He is a total failure. Look at what he left in DAL and what he left in MIA…failure and setback.

    you defend him? cuz of the wildcat and a playoff appearance.

    Look at Sporano (tuna’s boy) how is that going for the jets????

  19. @patfanken: What do you by “will blow by the Jets”? I think it’s clear they have already done that.

    @falcons999: Between Starks and Bush, I would say it’s more likely that Bush won’t be back than Starks. Good DL tend to be more in demand and harder to replace than good RB.

    @305phinphan: Not only that, but Ireland has been panned several times for moves (or failure to make a move) that, in the long run, benefited the Dolphins, especially in regards to trades/FA signings. Has he been right on every move? No. However, he has consistently been right on more moves than he’s been wrong on.

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