Jones-Drew will have surgery, out until May


The placement of Maurice Jones-Drew on injured reserve wasn’t simply aimed at clearing a roster spot for the last game of the regular season.

Jones-Drew will now have surgery, and he’ll be out of action until May.

Coach Mike Mularkey explained Friday that Jones-Drew tried to run on Monday, but that he complained of lingering soreness.  So they sent him to Charlotte for further evaluation by Dr. Bob Anderson, who recommended surgery.

Specifically, Jones-Drew will be out until late May or early June, according to Mularkey.  That will cause Jones-Drew to miss most if not all of the offseason program.

With a salary of $4.95 million in 2013 and lingering tension regarding his deal — and with possibly new tension regarding the fact that if surgery was needed it should have happened weeks ago — the stage could be set for a divorce.

22 responses to “Jones-Drew will have surgery, out until May

  1. Cue the idiots who think he faked this whole thing because the Jags didn’t “pay the man” …

    The guy got paid twice – the last contract was extremely front loaded.

  2. I really don’t get why he didn’t just do this months ago to get healthy for 2013 instead of trying to rush back for a team that was obviously nosediving.

  3. He played a game of chicken with Mr. Khan and he lost.

    Bye Bye MJD, you didn’t get paid, you pissed off Mr. Khan, and now you will fade away broke.

    You can blame Chris Johnson and the ignorant Bud Adams.

  4. There are rumors here that even though they were out of contention 6 weeks ago and he was never ready to play, they didn’t put him on IR so that he’d have to attend meetings, travel with the team and earn his money.

    If they cut him I hope he plays somewhere else and torches them next year.

  5. So what exactly has he been doing for the last two months? Either MJD was just using the injury as a reason to not play this year or the medical staff of the Jaguars is borderline incompetent.

  6. Well MJD, back to working for Mr. Wonka in his chocolate factory until this spring. Somewhere Jay Cutler is laughing.

  7. saberstud75 says:
    Dec 29, 2012 11:35 AM
    Well MJD, back to working for Mr. Wonka in his chocolate factory until this spring. Somewhere Jay Cutler is laughing.


    Check under Clay Mathews

  8. packh8er says:
    Dec 29, 2012 11:20 AM
    It really is almost without exception that paying a RB is a bad idea. Other than AD I can’t think of another case where it was a wise choice.


    Marshawn Lynch.

  9. @kattykathy:

    Fade away broke? His current contract made him set for life. $4.5M next season, in a contract year…

    Anyone that doesn’t think MJD will be fine in September, playing for a new contract somewhere, will be a motivated man, you haven’t been paying attention.

    This injury, however, is the winner of the Miss Management Pageant.

  10. The medical & coaching staff blew this big time, because they wanted 2 see it his injury would heal on it’s own instead of do the surgery ASAP. Mistakes like this is gonna cost the GM and the coach their jobs on Monday (Along with boneheaded draft picks/roster moves & the QB debacle). Good riddance, hope the Jags can get it together after Monday.

  11. If I were a GM, the last place I would put a huge contract is in an RB. Shawn Alexander and CJ both came off seasons where they won the rushing title, big contracts, and then thud.

    The reality is a rushing game has more to do with the lineman play – as they set the stage.

  12. Here’s the guy that bitched about Cutler in 2010 being a whimp, and he would play through injury if it was a big game blah blah blah all of those comments made, and look at you now been out for 2/3 of season with your injury what goes around comes around

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