Rex Ryan open to spending next season working in television

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Critics of Jets coach Rex Ryan say he’s a better talker than a coach. So it might make sense for Ryan to spend next season talking instead of coaching.

If Ryan is not retained by Jets owner Woody Johnson, he would be amenable to working in television next year, sources told the New York Daily News.

Publicly, Ryan has insisted that he wants to remain with the Jets next season, but reports have indicated that in private he’s not quite so intent on staying in place. Ryan reportedly would prefer getting fired to having to go through another year with the same offensive personnel and assistant coaches in place, and according to ESPN, Ryan joked at a recent staff meeting that he’d prefer to get fired.

Johnson has said nothing publicly about whether he plans to fire Ryan. But if he does, Ryan may spend 2013 in a TV studio or broadcast booth, doing something he does well: Talking.

81 responses to “Rex Ryan open to spending next season working in television

  1. That fat slob has no shame or dignity. Who would want to listen to him blather and blubber?

  2. He’s not a ‘better talker’ than a coach – it’s just easier. Anyone can run their mouth with nothing to back it up. I think Glenn Beck runs some kind of online TV channel, Rex would probably fit in well there.

  3. How about doing the one thing hes useful at? Hes not a head coach and hes not a talker so much as a carny. Just run a defense somewhere!

  4. Though he earns a lot of the criticism by himself, Rex is a good coach. He led his team to two straight afc championships despite having Sanchez as his qb. If the jets fire him, they will soon see Rex won’t be unemployed for very long.

    He would have fit in perfectly in the 70’s with the Raiders. He just needs to go to a team with enough talent to back his mouth up and the jets were far from that.
    My guess…… Detroit. They have some pieces he could get through to on defense and have a capable offense.

  5. Maybe Rex and his wife could do a athlete’s foot commercial together. One antifungal is named Sopranox. Keep it in the family so to speak.

  6. I think I’d have some respect for these “sources” if just one of them – just one – was man enough to put his name on it.

    Apparently the Jets’ front office is populated by teenaged girls gossiping on Facebook.

  7. Jeebus, that’s all we need, one more blowhard hired whose only qualification is that he worked for a New York franchise.

  8. When a Head Coach says something like that I say, whats wrong with this picture??? Has he already been told that he’s being fired at the end of the season???? Makes one wonder doesn’t it???

  9. Doesn’t seem smart enough to handle the situation for play by play. He will say something that gets the network in trouble. He could probably do the studio though.

  10. rex is a clown, he would be working the drive thru window at arby’s if his dad wasn’t a coach paving the way for this fool

  11. tjacks7 says:
    Dec 29, 2012 2:06 PM
    Toss him in the booth with Joe Buck and Aikman, the three stooges.


    There wouldn’t be enough room. Buck’s ego and immense mancrush on Aaron Rodgers fills the booth to capacity as it is.

  12. Does this guy ever shut up?? If he gets a job in TV I hope it’s with PBS because I can’t stand listening to him. Perhaps he could be the next Bozo the clown!!

  13. Say what you want about him as a head coach or how he runs his mouth but dude is a hell of a defensive coordinator. Better than Rob and just as good as his dad. His schemes are unpredictable and as creative as they come. When he was here in Bmore you never knew where his blitzes were coming from. Other than last year when Pagano was the DC the defense has been pretty basic since he left. Rex does coach with a swagger and if his defenses are gonna lose they are going down bringing the house.

  14. @ jessethegreat

    The Lions don’t need a loud mouth coach who doesn’t accept the blame for a horrible season(s). The Lions do play well with a chip on their shoulder and Rex Ryan could provide that type of attitude but once it goes wrong (and it always does in Detroit) he will not be able to right the ship. Instead he will blame the players and then lose the locker room.

    @eastsideballa I wouldn’t mind if he was the D-Coordinator like his brother is in Dallas. Cunningham doesn’t do it for me.

    The Lions need a guy that demands discipline, is an aggressive play caller, and has post season experience. Bill Cowher

  15. Every coach wants to be fired – they still get paid the rest of their contract that way.

    As for Rex in TV…. no. The studios are already too crowded and half the time, they never have enough minutes for everyone to make a decent point. The next Madden? John actually won a Super Bowl. At Fox and CBS, the top analysts are all HOFers and/or Super Bowl winners: Aikman, Johnston, Siragusa, Simms, Dierdorf. If they hired Rex, he’d be doing Jacksonville/Arizona-level games shown to just the two markets playing… and the media critics would have a field day with him.

  16. Just like Matt Millen. This would be a big no-go. I wouldn’t watch or listen to him for a second. Get him to a buffet line somewhere and call it a day. The guy’s a walking, talking disaster.

  17. The fact that his locker room leaks to the media is a sign he’s a poor leader.

    He’s part of those leaks. Patriots fans hope he stays.

  18. I think Rex would make a great broadcaster.

    1. He knows a lot more about the game than any of us do.

    2. He’s funny & quick witted.

    3. He’s not afraid to “tell it like it is.”

    4. There’s always the outside chance that he’ll flip out and strangle Skip Bayless.

  19. How come any old player or coach can get a job on TV. Some are really good but others are just terrible like Donvan McNabb. Nobody want’s to hear what this guy has to say, or Matt Millen, or Mike Martz. Troy Aikmen, Brian Billick, Collinsworth and a few others are actually good at it.

  20. If you asked me 3 years ago how I would feel if Rex and Sanchez would be on the burner now I would be very happy. But now that its happening I’m kinda going to miss having someone to hate and 2 guaranteed wins a year. Join me in the fight to keep Rex, Sanchez, and Tannenbaum especially.

  21. Ya know, I don’t know if I could handle three hours, or an even five minutes, of Rex’s annoying catch-phrase: “Ya know, ya know, ya know, ya know, ya know…”
    Ya know?

  22. For people wondering, it is believed by a lot of people that Jets’ DC Mike Pettine is the source of leaks. He is apparently close with Manish Mehta, the beatwriter who reports most of the leaks, and he’s had to be regulated by the Jets (they gave him a phone to use so that it could be monitored) because of suspicions like this in the past.

  23. He’s not a talker, he’s a loudmouth. Loudmouths don’t make good announcers, they’re the most annoying ones…(Michael Irvin, Shannon Sharpe, etc) Good talkers like Steve Young (although still annoying) are much better broadcasters…there’s a big difference IMO

    I’m a Packer fan and our loudmouth is obviously Finley, and the last place I’d want him is in the announcing booth…he’d just break all the mics from dropping them anyway, total liability.

  24. First, he would have to find someone willing to hire him. Second, he is a big liability, I’m not sure many Television stations would want to risk millions of dollars charged to them by the FCC for Ryan’s foul mouth slip ups, hand gestures or disrespectful slander. Third… who wants to hear what Rex Ryan has to say? Maybe his father Buddy or twin brother Rob, but not Rex. He just isn’t that appealing. Who knows though, maybe the Nation would tune in to see him bumble and stumble his way through an hour episode? I guess we’ll find out sooner rather than later.

  25. Maybe he should do videos… Who can come up with the best porn name? My suggestion is he can be an English Podiatrist Dr. Craven Moretoes or Dr. Todd Toenibbler

  26. Provided that the representations of the “sources” are true, then I would have a couple of problems with it.

    If Rex is dissatisfied as the Jets HC, then he should just resign — like all of us have to do if we held similar sentiments about our job. It’s lame that Rex is brewing up another poo-storm, but still trying to collect his millions for doing nothing — while placing blame on everyone but himself.

    Also, “Wrecks” is charming — but his bravado proved to be that of a paper tiger. All bluster – no bite. Every year, he “guaranteed” a Super Bowl Title, or that his team was the most talented it had ever been or whatever. Anyone remember his glowing performance evaluations concerning his 1st round pick in the 2009 draft (drafted 5th overall)? Ryan was so giddy that he apparently dubbed this player, “The Sanchise.”

    And year after year, his childish chatter proved to be “misguided at best.”

    Wrecks, if you want out — don’t let the door hit your backside on the way through the door.

  27. ” Ryan reportedly would prefer getting fired to having to go through another year with the same offensive personnel and assistant coaches in place, and according to ESPN”

    I love this statement. So he doesn’t like the assistant coaches that HE hired. He doesn’t like the personnel HE helped pick. Brilliant.

  28. Yea a coach who got his team to back to back AFC champ games is such a joke..maybe the city he is in is a joke ever think of that? Nope, he is an easy target for you computer chair QBs. Such touch guys. Lets see you head coach a professional football team.. o thats right, you are just an innocent bi-standers watching on tv because you gave up on your dreams by the age of 25, go back to Buffalo Wild Wings and pretend you know football. No I dont think Ryan is a GREAT coach, btw.

  29. I have to laugh as the press continues to go with this story. It’s been denied by everyone except the “unnamed sources” but the “psycho-analytical” reporter seems to have it all figured out. Will these idiots in the press stop at nothing to sell their papers? It would be nice to at least include a little bit of truth in their reporting instead of making the entire story fiction.

  30. Rexy theres plenty of room for the 46 D in Chicago so if Woody gives yah the boot the come be our DC on the NEW coaching staff (fingers crossed) and recreate the defense your father started!

  31. “The Jets were the first professional team my dad ever coached, eight years. This was my team growing up. The fans, I identify with that because I was one of them also. Now I’m the head coach of their football team, too.

    -Rex Ryan

  32. With Mr. T and Mangini, Rex had a good team, OC established and with Mark Sanchez added, destroyed this team over the last 4 years, creating and approving this circus. Rex lies and needs to be fired now, or 2013 will lose more if the fan base.

  33. Ryan should stay. They need to start over at QB and fire the GM. Ryan brings an attitude to the team. He needs better players to work with. The trade for Tebow then never play him then they resign Braylon Edwards after he calls them idiots. I say the man making those personnel decisions is an idiot and needs to get fired.

  34. He quit on the Jets. I didn’t believe my buddy, when he told me Rex wants to get fired, but after watching the ineptitude with his QBs, I had to admit, Rex quit . Let him go. We need a man to coach the Jets, not a mouth.

  35. His players never really backed up his mouth. Players normally come to the rescue of a coach that they really respect. His players retreated.

  36. Well now, that’s nice to know. How about after all of his “championships” he just go away and spare us all.
    He didn’t have any better sense than to actually say that if he had been the coach of the Chargers a few years ago, he’d have won a couple of championships.
    Good grief. It doesn’t get any better than that. He’s working hard on his comedy act.
    This offseason he should have lapband surgery on his mouth.

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