Saints announce deal in principle with Payton

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As expected, the Saints have announced that a deal in principle has been reached with coach Sean Payton on a multi-year contract extension.

“I am pleased that Sean Payton will be our head coach for a long time,” owner Tom Benson said.  “Now we can focus our attention on building on the winning tradition with the Saints that Sean has played such a large role in.”

The contract ends a protracted period of uncertainty regarding Payton’s future, which launched with breathless (and ultimately inaccurate) reports that Payton definitely “will” become a free agent.

Indeed, he won’t.

Still, Payton remains suspended for his role in the team’s bounty/pay-for-performance program.  Technically, he must petition for reinstatement.  And with Commissioner Roger Goodell still chafing over former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue’s decision to overturn the player suspensions and with Tagalibue’s 22-page ruling placing blame squarely on the Saints and the coaches, it’s not entirely out of the question to think that Goodell may not immediately give Payton permission to return to work.

If that’s what Goodell chooses to do, he’d be wise to hold his decision until after he leaves New Orleans upon the conclusion of Super Bowl XLVII.

13 responses to “Saints announce deal in principle with Payton

  1. Smart money would be to allow him back now. Vilma is already going to make Roger pay. Payton, Benson, Loomis, and Vitt may soon be seeking retribution also very soon.

  2. The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person has to do a delicate balancing act here–His personal vendetta against the Saints and his rage over being challenged in any way, vs. the possibility of not getting out of N’Awlins alive after the Super Bowl if he keeps this garbage up.

    If The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person is a real man (questionable), he’ll reinstate Payton now and generate some goodwill. I don’t see it happening, though. I see him acting like the d-bag he’s been throughout his misbegotten tenure as the Commish, being petty and childish, holding up Payton’s reinstatement on some weird and unsupportable technical grounds and looking for a way to issue more fines and suspensions.

  3. Piece of garbage should have been banned for life. He and swamp city deserve each other. Hope they enjoy their off season.

  4. I don’t think Goodell could do anything to build back goodwill in Louisiana.

    Even the certain sections of Louisiana that are very resilient with life are irate. I don’t think anyone around here will ever forgive Goodell. No one believes he would have exaggerated the charges and punishments like this if it was a Northeastern team.

    Everyone here believes it was a personal vendetta.

  5. There are indeed many idiots here, how I wish the Giants would be able to land this young talent, at HC. Parcells knew his talent, and any football fan, knows this young guy is just staring a long, long career in the NFL.
    Tagliabue should try to push this brash, foolish, Commish, out the door, and probably has some juice behind closed doors, but is smart enough to take his 4M dollar a year salary and stay home.

  6. I don’t entirely get saints fans…you never heard Payton, Loomis or benson come out and deny the existence of a bounty program. Payton and Loomis could have appealed…and you know why they didn’t ? Because there was a bounty program plus they lied to Goodell when they told him they ended it after the first time they were caught. This whole woos is me Rodger has a vendetta against our fair city is pathetic and makes the fine folks of New Orleans look like dupes. Just admit it and move on..the evidence is clear; other teams had similar programs NO was the one that continued it when they got told to stop then lied..

  7. La-te da-te-da, da da da da…………….Best Christmas ever. As Arnold said……I’ll be bock with a chip on my shoulder that cannot be removed.

  8. Dang dabersk, I spent about 20 minutes trying to explain why Saints fans don’t just admit and move on, but my comment was deleted 😦

    I guess it was too long.

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