Source: Reid has his sights set on San Diego


Publicly, Eagles coach Andy Reid says he wants to coach next year.  Privately, Reid has fixed his gaze on Southern California.

The Los Angeles native wants to coach the Chargers, according to a league source.  Per the source, Reid is making his intentions known as he lines up a potential coaching staff — part of the “multi-level musical chairs” tournament unfolding throughout the league.

Reid arrived in Philly 14 years ago, vaulting from quarterbacks coach of the Packers to head coach and V.P. of football operations for the Eagles.  In San Diego, Reid may not have the same degree of power he enjoyed with the Eagles, if as reported by Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego the plan is to elevate Jimmy Raye and give more duties to John Spanos.

Then again, no other owner may be willing give Reid the keys to their franchises, especially in light of the decimation of the Dream Team.  If Reid truly wants to coach in 2013, that may be all anyone is willing to hire him to do.

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  1. If he’s smart then he’ll stick to coaching and leave personnel decisions to someone else.

    It’s best as a coach to have a GM that is in sync with the kind of players you need as a coach and what fits the system.

  2. Andy Reid has become the coaching equivalent of a guy getting into the Pro Bowl on their reputation.

  3. Perfect. He needs Southern California just as much as the Chargers need a new headcoach. Rivers will return to an elite form. If you have a QB in the NFL you can compete. The biggest question is who he can bring in to run the defense… I hope he brings Juan Castilo along as the OL coach, a job he can dominate.

  4. Coaching the Chargers is like managing an 80’s Metal Band in the present day. It’s background noise to an afternoon of drinking beer and hanging out with some buddies but really not expecting much of anyone. Enjoy the golf, Reid.

  5. Here’s the thing, up until this year, the Eagles always played hard and were always competetive

    As a Chargers fan, I don’t really see it being a bad move. He has proved he can successfully coach teams, even to the superbowl.

    He put up with the embarrassment that is TO and got the best production out of him. He made Donovan Mcnabb a prowbowler, he even made Vick a slightly better passer.

    I can’t blame him for the giant mistake that ruined everything for that team in bringing in Nnandi Aso…whatever. When they overpaid him, and Vick, they cripled their team with players who since have not produced.

    If the Chargers can find a way to rebuild their offensive line, there’s a chance Rivers and Reid could work well together. Not saying superbowl, but it couldn’t be much worse than what Norv did

  6. The dream team was all Howie Roseman, that had nothing to do with Reid.

    Eagles fans are so blind (yep I bleed green too) it is ridiculous. How they cannot see that Howie is a HUGE part of the problem is beyond me.

  7. As a Broncos fan I was hoping this wouldn’t happen. He is a damn good HC and can get the most out of Rivers. SD could be tough next year.

  8. Good luck to Andy. He’s made being an Eagles fan fun for most of these 14 years. He should be able to help San Diego get back on the right track. He could really help Philip Rivers. Thanks!

  9. if i were a chargers fan id be dissapointed because this means theyll have to wait atleast an additional 15 years for a super bowl but hey maybe hell get u a few afc championship appearances and 1 super bowl appearences BUT NO LOMBARDIES….sad sad day to be a chargers fan 🙁

  10. He needs a year off.He didn’t even grieve for his son. He Obviously has no life and is one of those sad lifers.Parcells realized this and made the best of it. I wouldn’t hire Reid this year

  11. I can’t wait for Oakland’s D to take a dump on Rivers this week. Then TP will come in and clean up the mess! Whoever SD gets, I just wish they’d keep AJ…he’s done a great job of letting talent go, almost on a Josh McDaniels type of level…..NATION!

  12. Honestly I thought that if Payton didn’t resign with us this is San Deigo would be where he ended up. People can laugh if the want but the Chargers are under performing. The have talent to win and win now.

    The other part of this is I hate this time of the year. I know coaches make a lot of money but I know how I’d feel if I was called into the office of my boss on Monday morning a told I didn’t have a job anymore. It’s really not funny at all

  13. @bleedgreen11
    i disagree, you got to account for Reid having as much or more say on personnel than howie did. yeah, 2010, 2011 drafts were terrible, but Reid picked those players. their on field talent is not bad at any position besides safety. the coaching is what ruined this franchise. i say they are good ay every position (even o-line) when everyone is healthy their fine their. yeah the watkins pick was horrible and they might even have to go tackle with their first pick because of it, but i think with peters, and kelce back the line will be ok. eagles really need to draft or through free agency go after a free safety and strong safety.

    i am a big fan on te’o where the eagles will draft at, not just for his skill which some people have said won’t equate in the nfl, but i also like his leadership. he won’t come into an nfl locker room and be that same leader he was at ND but over time that positive voice will be huge for a team with bad moral issues.

  14. Reid wouldn’t be my first choice, but you can do much worse when it comes to retreads. Maybe he is like Fox, a guy who simply needs a change of scenery.

  15. It’s best as a coach to have a GM that is in sync with the kind of players you need as a coach and what fits the system.

    Easier said than done. A lot of coaches want GM power so they have the players they want but it hardly ever works.

  16. Before anyone throws a hissyfit, I am a Chargers fan.

    That said, Rivers is perhaps the most overrated QB in the league. All any defense has to do is flush him from the pocket and he is done. He needs to set his feet to throw the ball, and even then there is no guarantee that he will throw an accurate pass.

    He can’t roll out and complete a pass. He can’t hit a receiver in stride. I don’t know how many times I have seen Rivers throw a pass where a receiver has to bail him out (jump balls). That also includes simple passes into the flat where he isn’t under pressure, and still the receiver has to reach for the ball. Rivers and accuracy don’t belong in the same sentence. Countless times I have seen him throw behind the wide receiver.

    Plus, he is a turnover machine.

    Rivers in the west coast offense? Forget it. I just don’t see Andy Reid being able to get Rivers to function anywhere near the level to run that offense.

  17. The real question is…..will Juan Castillo be offensive coordinator? Defensive coordinator? Or GM?

  18. careful what you wish for SD fans…as an Eagle fan, and having 14 years and 224 regular season games to evaluated the Walrus, I can tell you that the only winning he did was the product of Jim Johnson, John Harbaugh, Brad Childress and having excellent assistants in the 1st 7-8 years…
    once Johnson passed away, and the others split, you got Marty Morninhgway, Juan Castillo, Jim Washburn and a bunch of slop that translated into the most dysfunctional, out-of-their-element staff in the NFL….a 3-ring circus…plus, he’s no talent evaluator, look at his last 3 drafts…
    disasters…doesn’t utilize timeouts nor do well with time management and in-game decisions, passes the ball WAY too much getting all his QB’s killed…smallish defenses, no linebackers…THAT’S the coach you’re getting

  19. If any owner or GM wants to hire Reid, they better take a long, close look at his record against top teams. From 1999-2011, King Andy’s regular season record against playoff teams: 24-42. And against the AFC: 2-14 and did not beat an AFC playoff team until 2008. Do the Chargers really want to go down this route?

  20. Well Chargers fans, you’ll at least get a Marty Schottenheimer-like coach (expect he passes the ball more than runs it).

  21. Say whatever you want about Reid…but he spent over a decade giving the rest of the NFC East headaches….he always had teams that showed up.

    He’ll do it again in the AFC West.

    In addition…he’s going from cheesesteaks to In-N-Out and some fantastic mexican food.

  22. Hey Andy…if Lovie gets canned how about coaching my bears? Our weather may suc…k but our talent is 10 times better than San Diego.

  23. Will the Chargers training camp be filled with steroids like the eagles camp was that the media is helping coverup?

  24. @phillyreese215 – Reid coached tight ends in Green Bay from ’92 – ’96. He coached the QB’s in ’97 and ’98.

  25. I heard someone refer to Reid’s tenure in Philly as a missed opportunity…agree 100%. Great numbers, no rings.

  26. Andy Reid is a great coach who rebuilt the Eagles into a great team after the train wreck Ray down the losing Rhoads left them in.If I was an owner of an NFL team I’d hire him to be my teams head coach today.

  27. The Philadelphia fans are going to miss him when he is gone and they go year after year with no hope of making the playoffs.There is a reason this team has never won a Super Bowl it’s because of the nit picking negative media and fans.

  28. Lets hope he has the courage to draft a QB do we can get on track to replacing Rivers….50+ turnovers in 2 years (higher than Sanchez) is ridiculous…enough is enough

  29. Andy Reid publicly wishing to be in SD doesn;t mean the feeling in any way is mutual. His last 2 years in PHI were a train wreck w some awful coaching decisions.

    They were good when they had Jim Bates as DC & seem to have really regressed since his time. Juan Castillo was a disaster.

    We also don’t need another pass happy idi*t here to lose us most of our road games so no thank you.

    After Norv, some good old fashioned smash mouth Marty ball is the remedy.

  30. @dolphins4 says: Dec 29, 2012 3:52 PM

    Andy Reid is a great coach who rebuilt the Eagles into a great team after the train wreck Ray down the losing Rhoads left them in.If I was an owner of an NFL team I’d hire him to be my teams head coach today.

    says a DOLPHIN fan….. lmao!

    im sorry, here in Philly we aren’t satisfied with winning seasons, we want superbowl rings. something we have never had before. Reid was never going to get us that. us eagles fans would take a couple losing season to get the right coach in here that’s gonna actually win us a championship.

  31. A newbie GM with some NFL experience would be a good fit for Chip Kelly who wants a lot of say in personnel decisions.

  32. attention earth!!!!
    Andy Reid is not a good coach, he has lost his mojo, cannot manage timeouts, cannot call plays that work, cannot stop repeating the same losing strategy.

    do not pay attention to dopey chris berman and dopey brian billick when they say how great he is.

    having said that, as an Eagles fan, I would love him to get out of town and go to San Diego asap.

  33. My raiders better step it up, we’re going to get out coached in this division. Raiders better get Norv turner as OC and rex ryan (if released) as DC!

  34. Yah…….and Knute Rockne is available, too.

    Realistic considerations should be=Bruce Arians/Colts, Greg Roman/49’ers, Chip Kelly/Oregon, John Pagano/Chargers.

  35. Eagles fans will not miss .500 football since 2004. Andys a great guy and a good coach, but its beyond time.

  36. Hopefully Philip Rivers has a good handle on clock management, because his possible new coach sure doesn’t.

  37. I’m sure that Rivers has a lot to do with why Andy wants to go to San Diego. Out of all of the possible openings, San Diego is the one with the best QB. It would make sense for Andy to want to go to the team with the best QB situation.

    But that said, Rivers is on the decline. I know people probably think that’s Norv’s fault but I don’t. I think that Rivers just isn’t as fundamentally sound as a QB needs to be and it’s finally caught up to him. Can Andy fix that? I don’t think so.

    Ideally, I would say that they should trade Rivers and let Andy draft his own QB this year but the problem is that I don’t think that any of the QB’s in this class are any better than Rivers.

    So what I’m saying is that I don’t think this is as good of a situation as Andy thinks it is. A QB on the decline. A bust of a RB in Matthews. Gates is getting old. Vincent Jackson is gone and Meachem didn’t come close to replacing him. Oh and the offensive line is a mess. And that’s just the offense. Good luck Andy. You’ll need it.

  38. I’d think taking a year off would be good for him.

    And for those bashing Eagles fans for wanting Reid gone have fun dealing with the following:
    -Poor clock management. Watching a guy burn a timeout AFTER losing a challenge is one of the best things ever.
    -In game adjustments- don’t worry there are none.
    -Never beating quality opponents. As Hank10 pointed out: From 1999-2011, King Andy’s regular season record against playoff teams: 24-42.
    He beats teams they should and lose to teams as good or better. 0-3 in NFC Championships as a favorite.
    -Position valuation- he doesn’t think WR & LB are important positions and drafts like it.

  39. That’s messed up for Andy Reid to openly pine for a position that’s still currently filled. Norv Turner hasn’t even been fired yet. Being a veteran of the league, Reid should know better than to let this get out.

  40. It’s pretty obvious that AJ Smith has done a bad job and Spanos has as much said so through Acee. But at no time has he said he was getting rid of Turner. He likes and respects Turner and I wouldn’t put it past him to demote AJ back to scouting and let the new GM make the decision on Turner. In my opinion, we need a new O line more than we need a new coach. AJ has destroyed all the good things that Butler did before he died.

  41. There is a Reason Philadelphia teams have never won a Super Bowl it’s because their negative media and fans run great coaches out of town and scare other great coaches from coming there in the first place.

  42. Wasn’t the knock on Norv his inability to win playoff games? Isn’t that Reid’s problem too?

    Not a Charger fan, but if I was I’d be pulling for someone like Cowher or Griden who have won super bowls before… Just sayin’

  43. “the chargers are really commited to mediocrecy excellence”
    That’s quite the interesting word usement…

    I know…. I made up a word as well…

  44. Let Reid coach, not make decisions on personnel and coaches and he will win a Super Bowl with the Chargers. He is a great coach. His issue was he is a horrible judge of talent, and that is what we as Eagle fans are suffering through. He’s the greatest coach in Philadelphia football history. In the history of the franchise before Reid the team made the playoffs only 14 times. That’s in almost 70 years!! In the fifteen years Reid has been here the Birds made the playoffs 11 times. To the idiots on here saying he’s a horrible coach explain that to me?? Good luck Coach, you’re a good man and an even better football coach.

  45. Reid needs to move to the front office. Your line about the dream team proves it Florio. He can put together a great team on paper but he is absolutely horrendous on Sundays. That’s the truth about big red.

  46. A change for Reid like the change for Dick Vermile could only serve to be good for all parties involved.

    I like Andy to end where he desires. I’m leaning towards San Diego, everybody should be able to return home.

    A trip to San Diego to a Chargers Game once a year would be a delight for an Easterner like myself. But, I’m not sold on this being Andy’s last hurrah in Philly. Lurie said 8-8 wouldn’t be good enough, he never committed to firing Andy Reid. A lot of this is purely speculation drummed up by the Philly writers. Those are the same writers that sold Phila on Kevin Kolb.

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