49ers clinch NFC West title with 27-13 win

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Having Alex Smith finish off a game was an expected outcome a few months ago.

The fact he was the 49ers victory cigar, brought on to relieve starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick was a bit of a twist in their 27-13 win over the Cardinals. They clinched the NFC West title with the win, which moved them to 11-4-1

San Francisco was comfortably ahead and Kaepernick had already for a career-high 276 yards, 172 of them to Michael Crabtree, so it became a bit of a “why not” move.

Whether Kaepernick’s able to show as much poise against legitimate competition in the postseason remains to be seen.

For the Cardinals, it ends the season at 5-11, and could signal big changes in the desert. If nothing else, they need to find a quarterback, as the solid play of Brian Hoyer says more about the context than Hoyer himself.

20 responses to “49ers clinch NFC West title with 27-13 win

  1. How scared were the 49er’s in the first quarter going down 6. At least the Packers fan can whine some more about losing their precious 2nd seed. Take care of business or zip it.

  2. NFC West title is nice, but they gotta back it up in the playoffs! They didn’t play as well as I’d hope in the last two games!

  3. Don’t agree on the cheap shot. Smith was in front and hit him in the shoulder with his shoulder. Clean shot and should not have been a penalty.

    Apparently a legal hit is not determinable by the referees. Need to make it a replay review.

  4. I love the attention we get from other fans. We got the bye, we are division champs so deal with it. Can’t wait for the Seahawks to lose next week. Worse than Steelers fans. Go Niners!

  5. cosanostra71 says: Dec 30, 2012 8:22 PM

    NFC West title is nice, but they gotta back it up in the playoffs! They didn’t play as well as I’d hope in the last two games!

    they’re not playing with any intensity right now

  6. How about those Niners!

    That being said, if I may make a suggestion Mr. Akers, you may want to do daily visits to Dr. Melfi, she worked wonders on Tony Saprano… Stop being a head case out there.

  7. Are there any Raider fans that would still like to opine on taking DHB over Crabtree? Better yet defend him as more productive and a better teammate? Does that delusion still exist? Crabs not only has destroyed him in career production but he has also become a team guy and ferocious blocker. Hey at least picking top 5 they’ll get a chance at a nice do over.

  8. I have to give it to the 9ers. They are nasty this year. My Cards are pitifully bad on offense. The defense is stout but they are always on the field. I think 9ers will meet Denver in New Orleans. God I hate saying that. It is what it is tho. Singletary built a great defense and a damn good o line. Qbs are average at best but that’s all you need with a d and running game and Crabtree. He abused my man Patrick Peterson this year. Sad.

  9. im afraid akers will choke in the playoffs. he cant hit fg’s over 40 yards with any consistency. i have no confidence in him kicking a game winning 45 to 50 yd fg in the playoffs.

  10. If I’m a 49er fan, which I’m not, I’m not feeling very confident nor comfortable after last weeks whipping. I am grateful for not having to worry about those Giants from NY though.

  11. Ya anyone want to say not convinced that Crabtree is a true #1 WR. The scary thing is just wait till Davis and keap get chemistry going Davis crabs. With keaps arm. To bad I think we lose out somewhere in playoffs. Due to really only crabs being only threat right now. But an offseason together another year for keap to learn. Plus we have no significant FA this year. So come next year we will be team to beat. Plus we can fix the kicker in offseason as well. Cause I do believe Akers is done mentally. There’s always lots of high potential kickers you can draft come like 5th round. So we could try that route if there are no good FA kickers out there cause I’m not sure who is FA. Well I would like to ask cards fans if they think it’s time for HC to go. We’re I’m not a fan I would like to hear there thoughts.

  12. Great win by Niners and thanks to Vikes for beating the Pack to give us the 2nd seed.

    My only worry…Ginn and Akers. Ginn seems to be making boneheaded errors every game. And Akers has lost it completely and will not be reliable like last year.

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